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If the headlights turn off, then you just need to buy and install a new relay. In the event that swapping relays doesn't work, your problem may be a bad headlight switch, multifunction switch, or light sensor, and the diagnostic procedure will be more complex The high-beam lights staying on on the Ford Focus is a common problem of Focus vehicles produced between 2000 and 2005. There two issues that might be causing this are the headlight relay being stuck and a bad headlight switch. The repairs are fairly simple and take less than 30 minutes 2015 ST, hazard lights won't shut off even when the car is off. Have checked the only two fuses (f79 on passenger side fuse box and f23 in engine bay fuse box) I can find that indicate hazards and neither fuse is broken. Ford Focus ST Forum. We're the premiere Ford Focus ST forum with discussions on the 2013+ Focus ST. Join the. My over light overdrive light is on to my 2003 Ford Focus hatchback and it doesn't turn off and it doesn't. Change into last gear 1 Answer. I have a 2003 Ford Focus hatchback and the overdrive light is on and it won't change into the last gear when I'm drivin

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Is video I go over how to turn on and off the interior lights in a Ford focus 2017 model. I hope you find this video useful as I attempt to show you how to t.. Look for a switch stuck in the open position. Manually press each switch to see if the light will deactivate. You should feel each one click. Excessive play or no clicking sound indicates a faulty switch An expert that has 1 follower. Expert. 156 Answers. Re: My ford focus hazard light indicator wont turn off. On some cars if the circuit isn't complete the hazard lights will stay on.... most the time its due to the switch for the hazard lights getting unplugged some how. Posted on Oct 14, 2013 You have a battery drain, the dash lites you're talking about are part of it, is it the warning lites or illumination lites. If it's the warning lites start with the ignition switch, if it's the dash lites themselves start with the light switch. Batteries are not made to be discharged then recharged on a regular basis No other lights were on, not the headlights, parking lights, sidemarkers, not even the rear sidemarkers in the housing.What is this? I could not get them to turn off. This happened a few days ago but I got in the car and drove away anyways so it stopped and I thought nothing of it


Both responses above are correct: if you locked the light dimming wheel up past the click lights will stay on...... If your doors are open, or one door is partly open (ajar) the lights will stay on as well, it's a built in feature to let you know one or both doors are not fully closed To help you find your ideal certified used Ford vehicle, Ford is partnering with Autotrader to bring you the Ford Blue Advantage website. The Ford Blue Advantage website is operated by Autotrader. Autotrader's privacy statement and visitor agreement apply to the Ford Blue Advantage website and the collection and use of data on that site I have a 2015 focus st st3 and I really find it annoying that whenever I turn my car off or open the the door the dome lights turn on. I like always like to be in stealth ninja mode. Every car that I owned had an option to disable the automatic dome lights but I cant seem to figure this car out :furious Jul 3, 2015. Ford. Ford is issuing a recall for 2015 Focus, C-Max and Escape vehicles. According to reports there is a problem with the body control module that allows the engine to run even after.

After several discussions (Ford, Dealers, etc.) it turns out the 2014 Escape headlights are turned on full time. It's a safety feature. Ford probably should have taken the headlamp switch out all together since it has been rendered useless; No OFF, no parking lights, no headlights, No Auto. None of those positions work Dash lights won\'t turn off. OK, I went outside to move my car after my wife got home. I started the car, then noticed the dash lights were on before I turned on the lights by the switch. I fiddled with the switch--even unplugging the standard NA light switch the dash lights won't go out. I pulled out and unplugged the dimmer control, no change Radio Won't Shut Off. Thu May 09, 2013 11:29 am. This morning when I got to work, I powered down the car as usual and noticed that the radio did not turn off when the door was opened. I cycled the power several times with the same result. Needing to get to work, my first thought was to just turn off all other accessories and head out Joined Feb 19, 2017. ·. 103 Posts. #14 · Apr 18, 2020. Or 17 Escape S does the same thing with the parking and taillights staying on with the doors or rear tailgate/hatch open and it just stays on. So far, it does not seem to drain the battery enough to hurt anything but i always wonder. Lol

The 2012 Ford Focus has 3 problems reported for car will not turn off. Average failure mileage is 59,200 miles. passlock system anti-theft light is on car won't start Ford Focus ignition Ford. Leave the key in position for about 10 - 15 minutes. Step 3: Check the anti-theft light again. If it's no longer blinking, turn the key back to the Off position and allow it to set for a minute or two. This gives the system time to reset or you won't be able to start your car. Step 4: Start the engine Creepy 31 y/o. I'm trying to find out if there's any way to turn off the dome lights when the doors open in a 2010+ model Fusion. I have a baby and like to keep the lights off at night if he falls asleep in the car, as to try to not wake him up. Most cars have a switch on the dome light or something that lets you turn it on, off, or on w/ doors.

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2005 Ford Focus: About 10 months ago noticed my battery light was faintly visible with car off and key out of ignition. It was faint and erratically pulsing, it also did this when car was running. This issue would last a week or so, then go away for a whilethen come back. Then it spread to include the ABS light too, and eventually became permanent. But six weeks ago, after driving from CA. ABS warning light. If the Ford Focus ABS dashboard warning light illuminates whilst driving, it indicates there is a malfunction within the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). Normal braking will continue without the use of ABS. IF you have corrected pressures and need to turn the light off, see how to reset Ford Focus tyre pressure light What I had done was turned my dial for the dashboard gauge lights The up-down wheel to the right in this pic was turned the whole way to the top, which turns on all the interior lighting in the car. It might be a different shaped switch in the Focus, but it's something to try. 2. level 2. DefinitelyCaligula Interior Dome Light Fuse Location And Replacement Ford Focus Mk3 2017 2018 You. Ford Focus Interior Lights Wont Turn Off. 2010 Ford Focus Reviews Ratings S Consumer Reports. Focus Dashboard Instrument Cer Fault. 1998 Ford F 150 Door Ajar And Dome Lights Will Not Turn Off Carcomplaints Com All of a sudden this weekend i noticed the dome light won't turn off. I made sure everything was turned off and all door were properly closed and the dome light won't seem to turn off. So I tried to take the whole dome light console off to look for faulty wiring but I couldn't so I just took the bulbs out for the time being

2004 Ford Focus O/D OFF LIGHT. Jump to Latest Follow I even get to do the odd test drive if my vehicle is in the shop and won't take long to look at. Even though Chrysler is BROKE, they replaced the upper balljoints again under warranty on my 9 year old Durango. turn a corner and have the transmission not able to grab a gear to get out. 2009 - 2014 Ford F150 - Dash cluster lights won't shut off - Hey guys. Here is something that is stumping the dealership. This past Monday morning, went to the truck and it wouldn't turn over. Battery was dead to the max. No Problem I thought. Put in a new battery @ my shop. This is when I noticed , that after being..

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Interior Light Will Not Turn Off. Group: alt.autos.ford Date: Wed, Oct 19, 2005, 6:29am (EDT-3) From: halfmile204@yahoo.com (MortesL) I have a '95 Ford Taurus sedan that has a problem with the lights. The. interior ceiling light will not turn off (along with the the lights on. the outside door keyholes). The keyless entry pad stopped working a 2014 Ford Focus - won't start, lights, horn, radio, etc work, but engine won't turn over but engine won't turn over. Ask Question Asked 4 years, 3 months ago. Active 2 months ago. Viewed weeks later it was like the car wasn't getting gas...kind of sputtering. I pulled over, reved the engine...turned car off, restarted it, and it ran.

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Tl - the contact owns a 2016 Ford Focus. The contact stated that while driving about 65 mph, and attempted to slow down, the rpm went down and the engine shut off. The check-engine light illuminated. The contact also stated that the vehicle shut off at any attempt to take off from a stop. The failure recurred several times My 2011 Fusion won't start only when it sits in direct sunlight on hot days. I have to open doors / windows and let it air out for 30 to 60 minutes and then it will start. When I put my key in the security light flashes, it won't attempt to turn over, and when I pull out the key it is burning hot Ford C Max Radio Is On All The Time Cannot Turn Off Fix You. 2019 Ram Interior For Dodge Pics 3500 Colors Truck 1500 Led Lights Big Horn Ndash Black Sel Parts 2008 Laramie Tradesman Accessories Lifted 2017 Sport Tonneau Cover Dmhsperspective Com. Flat Towing Package For 2017 2018 Ford Focus Etrailer Com Ford recalling 433k cars for engines that don't shut off. Ford Motor Company has announced an enormous recall affecting 433,000 vehicles built between April 2014 and June 2015. There's a problem. Another reason for the car won't turn over, but lights come on situation is that the starter is not working correctly. The starter in your car is the electric motor cranking your engine to turn on your vehicle. The entire system consists of the motor, the solenoid, which transports the battery power to the motor, and the flywheel

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  1. Turn Signal problem of the 2012 Ford Focus 1. Failure Date: 07/23/2019. 1) while driving in city turn signals stopped working. Never worked again after that. 2) while driving in city and highway power steering goes out intermittently. Shutting off vehicle and restarting generally fixes this issue
  2. A daytime running lamp (DRL, also daytime running light) is an automotive lighting and bicycle lighting device on the front of a roadgoing motor vehicle or bicycle, automatically switched on when the vehicle is moving forward, emitting white, yellow, or amber light to increase the conspicuity of the vehicle during daylight conditions.However,some drivers want to disable the day while still.
  3. But again, turn signals and warning lights tie into the dash. And once again, arcing creates frequencies and poor voltages that confuse our poor instrument cluster. In many cars, the first symptoms would be noticed by those following the car, but in this case the driver may see the dash act oddly before the rear lighting problems are detected
  4. g the vehicle is operating normally), the light will stay on but remain steady. If the light blinks, however, there is a major issue. Do not drive the vehicle. Have it towed to the nearest repair facility
  5. Ford Focus 2013 Focus se 36000 miles Dashboard not working Gauges I had the issue once before l, my entire dashboard turned off l, noNE of the lights turned on, no gauges worked etc

I have a Ford ranger 2007 and the door light turns on when I hit a bump or i. turn and then it turns off do I have a bad switch or bad connection ? 09/12/2017 by boss gaming. Show 7 more comments. Add a comment . 0 /1024. Cancel Post comment. 4 Answers. Filter by: Most Helpful Newest Oldest Recommended Services. If the tail lights are illuminated even after you have used the on-off switch to command them off, that means the switch supplying power is fused shut and/or the circuit is being powered when it is not supposed to be due to a wiring fault. To resolve an issue such as that, the circuit powering the lights has to be traced. In this case, you'll want to turn off your engine, remove the key, leave the vehicle, and shut the door. After a few minutes have passed, check if the radio has turned off. If the radio turns off after a few minutes, that's normal for your vehicle. If it still hasn't turned off, check if the dome lights turn off when the doors are shut On Thursday, 21 June 2018, the radio in my 2014 Ford Fiesta SE would not turn off. (For identification purposes, my car has a Ford SYNC with MyFord Touch radio.) I also couldn't turn down the volume using the volume knob on the dash or the volume buttons on the left side of the steering wheel 2001 Ford Focus 2dr Hatch. ALTERNATOR#1 - Battery light came on at low RPM's. Alternator was tested and determined to be bad. Replaced Alternator ALTERNATOR#2 - After replacing alternator, the car drove fine for ten miles and then the battery light came on. Alternator was tested as bad

To do this, insert your key into the ignition, turn the vehicle on for about a second, and then off for about a second. Repeat this two more times then drive the car as normal. Check to see if the check engine light reset. 3. Disconnect and Reconnect the Battery Wipers won't shut off — Ford My Wipers won't shut off on my Ford. If you own one of the Ford vehicles listed below and your wipers won't shut off, here's the fix. Ford wiper systems are controlled by the turn signal stalk on the multi-function switch. As you rotate the knob to activate the wipers, the resistance changes and the.

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The car won't start or turn over. while driving and the radio would turn off randomly. stopped working dome light comes on Ford Focus ignition Ford Explorer transmission engine complaint. You searched for 'won't start, will get all instruments lights but no start, chhecked battery is ok, checked started is ok, checked all fuses are ok, can jump start by by passing with jumper wire in relay ( R 10 ) but won't move into gears, can turn off will then start and you can drive but once you turn off again and it sits for a little bit. Hi Brian, the lights question, if your Focus is a Titanium X the lamps that are not coming on are for the corner illumination feature, if you are moving at a speed of less the 20mph as you turn left or right the approriate lamp will light, giving extra illumination on that side Examine the Turn Signal Switch. The brake light circuit can be a part of the turn signal circuit in some vehicle models. The brake light won't respond if the switch is damaged or bad. Check the switch's wiring diagram and find the single wire that establishes a connection between the brake light and turn signal switches

Order Ford Focus Switch - Hazard Warning online today. Free Same Day Store Pickup. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store If your Focus won't start, be happy if you see the check engine light. The OBDII codes stored in the computer can really help diagnose the issue. 1. Fuel Issues. If your Focus isn't getting enough fuel, or any fuel at all, it may have a bad fuel filter, bad fuel pump, or bad fuel injectors Check here for the best prices for Ford Focus light bulbs on Amazon. How to Turn Off Daytime Running Lights on Ford Fusion. The Daytime Running Lights on Ford Fusions helps other road users notice your vehicle on the road. However, some people believe this feature consumes a lot of fuel and reduces light bulbs' longevity

May 31, 2018. #1. I have a strange problem with my 2014 Fiesta SE. Occasionally when I turn the ignition off, the radio continues to play and nothing can be adjusted on it. You can't turn it off by hitting the on/off button, can't change station or adjust volume. My local Ford dealer suggested disconnecting the positive battery cable for a few. Press this button to turn off traction control. This should then display the light on the dash as a steady yellow light indicating the TC is now turned off. On a Ford, depending on the year/model, either press and hold the traction control button or scroll through the menu using steering wheel controls on the instrument cluster Ford Motor Company in Venezuela gave me only 12430 miles (20000 km) or 1 year warranty, which ever comes first. When the car has 5000 miles I got problem with the trunk button on the dashboard. I still wait Ford to fix this button. There are not so many parts here in Venezuela for Ford Focus and if you find them the cost is so high My 2011 ford fiesta se display lights wont turn off! I have to disconnect the battery to make sure that I dont need a jump start when I stop the car.. Anyone have this problem and know a solution?? I can turn the radio off using the power button but the display still won't go off! I removed the fuse and the same fuse controls the heat and air

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The Ford Focus does not have more immobilizer problems than any other vehicle, but there have been times where the alarm system has failed in them. When this happens it will lock the vehicle's engine and not let it turn over to help prevent theft. If Your vehicle's immobilizer is stuck on then You may need to reset the anti-theft system to get it to work properly again If your air pressure warning light won't turn off, don't worry. Give Country Road Automotive a call. Our ASE-certified technicians can quickly diagnose and fix any problems with your Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Click here to make an appointment at our independent automotive repair shop in Lincoln Park, New Jersey


Won't start, weird clicking/rattling noise. I have a 2011 Flex SEL. Saturday, I turned the key to start it, and nothing happened. It acted as though the battery were dead, but then the interior lights started to flicker on and off rapidly (but still wouldn't start). Left it in the garage until this morning. Went out to try again, still wouldn't. If the WD-40 fix does not turn off the light, we recommend having a mechanic take a look. A repair shop might do one of the following to fix it: Replace defective door switches or electrical components: One or more of your door ajar warning light switches may be broken or worn out, or could be causing a short in the system. There might also be. From doing my own research that's what I think is the problem. Normally if I was to unlock the car and shut the door the light, if in the middle switch position would turn off after a minute or two. Iv had the light in the off position and locked the door, even after 30 minutes or so light is still on The high-beam lights staying on the Ford Focus is a common problem of Focus vehicles produced between 2000 and 2005. There two issues that might be causing this are the headlight relay being stuck and a bad headlight switch. The repairs are fairly simple and take less than 30 minutes If so, try this: Turn the lights off before shutting off the ignition. If your lamps are staying on permanently after: 1) ignition shut-off, and then 2) light switch shut off, suspect something in the headlamp-off-delay feature. (This assumes that your vehicle is equipped with this feature.) fredferrell. Original Author

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Ford Focus 1.6 - Engine Management Light won't turn off - elekie&a/c doctor : Unfortunately there are cats that work efficiently enough to keep the engine light out and there are cats that don't.I guess you have the latter.As you have found ,the emissions will be fine.As the mil light is on permanently the only suggestion would be to buy a cheap code reader to check the system yourself,or take. Fix Your Stuck Ford Ignition: The key wouldn't turn in my mother-in-law's 2004 Ford Focus wagon. After doing some research, I found that apparently this is a typical problem in many Ford vehicles, especially the 2000 to 2005 Focus. I looked around online, and found a f

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  1. der to turn off. Seems there is an autostart on my car (when I purchased the car it had it) and when you turn the car to aux, it starts making the above routine unable to be done
  2. utes). Steps 3-5 MUST be completed within 60 seconds! 3) Buckle, then un-buckle the driver's safety belt 3 times, ending with the belt un-buckled. 4) Turn on the headlights, turn off the headlights
  3. So i searched the issue and i read through GtiRSmiley's thread he posted with the same issue. Now i'm having the same problem. When i start my car the ESP light won't turn off, i've tried pushing the button and nothing responds. I've tried turning the car on and off and nothing happens. I even let the car sit off for a good 4 hours and turned it back on and the light was still on

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  1. No. Ford personnel and/or dealership personnel cannot modify or remove reviews. Turn your vehicle off > Open and close the driver's side door > Start the vehicle > Wait for a confirmation of the connection to display on your SYNC screen. TIP #3. Attempt a clean pairing. To start, delete your phone from SYNC
  2. key won't turn in the ignition in the 2003 Focus. 249 complaints. bad hesitation/jerking when starting from a stop position in the 2014 Focus. 133 complaints. power steering failure in the 2012 Focus. 108 complaints. jerks, hesitates when you take off in the 2013 Focus. 106 complaints. key won't turn in the ignition in the 2000 Focus. 85 complaint
  3. als it is 14.4 volts. but is this just a surface charge? i also wish i knew if the light was programmed to stay on a few
  4. utes and start the car. Like (63) D S December 9, 2020 14 likes 1 answer. Is it me or does this do nothing in Australian cars? The supposed fixes for this are bogus. I paid $44 to mechanic to.
  5. Hi, I just recently bought a used Ford Focus 2006 sedan. I started the car after 1 day of it being idle and it started immediately without any issues. The dash lights went out but, the Battery light kept on very faintly lit, not like it goes on when you turn the switch on. I kept the car..

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  1. utes. But it is disconcerting at first, for myself and others who are concerned about your battery. Don't know why Ford did this. User #285390 1097 posts. daveydr79. Whirlpool Enthusiast. reference: whrl.pl/RczrW3. posted 2010-Dec-9, 10:17 am AEST. ref: whrl.pl/RczrW3
  2. 2. Locate the dimmer switch for your lights. Most vehicles have a dashboard light control switch that will dim the dashboard lights as well as turn them off. Find the control switch, dial, or knob, which is generally located on the console near the steering column or may be part of the headlight switch
  3. Ford Focus Electrical and Lighting Problems. mod7 Member Posts: 13. July 2005 edited October 2017. in Ford. I own a 2004 Ford Focus ZTS. In the last couple of days the Brake Light goes ON & OFF when I am driving. Sometimes it goes on when I am stepping on the brake and sometimes it goes on even when I am not braking. Most of the time it is off

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  1. g on
  2. This Ford Focus instrument cluster is a very common failure, this will cause an intermittent failure of all instruments, lights and gauges. If the instrument cluster fails while driving, then this will often cause the engine to cut out. If failure happens while attempting to start the vehicle then it will prevent the engine from starting
  3. Ford Focus inside lights stay on after locking car. They turn off after some time, and turn on if you open any door or unlock the car. View Entire Discussion (4 Comments) More posts from the MechanicAdvice community. 1.5k. Posted by 4 days ago. Highly recommend. For 89$, this took out the legendary Subaru Knuckle bolt
  4. On a 2005 Ford Focus : Turn your low beam headlights on and then pull the headlight control out towards you to turn on the fog lights Why wont your dashboard light turn off after you lock your.
  5. 62. 62. Copy. Ford is recalling 433,000 of its cars as they suffer from a software bug that could prevent drivers from turning off their engines. The affected models include some 2015 Focus, C-MAX, and Escape vehicles. If you're unlucky, turning the ignition key to the off position and removing the key, or pressing the engine stop button, will.

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I have a 1997 Ford Expedition the anti-theft light is blinking. I lost the security chip out of the key. And I had two other transponder keys made and took it to the Ford Place and they wiped the computer system playing I guess but they said these keys are programmed to the truck but the anti-theft light is still blinking and will not start Turn signals cancel mechanically not electrically, do what is necessary to gain access to the t-signal switch. Look for a pin that rotates as the steering wheel turns, this hits a tab and thus trips the switch to cancel. the little plastic mechanical switch on the turn signal assy. either wore out or broke. there is 2 ways to fit this. 1 buy a. Ford Focus (1998 - 2004) - 99 1.6 immobiliser on car won't turn off. Hi I have come out to the car and my car wont turn on (Y-reg focus) i think its the immobiliser because its just ticking and the light above the clock flashes with every click - how do i reset it or start the car? thank A check engine light can indicate a broad spectrum of problems with your 2012 Ford Focus. In some cases you need to pull over immediately to prevent damage while in others you merely need to tighten you gas cap next time you stop in order to reset the service engine soon light

That killed the parking lights coming on when opening a door. Then, I turned off the MFT screen through the options. We then used the car stereo. That would turn off every 30 minutes. Very, very annoying. Why can't their be a drive in mode? Overthinking the Damn dome lights to where you can't turn them off is stupid I drive a Ford Focus 2013 model. I insert the key, the lights on the dashboard come on, but when I turn the key to start the car it won't even crank and on the display, it brings the message, Immobiliser active. Check handbook. I noticed that the metal sprout of my key shakes freely at the point where it is attached to the plastic hold It all began back in 2016, when I got a message on my brand new Ford Focus TDCi Titanium centre display telling me that it was due for an oil change. I wouldn't have minded, except that it was only on 5,500 miles and my official service points (set by my lease agent) are every 12,500 miles The battery light is on but the voltmeter says 13.5 to 14.5 volts depending on the engine revs. When engine is off the volts drop to about 12. My mechanic says that the alternator must be charging - but why is the light on? Assuming that the voltmeter is correct and reads 13.5v to 14.5v, what..

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Ford Focus Indicator Lights. Door and Liftgate Ajar: You don't want to drive off with one of your doors open! This symbol appears as a bird's-eye view of a car outline with the doors ajar. If the back hatch isn't secured, you'll see another car outline with the liftgate raised. High Beam and Front Fog Lamps: The high beam indicator will turn on. 6,212 Posts. #9 · Mar 27, 2019. This happened to me on a couple of occasions. Stop and go on the freeway, put on neutral and let go of clutch..... then immediately stepped on clutch because traffic started to move and it happened. manual restart required, put on neutral and step on clutch. Press button to start. A bit embarrassing but oh well A Ford service professional can read the code causing your check engine light to turn on and pinpoint the problem. It's always best to do this quickly to avoid erasing the code, which makes it much more difficult to figure out the issue