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I have dark lines on the tops of most of my bottom molars

  1. I have dark lines on the tops of most of my bottom molars. I brush my teeth twice a day, don't drink a lot of soda, however, I do drink 1 to 3 cups of coffee a day with one to two sugars. I have four molars along side of each other that began decaying rather rapidly. and another molar with a small black spo.
  2. The other side of the molar, the black line is much thinner. There does not appear to be any black on the back of the molar
  3. erals from the saliva and essentially becomes fossilized. This buildup won't be removed by brushing or other home hygiene procedures. It has to be removed as part of a professional cleaning
  4. The Black Line Stain usually appears along the gum line, on the outer side of the enamel. This stain is not worrying by itself, since it doesn't mean you might have cavities, but it can be related to a poor oral hygiene. It's actually caused by an iron composite, produced by the bacteria and iron ions present in the saliva
  5. The black line at the gumline of crowns is often the exposed metal substructure of less expensive crowns. This patient elected to have cosmetic dentistry with crowns that have no metal. She also had a gum lift to get rid of the excessive gum display when she smiled. The darkness at the gum line had been corrected

Unless you've had a Sharpie pen close to your mouth, that black dot may be a sign that your tooth is in danger. Some of the most common causes of a black or brown spot on your tooth may be due to.. Black Line Stain is more common in women than men, and can occur in patients with excellent oral hygiene. It appears as a thin black line, which is firmly attached to the tooth surface, and most commonly near the gumline of the facial and lingual surfaces of a tooth When bacteria builds up around the gumline, it creates a layer of plaque - a soft, sticky, colorless film that can be removed by brushing and flossing. Untreated plaque can harden and turn into calculus, which requires professional cleaning to be removed. Tartar turns black as a result of being stained A black line stain on the teeth is caused by an anaerobic bacteria known as chromogenous. This type of stain is typically seen in pediatric dentistry. The most dominant species of bacteria responsible for causing black line stains on teeth are actinomyces

Black lines on both sides of a molar, along gum lin

3. Mar 25, 2011. #1. Hi, I have noticed today that two black lines have appeared on the bottom row of my teeth, second tooth in from the back. It has only just appeared over night and the line starts in the middle of my tooth and the black lines are on the same tooth on both sides of my mouth. One is quite easy to see but the other is barely. Black spots can be an indication of a serious tooth health problem, such as including damaged tooth enamel, tooth decay, or the start of a cavity, so contact your dentist as soon as possible if you notice a dark spot developing. One of the most common reasons for black spots is dental caries

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  1. If your tooth is damaged, such as in the case of a broken molar, the metal often begins to turn black when it is exposed to the air. This is especially true if you have a molar broke off at gum line. However, it can happen with any broken tooth. It is also worth noting that mercury can be potentially dangerous
  2. A black spot on one's teeth is a very common occurrence, but it still needs your immediate attention. The black spot is a cavity caused by tooth decay. Here is how they are formed and the common causes -. Not eating right - Habit of binging on foods with high sugar content and then not following right oral health practices after that, can.
  3. In some rare cases, the teeth may develop small black dots themselves. These black spots can appear anywhere on teeth - on the inner side of the front teeth or the outer side of the molars. Dark lines can be noticed on the biting surface of the molars or tiny black dots can be observed on one or multiple grooves
  4. One problem patients often have with dental crowns is the presence of a black line near the gums. These dark lines make it obvious that you have undergone dental work, which is unfortunate, as most patients want their smiles to look natural. Fortunately, our dentist can fix this problem

Split root. Vertical root fracture. Understanding and identifying these five types can provide guidance for treating cracked teeth. The vertical order of these cracks, from top to bottom, signifies the general prognosis for a particular crack. That is, craze lines have a good prognosis, whereas a vertical root fracture has a very poor prognosis Other times, a person will have what appears to be black, pinpoint-like areas at the top of the teeth, just below the gum line. This appearance is common in children who have black teeth. Common.. Black lines around the teeth, particularly on the front teeth may be caused by dental plaque from bacteria. Some of these black lines are craze lines which run through teeth enamel that have become stained. The kind of bacteria that cause those black lines around your front teeth is different from that which results in other stains

Removing Black Tartar When plaque builds up on teeth and isn't properly removed it forms into a hard substance known as tartar. Initially, tartar above the gum line has a yellowish hue, however, if left untreated it will turn into green, brown or black tartar. Tartar below the gum line is black in color Black stains on the teeth are removable. Determine the cause of the staining, and seek proper remedies to get your pearly teeth and bright smile back. Dazzling white teeth are the hallmark of a beautiful smile Experts say that it occurs when you take lots of energy drinks or soda pop. The acids present in such drinks pool around your gum line, attack your teeth, ending in a cavity on the side of your tooth What Causes Black Stains on Teeth There are two kinds of stains: Intrinstic, which refer to stains that appear inside the tooth. Extrinstic, which are stains that appear on the surface of the tooth Black Gum Line Treatment at University Dental in San Diego. If you see a dark or black gum line around your teeth, no matter what the cause you should see a dentist. A black gum line is indicative of a larger issue with your oral hygiene, and the only way to resolve the issue is through a dental procedure

Black or brown spots on teeth can result from a whole host of factors, but some of the most common are: Fluorosis, or excessive fluoride intake, can cause brown pits on the biting surface of the teeth—especially the back molars—and discolor the enamel. Children are particularly prone to discoloration from too much fluoride A common misconception is that a tooth will go black after a root canal treatment. Teeth will often go black before root canal treatment as the tooth rots and decomposes on the inside. If root canal treatment is done well, all of the decomposing tissue will be removed and the blackness will not get worse

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I flossed every day. I rinsed at night with several different types of dental rinses. Out of frustration, I even tried scraping off the black lines with a dental instrument, with very limited success. For two years, I tried to get ride of those black lines on my teeth. My dentist said that it was from bacteria and there is no way to get rid of it One Quarter of Back Molar Broke Off at Gum Line. Craig10x. This afternoon, i was eating some cereal, and one quarter of my rear molar on the left side of my mouth just broke off at the gum line....fortunately i did not swallow it. I don't really feel any pain and the rest of the tooth and most of the filling inside is still intact..

Finally, a black line around a crown may indicate that the tooth underneath has begun to decay. Although a crown does protect natural tooth structure, decay is still possible—especially at the margin. Of course, this is less likely to occur if you maintain excellent oral hygiene at home and schedule regular dental checkups Black line between my front crowned teeth (no root canal) and gum it's been just one year since crowning. I got my front 6 teeth crowned 1 year back .it was a metal ceramic crown...my gums have turned bit brown after the dental crowning and there are black lines emerging between my teeth and gums.and sometimes i bleed from my gums and they. Oh boy. Yes, it will go bad. That happened to me last year and I let it go not being too worried. It needs to be fixed, you need to get attention. I let mine go too long and infection infiltrated until the tooth broke even further. Just last mont.. Black spots may be remineralized tooth decay. Sort of like a scab on your tooth. Symptom - Hot and Cold Sensitivity: Tooth decay is the result of a loss of minerals in teeth. The weaker tooth enamel (the outer layer of the tooth) and the weaker dentin (the middle layer of the tooth) lead to increased tooth nerve sensitivity Spotting Black Stains on Teeth are also a common issue that results from poor oral care & maintenance. These Dark Brown to Black Spots on your teeth can be caused due to various reasons, the most common being consumption of too much sugar products and smoking. These spots can occur anywhere on our teeth - visibly on the front teeth, in.

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It is common for molar teeth (especially lower molar teeth) to have a complete side of the tooth (buccal or lingual cusps) chip off at approximately the gum line. When this happens, it may be possible to place a bonded filling over the exposed dentin as a temporary means of preventing the gums from growing over the fractured area, to protect. Decay that affects the roots of the teeth close to or below the gum line is called root caries or root decay. It is most common in back teeth of lower jaw. With age our gums recede exposing the.

Iron Supplements and Teeth Stains. An iron supplement for toddlers generally comes in liquid form since children this age are usually unable to swallow tablets. The liquid supplement is dark and reddish-brown in color and often stains the teeth. According to Discovery Pediatric Dentistry, a dark stain may form on teeth as well as the gum line It may indicate rotten teeth. Difficulty Eating and Chewing: Gingerly picking up food, eating on one side of the mouth and careful eating may be a sign of tooth pain. Drooling and Dribbling: An unusual or new amount of drool may be a warning sign. Ropey Saliva: Ropey or bloody saliva may happen as a result of dental issues Question: During a recent dental cleaning and check-up an x-ray showed a large dark shadow totally within a tooth, and below the gum line. Several years ago I had a cosmetic crown placed on the tooth. I believe if was referred to as number 7 or the right upper front by the two front teeth. The last x-ray of that tooth 1 1/2 years ago showed. A black line (A) extends from the lateral margin of the mandibular incisors to the medial margin of the mandibular ramus on the same side. Another black line (B) extends from the lateral margin of the mandibular incisors to the lateral wall of the tympanic bulla on the opposite side. Cheek teeth should not extend outside of these reference lines Black teeth can also be a sign of underlying decay or cavities, however. A dentist can provide tips on prevention and suggest the best method of treatment, which typically depends on the cause

Teeth are built to handle up-and-down forces, like chewing. They are not designed to take side-to-side forces, which can weaken the tooth's enamel. This weakening of the enamel leads to wearing down of the tooth at the gums. These side-to-side forces may occur through nighttime grinding of the teeth back and forth Molar teeth hanging on Left side: I had my 4 teeth bridge worked on along with 2 molars being crowned. My Permanents look nothing like my Temps and I hate them. My left Molar hangs out like a Fang and is not identical in shape or size of the Right side. My teeth also look short and as if they were pushed too far back

1) What is pericoronitis? Pericoronitis refers to an acute bacterial infection located in the soft tissues that surround the crown portion of a partially erupted tooth. Most cases involve wisdom teeth. The crown of a tooth is its non-root portion. This is the part of a normally positioned tooth that is visible above the gum line RealAge. Grey or black areas in your mouth could be caused by many things, such as precancerous or benign (non-cancerous) spots, a normal blood vessel, or something called an amalgam tattoo. An amalgam tattoo can appear when a tiny metal particle from a metal filling or dental crown becomes embedded in oral tissue in your mouth So, a small hole in front tooth near gum line (as well as in other teeth) can cause severe complications. A hole in tooth near gum line may first appear as slight enamel darkening or the appearance of spots. If you notice anything like this, it is recommended consulting a doctor immediately

In humans, the molar teeth have either four or five cusps.Adult humans have 12 molars, in four groups of three at the back of the mouth. The third, rearmost molar in each group is called a wisdom tooth.It is the last tooth to appear, breaking through the front of the gum at about the age of 20, although this varies from individual to individual Indeed, this preventive procedure is the most effective form of prevention against adult tooth decay. The cost for this prevention is about $500 to $550 in the first year, and then about $225 in subsequent years. That may seem expensive to those free of tooth decay at the gum line, but it is a good deal for those experiencing this chronic disease

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Staining of the teeth due to tetracycline depends to a large extent on the following factors: The dosage of the antibiotic. The length of treatment. The stage of calcification of the teeth. Though the staining can vary from yellow/gray to brown, most commonly, gray-colored teeth are found in children who took this medicine For teeth that are extensively decayed, and 1/2 submerged under the gum line, the possibility of restoring the tooth (decay removed, filling placed) seems doubtful. Pending your dentist's decision, it would seem your only solution lies with having the tooth extracted Most of the time, tooth discoloration is caused by bacteria getting in the dental crown. It can also be the result of inadequate seal on the crown. It could be a cavity. But most of the time, it's not. If you are saying My Tooth Looks Black Under My Crown, keep reading. Another reason for the discoloration is a stain from a filling that. 0.47%. WBA. 0.05%. Pearly whites can come with a price. Teeth whitening is expected to become a $7.4 billion industry by 2024, with Americans spending $1.4 billion alone on over-the-counter.

Tooth extraction is a common treatment for caries, though some teeth can be filled and saved. Carnassial tooth abscess. The upper fourth premolar tooth is the largest in your dog's mouth. One of this tooth's three roots is affected by this condition when excess bacteria travels up through the gum line, or reaches the root through the. While sturdy teeth are the stars of a healthy mouth, they can't perform without a strong supporting cast — the gums and soft, wet tissue that line the oral cavity. Periodontal disease, characterized by receding gums, wobbly teeth, and deterioration of the jawbone, is the primary culprit in tooth loss among older adults Swollen Gums due to Dietary Deficiencies: A diet lacking in vitamin C, vitamin B-12, zinc, folic acid or iron can cause sore gum around one tooth. 9. Swollen Gums of Pregnancy: Some women develop gum problems during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause

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Swollen cheek from tooth is one of the most common causes of not only swelling on cheeks (on the side of tooth problem) but also a swollen face and cheek bones or jaws. Toothache, tooth abscess, impacted 3rd molar, tooth decay or swollen cheek from tooth infection) are known to cause this problem. Poor oral hygiene (not flossing and brushing. Pictures of black spots on the tongue. In order to have a clear view and vivid knowledge of the black spots, this article has included some pictures to act as visual aids to help you out. By this, you can visualize and understand the various parts of the tongue that are affected Cavities near the gum line usually mean that there is a two fold problem in the mouth. The gum line cavities or ridges called abfraction, many times happen when there are biting stresses on the teeth. Another possibility for what causes gum line cavities is plaque or rotten food getting stuck up against the tooth and causing it to deteriorate Free shipping on millions of items. Get the best of Shopping and Entertainment with Prime. Enjoy low prices and great deals on the largest selection of everyday essentials and other products, including fashion, home, beauty, electronics, Alexa Devices, sporting goods, toys, automotive, pets, baby, books, video games, musical instruments, office supplies, and more But teeth aren't the only thing you have to worry about. As tartar builds up along the gum line, it pushes the gums away from the teeth. This exposes the roots of the teeth, which are no longer covered by enamel. Because the roots are no longer protected, it leaves them open to sensitivities, causing your dog pain and discomfort

Besides the 1/8 inch circular black caries on the side of the lower rear Molar I have also just noticed in good light that I have a tiny black dot on each of the 3 upper and lower last Molars so I have managed to find some Black Walnut Tincture 25% alcohol which I will dilute in water and swish for 20 seconds twice a day and then swallow the. 30/10/2012 at 5:10 am. It's bacteria under plaque, I wouldn't worry about it too,studies show kids with black lines have less cases of decay, this is thought to be because that bacterium is linked to high levels of calcium. Google is your friend. 0 like. Reply

Trauma to the tooth can cause black discoloration on the affected tooth surface over time. This happens because the innermost layer of the tooth (the pulp), which contains the nerves and blood vessels, is affected and dies off - a condition called pulp necrosis. 5. Cavity. One of the earliest signs of a cavity is a black spot on the tooth Craze Lines: Vertical Lines in Our Teeth. These vertical lines in her front teeth are actually known as craze lines. Over years of use, our teeth tend to develop tiny cracks in the hard outer layer known as enamel. These cracks normally don't cause any pain, but can easily stain, causing embarrassing discolored lines on your front teeth Again, I have tried to make copies on my new HP ENVY Photo 7855 printer and continue to get a vertical black line on the left side of copies after the first page. The first page prints fine, but subsequent pages print with the vertical black line. This problem occurs whether I print PDF, emails, or MS Word documents Typically, cracked teeth will cause pain with biting pressure and pain during chewing (especially upon release), as well as sensitivity to heat or cold. Pain may come and go; in some cases, you may experience hardly any pain at all. You may also see discoloration or even a light brown line running vertically through your tooth

Advanced Symptoms of Tooth Erosion . Cracked Tooth: If tooth erosion continues into the advanced stage, the edges of the teeth can start to crack and have a rough feeling.At this point, acids and bacteria in the mouth will penetrate the tooth, leading to problems ranging from cavities to radical decay of the tooth potentially requiring extraction, root canals, and caps or crowns All my wisdom teeth also had 3 roots, as I still have all 4 of them as momentos. My remianing lower molars also have 3 roots and those that have been removed had 3 roots. One extraction of a lower molar was especially memorable because one of the roots curled inward into the lower jawbone and had to be surgically extracted in pieces Our office printer prints absolutely fine for some computers, but when printing from two specific computers it leaves a solid black line down the left-hand side of the printed pages. But only when you print over 3-4 pages using those specific computers. The line seems almost like a single border line Sidecutters improve penetration, increase bucket capacity and cutting width, and offer increased side bar protection. Strike Off: Half arrow profile, moderate to average digging. One-Piece: Extends bucket side to match teeth bite, average digging. Blade-type: Extends bucket side to match teeth bite, drilled to accept optional extension plate. Heavy Duty: Increased wear and side bar protection.

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The enamel of a few of my teeth has eroded right above my gum line. My teeth look normal other than that area being slightly more yellowish as compared to the rest of the tooth. The area is black and has some brown in it. In my 20s I noticed brown spots near the gum line and here and there on my molars. all on one side of my mouth on. A dental abscess is an infection with pus localized around the tip of the tooth root (apex) due to bacteria that killed the dental pulp and try to spread outside the tooth canal. There are two most common abscess types: periapical abscess which affects the end of a tooth and the periodontal abscess that forms in the gingival tissue. Statistics reveal that caries, broken teeth (trauma), severe. - Anterior teeth should be in the notch on the bitestick - Tragus of the ear must be aligned with the plastic guides - Ala - Tragus line should be 50 from level Positioning the Patient • Position the patient - Panoramic lead apron must be used - Position apron high in front to protect the thyroid - Apron should be lowe

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5. You go back and forth. It's a common brushing boo-boo -- going along your teeth, left to right. Again, think massage, not scrub. Start from the gum, and go up and down, in little. Since most cavities in children and adolescents develop in the molars (the back teeth), it's best to get these teeth sealed as soon as they come in: The first permanent molars called - 6 year molars - come in between the ages of 5 and 7. The second permanent molars - 12 year molars - come in when a child is between 11 and 14 years old Use hydrogen peroxide as an alternative. Soak your dentures in hydrogen peroxide for one hour, then rinse well and brush them with soap, toothpaste or dental cleaner to remove the black lines 1. Consider an ultrasonic denture cleaner 2. Ultrasonic cleaners range in price from $50-$150 and work well to remove stains and black lines from dentures Cracked Tooth. A cracked tooth starts at the chewing surface and spreads all the way down to the gum line. This type of crack can be very painful and should be considered an emergency. If it doesn't extend past the gum line, it can usually be repaired with a crown

Craze lines are tiny cracks that affect only the outer enamel. These cracks are extremely common in adult teeth. Craze lines are very shallow, cause no pain, and are of no concern beyond appearances. When a piece of a tooth's chewing surface breaks off, often around a filling, it's called a fractured cusp Black Spots on Teeth. Tooth decay can happen when an acid is produced from a plaque that builds up on the teeth. If a black spots on teeth is allowed to build up, it might cause further problems, like the dental caries (holes in the teeth), gum disease or even dental abscesses that are collections of the pus at the end of the teeth or in the gums Infant medications containing iron, such as supplemental vitamins, might cause stains on baby teeth. Taking the antibiotic tetracycline during pregnancy or breast-feeding can cause a child to have discolored baby teeth, too. Tooth injury. A single dark tooth could be the result of bleeding within the tooth due to dental trauma. Weak enamel

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The tooth fracture line may run horizontally or obliquely across the tooth. A child will complain of sensitivity to hot or cold liquids or tooth pain. The tooth may also appear discolored - a gray to brown-black discoloration may appear. The tooth may also show swelling of the gums or tissues around it. A child may also have difficulty eating. Black stain is characterized as a dark line or an incomplete coalescence of dark dots localized on the cervical third of the tooth. Over the last century, the etiology of black stain has been the subject of much debate. Most of the studies concerning this issue were conducted in pediatric population. According to the reviewed articles published between 2001 and 2014, the prevalence of black.

It Could Be A Hidden Tooth Infection. There is a close relationship between infection outbreaks on teeth and the presence of one type of hair loss. It starts with bald patches on the scalp, and. Over time. missing teeth can result in serious complications, if left untreated. A tooth here, a tooth there. With the human dentition containing a total of 32 teeth (28 if the wisdom teeth have been removed), it is understandable why some people still believe that it is not essential to replace missing teeth when there are other teeth still left to do the job Dark olive or blue-green back; sides covered in tones of blue, purple, lavender, gold, and copper; irregular diagonal rows of vaguely-defined dark spots appear above the lateral line; 1 to 2 prominent canine teeth usually present at tip of upper jaw; black margin on tip of the tongue; pelvic and anal fins yellow; pectoral fins olive on outside. The sooner you get a broken tooth treated by your dentist, the better the chance of saving the tooth. The damage will only get worse over time, and it allows bacteria to enter the softer layer of tissue under the enamel and the soft inner part of the tooth. From there, it spreads, and an abscess - a pocket of infected material - can form

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If the flake in your hand is a piece of enamel, it may be smooth on one side and rough on the other. It may also be white on one side and darker on the other. The biggest indicator, however, can be found on the tooth from which the enamel originated. Run the tip of your tongue over the area, or carefully over all your teeth if you don't know. Eyed side light to dark brown or grayish brown with yellow or green mottling. Blind side white. Dorsal and anal fins edged with bright lemon yellow. Body shape oval. Caudal fin rounded to broad V-shape. Lateral line has low arch over pectoral fin; long accessory dorsal branch extends past gill cover. Mouth small. Teeth blunt, strongest on blind.

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3. Tooth Abscess. Tooth abscess might also cause a hard lump near jaw line. If infected, material or puss collects at the center of a tooth and then an abscess is formed. This happens due to a bacterial infection. This is caused by tooth decay as well as when a tooth breaks or chips portion of tooth broke off a couple of weeks ago; there was no pain. a large piece has now broken off as well - still no pain. how could this happen? there is just a small stub left at the gum line. i'm afraid to ask how expensive this repair will be. Answered by Dr. Steven Hart: See : See your dentist for an examination and xray to determine if the.. This causes a bruise to form in the gum tissue between the tooth and the outside surface of your child's gums. Depending on the amount of blood that accumulates in the eruption cyst, it can be a translucent color, bluish purple, or even dark red and brown. Although they are unattractive and often cause parents to worry, most eruption cysts. Mandibular fracture, also known as fracture of the jaw, is a break through the mandibular bone.In about 60% of cases the break occurs in two places. It may result in a decreased ability to fully open the mouth. Often the teeth will not feel properly aligned or there may be bleeding of the gums. Mandibular fractures occur most commonly among males in their 30s

Teeth naturally darken and yellow as they age, because the dentin layer under the enamel shell continues to develop and thicken over the course of the patient's lifetime. Dentin formation accelerates in response to stresses placed on the teeth, as may occur if you have a long-term tooth grinding habit. This can also produce yellowing A tooth root abscess is when the root of the tooth, which you cannot see without x-rays on a healthy tooth, has a pocket of pus surrounding it in your hedgehog's mouth. This is due to a bad tooth infection and may sometimes cause a bump under your hedgehog's eye on the side of the face where the bad tooth is Dead tooth whitening may be an option on front teeth that have taken little or no structural damage. Veneers may be another option on front teeth. For a lot of teeth that have had root treatment, a dental crown is needed in order to keep the remaining tooth intact. A note here on one exception to all dead teeth needing treatment Soft tooth brushes like power toothbrushes minimize the trauma to the tissue and bone. If you have an exposed tooth root, it may be sensitive to temperature. Also, if the gum tissue is breaking down on the outside of the tooth, the side facing the cheek, then an infection could develop and cause the remaining bone to break down too