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How to clean ASI camera and re-dry the desiccants: v1.2: 2020-12: Read Online Download: How to clean the prism of ZWO ADC: v1.0: 2018-08: Read Online Download: ZWO Camera Firmware Upgrade reference manual: v1.1: 2021-04: Read Online Download: ZWO WiFi Extender: v1.0: 2021-03: Read Online Downloa ZWO Cameras and Accessories. ZWO offers unparalleled, one-of-a-kind innovations for astrophotography cameras and accessories.Browse through a wide variety of CMOS cameras, ideal for deep sky, widefield and planetary imaging. Capture the Sun, Moon, Planets, Galaxies and Nebulae in crisp, high resolution detail

The ZWO ASI290MM Mini (Mono) is a CMOS astronomy camera for autoguiding and planetary astrophotography. It houses a high-performance SONY IMX290 1/3 monochrome sensor with 2.1 Mega Pixels. I've recently installed this guide camera on my deep sky astrophotography rig, which includes a Sky-Watcher Esprit 100 ED telescope on an EQ6-R Pro mount Guide Cameras. Choose between USB 2.0 & USB 3.0 based on your needs. Depending on your use, you'll want to decide between a guide camera with USB 2 or USB 3. The mini versions of ZWO cameras and Starlight Xpress guide cameras feature a USB2 port. This port is only designed to handle the 1-5 second exposures usually used for autoguiding ZWO as a guide camera? - posted in Beginning Deep Sky Imaging: If I purchase either the ZWO ASI224MC or the ASI290MC to start doing some planetary and lunar photography with the Celestron 1100 Edge HD on CGX-L mount. can either or both of those cameras be used as a guide camera in a Celestron OAG if later I wanted to do some longer exposures? Or, would it be more practical in the long. ZWO Camera Firmware Upgrade reference manual 0.64 MB V1.0 January 22, 2021. The camera I use most often with the 50mm guide scope is the ZWO ASI 290mm mini. This is not only a highly sensitive monochrome guide camera, but it's also compatible with the ZWO ASIair wifi camera control device and software. The ASIair has its own autoguiding program in the application that communicates with the telescope mount just like.

Continue reading Selecting a Guide Scope and Autoguiding Camera for Astrophotography. Best telescope mount to start astrophotography in 2021. Categories Getting started Posted on February 4, 2021 February 7, 2021 Author Astroforum. Home > zwo cameras comparison table. Scroll U The ZWO ASI290MM Mini is a top-notch monochrome guide camera, well suited for both planetary astrophotography and acting as a guider to amplify the usefulness of other astronomy instruments. Despite being qualified as a 'miniature' camera, it still operates at a high level of performance

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This is a comparison of the ZWO 120 Mini guide camera and the ZWO 174 Guide camera. How do they compare? This video will show you. If you are new to Astroph.. ZWO ASCOM 1.17 MB MB V6.5.1.8 June 29, 2021. This driver supports using ASI Cameras, EAF, EFW, and USBST4 in the ASCOM Platform . Download

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  1. ZWO 60mm f/4.6 Guide Scope with Helical Focuser. This ring-mounted scope includes a dovetail with five ¼-20 mounting holes for additional flexibility. It's designed to work with ZWO cameras, and it can also work as a lens for a DSLR camera with an optional brand-specific T-ring. Total weight is 22.6 oz
  2. Sky-Watcher EvoGuide 50ED Guidescope & ZWO ASI120MM-Mini Bundle. (2) £319 £334. Add to Basket
  3. One of the most popular is the ZWO ASI224MC Color Imaging Camera.Featuring the Sony IMX224 Color CMOS sensor, the camera also includes a high speed USB 3.0 port, an ST4 guide port, a 2 interface with M42 x 0.75 internal threads, a 1/4 tripod thread mount, and an AR window
  4. New Autoguiding Camera and Guide ScopeTelescope Mount: https://bit.ly/EQ6-RAutoguiding Camera: https://bit.ly/2Aj6Tc6Autoguiding Package: https://bit.ly/guid..

ASI120MM-MINI. ASI533MC-P. ASI2600MC-P. ASI6200MM-P. ASI6200MC-P. ASI2400MC-P. ASI294MM-P. ASI2600MM-P. Tip: Choose the above cameras and compare with each other (from different aspects) Connecting just an autoguider camera to the ASIair is the focus of this review, using ZWO's ASI120MM guide camera attached to ZWO's little 30F4 guidescope, a bundle offered by most dealers. You could use another ZWO camera for autoguiding, attached to any optics you like for the guidescope ASI120MM Mini camera integrates AR0130CS 1/3″ sensor (4.8 mm x 3.6 mm). It is ZWO new mini camera. This camera has 1280 x 960 pixels. The pixel size is 3.75 μm x 3.75 μm. This camera provides 12bit ADC and its QE peak is almost 80% ZWO ASI290MM Mini (Mono) The ZWO ASI290MM Mini is a highly sensitive guide camera that is compatible with the ASIair. This miniature USB 2.0 camera is an effective autoguiding solution for your deep sky astrophotography setup. ASI290MM Mini camera integrates Sony IMX290 1/3 sensor (5.6 mm x 3.2 mm). It is ZWO first mini camera

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Company information. First Light Optics Ltd Unit 7 Budlake Units Budlake Road Marsh Barton Trading Estate Exeter, Devon EX2 8PY. Company No. 589229 Perfect for a guide camera, excellent QE. ZWO makes excellent Astrophotography Cameras. Read more. One person found this helpful. Helpful. Report abuse. Frank Devine. 5.0 out of 5 stars Works great for auto guiding. Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2020. Verified Purchase

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  1. Thanks for the info - downloaded PHD2. Connect Equipment tab, ZWO 120MM connected, On Camera mount connected - and off we go. The manual guide tab lights up the LEDs on my ST4 breakout box, and guide mode blinks the RA led (until it decides the 'scope' isn't moving) - so I think this is working fine
  2. i. My main camera is a ZWO ASI2600MM. After connecting the 290 I used the profile wizard to create a new profile and selected the ZWO native driver, but I could not choose between the two ZWO cameras and the wizard defaulted to the 2600 which obviously I don't want to use as.
  3. ZWO ASI290 Mono Camera (1) $454.99 $374.99 Sale. In Stock. Add To Cart. Quick View. ZWO ASI178MM Mono 6.4Meg pixel camera. $459.99 $374.99 Sale. Back Order. Add To Cart. Quick View. ASI1600MM Pro KIT - K1. $2,349.99 $2,015.00 Sale. Special order 7 - 10 day deleivery. Add To Cart. Quick View. ASI120MM-S. $234.99 $187.00 Sale. In Stock

These cameras became popular guide cameras, although we use a ASI174MM Mini in our observatory with a 9x50 finderscope as a very-very wide field live-view electronic finderscope. Finally, the latest depelopment from ZWO is ASIAIR, a Smart WIFI Accessory for Portable Astro Photography that you can use with USB3.0 ZWO ASI Cameras Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for SVBONY SV165 Mini Guide Scope 30mm F4 Finder Scope Guide Scope for SV305 Pro ZWO QHY Orion Auto Guiding Cameras at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users HEQ5 Pro mount through EQDIR USB cable (it is plugged on mount into hand controller port) ZWO ASI 120MM-S guide camera which is attached to my guide scope Canon 6D camera 2 x dew heater straps (for scope and guide scope). Those are attached to charging only ports on my USB HUB

ZWO Customer Satisfaction Survey-bbs Feature Request of ASIAIR - Share your ideas We have upgrade the ZWO User Forum to a new level! ASIAIR App Release Log Asiair pro and canon T6 Extended Full Well Capacity 75ke in QHY268c EAF Hand Controlle I'm a zwo fanatic. Among other things, I just set up my second automated scope with an asiair pro, EAF 12 volt, 533mc pro, William 32 mm slide base guide-scope, William Redcat 51, and a 120mm-s mono camera AS A GUIDE CAMERA. The 122 appears to display a number of hot pixels, but I'm unsure since focus may be off as yet Personally, I bought the ZWO ASI 120MM Mini auto-guider with the ZWO 30mm f/4 Guide Scope. This combo works great, and is fairly cheap! This combo works great, and is fairly cheap! However, you may have compatibility issues with the ASI 120MM Mini camera, due to the USB 2.0 interface ZWO ASI290MM Mini CMOS Telescope Guide Camera Available in the USA (OPT) for $299 Available in Europe (Astroshop) for €335. Let's move on to a higher quality segment of guide cameras. The first one is the asi290MM mini guide camera at $299, considerably higher in price than the 120MM

ZWO has developed many different types of astrophotography software to enhance your user experience along with their astrophotography dedicated cameras. One of the options you have is ASIStudio, an astronomy software package developed by ZWO, which currently includes ASICap, ASIImg and ASILive So, here is something those who have problems when guiding in ASIAIR with their ZWO mini cameras (USB C connector, USB 2 protocol) can try -- pick a star on the top half of the image to guide with. Don't pick a star that is too dim or too saturated -- ASIAIR will reject your choice and re-pick its own, and that might fall on the bottom half of. Autoguiding is a critical component for taking long exposures of the night sky and all you need to get started with autoguiding is a guide camera and a guide scope or off axis guider. Sort by popularity Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to lo Best autoguider and guide scope packages. Astromania Camera Easy Autoguiding Set50 $284. Astromania has always been a great source for inexpensive astronomy gear and their Astromania Camera Easy Autoguiding Set50 shows why. Included is everything you need to get started guiding including the camera, rings, mount, 50mm guide scope, cables. USB 2.0 Port: Mini camera has one USB2.0 type C port, which if very popular on mobile phones. ST4 Port: You can connect the ASI120MM Mini directly to auto guide port of your mount. Drivers and Softwares: The ZWO website has the newest camera drivers and many DSO and Planetary capture software choices available.

The camera uses the latest version of the ZWO driver, which runs my ASI224 in 16 bit without that happening. The PHD2 Manual Guide tool doesn't actually need stars, so is the Saturation ADU setting relevant?. As suggested in the PHD2 Manual, I'm using it here during the day as a convenient way to test the camera's ST4 to mount signal ZWO released the Mono version ASI294MM-P camera has a very high QE value with a peak at about 90%, and feature an ultra-low readout noise of 1.2e. it comes with special unlocked Binning Mode. If you are seeking for a small-format mono camera for astrophotography, then ASI294MM Pro gonna be your ideal choice ZWO Mini Guide Scope. by ZWO. Save $-99.00. $99.00. SKU ZWO-MiniGS. This lightweight guide scope is compatible with all ASI cameras The ZWO ASI174MM-Mini is a compact monochrome astronomy camera intended for autoguiding during long exposure astrophotography or for planetary imaging. The camera incorporates a 11.3mm x 7.1mm sensor with 1936x1216 resolution ZWO Optical: SI174MM Mini camera integrates Sony IMX174LLJ / IMX174LQJ 1/1.2″ sensor (11.3 mm x 7.1 mm). It is ZWO first mini camera. This camera has 1936 x 1216 pixels. The pixel size is 5.86 μm x 5.86 μm. This camera provides 12bit ADC and its QE peak is 77%. ASI174 mini camera offers you very good performance for planetary imaging and guiding. Low read noise, high dynamic range, QE peak.

ZWO's ASI174 Mini makes an ideal wide-field guide camera for astronomical imaging. This miniature astronomy camera uses a 2.3 megapixel monochrome sensor with high QE and low read noise to give an outstanding level of performance despite its compact size Matching lens for astrophotography: SkyWatcher S11510 Maksutov-Cassegrain 102mm. 2. Pentax K-3 DSLR Camera. This is a solid camera at a very, very good price with a large sensor and great low light performance. Maybe it's the best digital camera that can be used for astrophotography at this price range I have a like new ZWO 120mm mini guide camera for sale. Used it on a 70mm astrograph and works fine... just upgraded to an OAG and 290mm. comes with everything on the website that is listed... extender, st4 cable, 2m usb cable, .5m usb cable, cap, etc... I believe they are $150 new... selling this for $125. I will cover paypal fees I recently wrote a review on the ZWO ASI2400 24mpx full frame camera, so I thought I would also do the same for the big brother which is the ZWO ASI6200 full frame camera with a mammoth 62mpx which I picked up from 365astronomy when returning the ASI2400 after the review. Looking at both o


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As ZWO's biggest Australian dealer, Bintel carries almost the entire range of cameras and accessories in-stock, and all products are available for backorder if required. Whether you want a high-end cooled monochrome CCD camera for narrowband photography, or a cheap and simple planetary camera to take beginner images of Saturn, Jupiter and. The ASI290MM Mini camera utilizes the Sony IMX290 1/3″ sensor (5.6 mm x 3.2 mm), with a 1936 x 1096 resolution (just over 2 megapixels). The pixel size is 2.9 um x 2.9 um. This camera provides a 12bit ADC and it's QE peak is over 80%. Astrophotography Performance The ASI290Mini camera offers you very good performance for planetary imaging and guiding ZWO ASI120MINI USB 2.0 Mono Guide Camera. Sensor: 1/3″ CMOS AR0130CS (Mono) Resolution: 1.2Mega Pixels 1280×960. Pixel Size: 3.75µm. Exposure Range: 64µs-2000s. ROI: Supported. not rated. ZWO ASI290MM Mini USB 2.0 Mono Guide Camera Product Description. ASI174MM Mini camera integrates Sony IMX174LLJ / IMX174LQJ 1/1.2″ sensor (11.3 mm x 7.1 mm). It is ZWO's first mini camera. This camera has 1936 x 1216 pixels.The pixel size is 5.86 μm x 5.86 μm. This camera provides 12bit ADC and its QE peak is 77%. Astrophotography Performanc The ZWO ASI120MC-S Colour 1/3″ CMOS USB3.0 Camera with Autoguider Port is an excellent choice for an affordable planetary, guide or basic deep sky colour camera. This version is USB3.0 and comes with an ST4 AUTOGUIDER PORT and 150 degree wide angle lens. ZWO ASI120MC-S Colour 1/3 CMOS USB3.0 Camera with Autoguider Port quantity

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  1. i guide scope is compatible with all ASI cameras. Lens Diameter: 30 mm. Focal Length: 120 mm. Weight (include guider ring and dovetail): 250 g. Back Focus: adjustable,(0~20 mm) Focuser Type: front part focuser. Tube travel: 20 mm. Dovetail includes 1/4 screw hole
  2. iature' camera, it still operates at a high level of performance; with a peak QE of 77%, a read noise of only 3.5e, a.
  3. iature camera for autoguiding. My favorite features of the 290MM Mini are its slender profile and ASIair compatibility
  4. i camera. This camera has 1936 x 1216 pixels. The pixel size is 5.86 μm x 5.86 μm. This camera provides 12bit ADC and its QE peak is 77%
  5. i for a guide camera n only your mount will limit how long your subs can be
  6. Manual Driver Updates for ZWO Cameras and scanners: ZWO drivers are typically included with your Windows® operating system and are also accessible through most Windows® updates. The built-in driver supports the essential functions of most ZWO Cameras and scanners
  7. i camera offers you very good performance for planetary imaging and.

ZWO ASIAIR to guide it all. Waiting on High point to send me an EQ6- R Pro which this will be on once it arrives in a few months. I do have a wide field set up as well. That one is as follows. Focal length 275mm with the R/F. Mount: Meade LX85. Main scope: Radian Raptor 61mm. Guide scope: 120mm mini. Guide camera: ZWO ASI 120mm-s I would position the camera so that its chip is parallel/orthogonal to the RA/Dec Axis of your mount, in theory this gives you the best guiding. You focus the guide scope by loosening the knurled red ring and then screwing the black objective in or out. Once you reach focus, tighten the red knurled ring against the objective

The William Optics UniGuide 50mm guide scope In my quest to put together a decent starter package for doing deep sky imaging, I purchased a William Optics UniGuide 50mm guide scope and a ZWO ASI290mm mini guide camera to use for guiding my main telescope during imaging. Both appear to be fine pieces of equipment, but when I did some benc Camera Sensor. ASI120MM Mini camera integrates AR0130CS 1/3″ sensor (4.8 mm x 3.6 mm). It is ZWO new mini camera. This camera has 1280 x 960 pixels. The pixel size is 3.75 μm x 3.75 μm. This camera provides 12bit ADC and its QE peak is almost 80% The NEW USB3.0 version ZWO ASI120MC-S is an excellent choice for an affordable planetary camera or deep sky one shot colour camera for those who has just started in astro photography, but cannot spend a fortune on a specialist astro photography camera or want to replace a modified webcam or a cheaper planetary imager The ASI120MM Mini camera utilizes the AR0130CS 1/3″ sensor (4.8 mm x 3.6 mm). This camera has a 1280 x 960 resolution with a pixel size of 3.75 um x 3.75 um. It provides a 12bit ADC and its QE peak is almost 80%. This is a great camera for use as a guider with the ASIAIR Pro and 30F4 Guide Scope. Astrophotography Performance The ASI120MM Mini camera offers very good performance for planetary.

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We've just released our new buyer's guide for selecting ZWO astronomy cameras. Whether you're interested in planetary, lunar/solar, deep-sky imaging, or a little bit of everything, this buyer's guide will help you choose the best ZWO camera for your interests and budget. Read th I know some people have issues when using two ZWO camera at once. I get this now and then and want to eliminate that from my setup. I'm trying to find the most..

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Its all the ZWO cameras. If you don't use backlash compensation you probably wouldn't notice it. PHD2 runs ZWO cameras in video (streaming) mode. With backlash compensation the correction can be long enough to still be going when the next video frame is taken which creates a trail on the guide star One of the gifts I received for my 60th birthday was a dedicated astronomy camera--the ZWO ASI533MC Pro. One of my first targets for this new camera was the Orion Nebula. The Orion Nebula, imaged using the ZWO ASI533MC Pro dedicated astro camera. I was pretty pleased with the way this image turned out, although it required quite a bit of processing

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ZWO's ASI290MM Mini camera with Sony IMX290 1/3″ sensor (5.6 mm x 3.2 mm). It is ZWO's first mini camera. This camera has 1936 x 1096 pixels. The pixel size is 2.9 μm x 2.9 μm. This camera provides 12bit ADC and its QE peak is over 80%. CALL OR EMAIL FOR AVAILABILITY support@binocentral.com.a The best high-end camera costing more than $2000 should have plenty of resolution, exceptional build quality, good 4K video capture and top-notch autofocus for advanced and professional users. In this buying guide we've rounded up all the current interchangeable lens cameras costing over $2500 and recommended the best Raspberry support for FireCapture v2.6 and ZWO cameras ! October 2019. FireCapture Yahoo groups has been transfered to Groups.io. February 2018. FireCapture v2.6 has been finally released ! October 2017. Mac and Linux support for ASI cameras has started ! Beta testers welcome in a couple of weeks


ZWO cameras: update SDK to version v1.13.0821 (Window, Linux, Mac) ZWO cameras: provide an option to operate camera in 8-bit or 16-bit mode; ZWO cameras: use camera model name to decide which camera to connect to; SBIG cameras: do not rely on camera name to distinguish color vs mono; More detailed tooltip for status bar calibration indicato ZWO make amazing astronomy cameras for planetary imaging, deep sky imaging, and autoguiding. Sale! ZWO ASI120MC-S Colour $ 229.00 $ 219.00. Add to cart. ZWO ASI120MM Mini Guider $ 229.00. Add to cart. ZWO ASI120MM-S Monochrome $ 279.00. Add to cart. ZWO ASI224MC Colour $ 349.00. Add to cart. ZWO ASI462MC Colour Planetary Camera.

Utilizing this configuration provides improved accuracy versus a separate guide scope setup. The guider fits 2 focusers and comes ready to accept your ZWO camera. This is just the guider; you need to provide the telescope, camera, T-ring, guide camera, computer, and guide software ZWO 120MC-S CCD guide star scope camera ASI120MC... US $149.00 / piece. Orders(48) ZWO ASI120MM Mini (mono) USB 2.0 monochrome CMOS camera... US $149.00 / piece. Shopping for Cheap ZWO ASI Camera at StarPal Outdoor Store and more from on Aliexpress.com ,the Leading Trading Marketplace from Chin

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How do I connect my ZWO ASI120MM-S camera & mini guide scope to SharpCapPro using the POTH hub? Will any additional drivers be needed besides those already in my PC from ZWO for the camera or as part of the ASCOM Platform 6.4 installation? Top. admin Site Admin Posts: 689 The NEW ZWO 120MM Mini Guider . Newest guide camera from ZWO and its a beauty. Camera Sensor. ASI120MM Mini camera integrates AR0130CS 1/3″ sensor (4.8 mm x 3.6 mm). It is ZWO new mini camera. This camera has 1280 x 960 pixels.The pixel size is 3.75μm x 3.75μm The ZWO ASI174MM MINI camera integrates Sony IMX174LLJ / IMX174LQJ 1/1.2″ sensor (11.3 mm x 7.1 mm). It is ZWO's first mini camera with a small format, 1.25 nosepiece-style front construction. This camera features 1936 x 1216 pixels. The pixel size large at 5.86 μm x 5.86 μm. This camera provides 12bit ADC and its peak QE is 77% The IMX294CJK is the first in-house image sensor for astronomic cameras to adopt the Type 4/3 format, and realizes output of the number of pixels needed for 4K at. 120 frame/s (in ADC 10-bit output mode, ASI294MC can run up to 25fps at 4k format base on USB3.0 bandwidth). In addition, use of a large-size pixel achieves SNR1s The ASI1600MM-Cool camera from ZWO offers a quality, low noise camera at a highly competitive price. Upon receiving my monochrome cooled version earlier this year, I ran some data analysis on the camera, just to see how it performed. My analysis is geared towards those using the camera for pretty-picture astrophotography purposes. It has been demonstrate

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ZWO ASI294MC Pro USB 3.0 cooled color CMOS camera for deey imaging. The ASI294 is the first camera in the world equipped with the latest Sony sensor IMX294CJK. IMX294CJK. Sony 10.71M-Effective Pixel Color CMOS Image Sensor (official description from Sony site), with a diagonal of 21.63mm (4/3 format) The ZWO ASI 120MM Mini is the guiding camera with the best price/performance ratio.. The ZWO ASI 120MM Mini contains the AR0130CS CMOS monochrome sensor which has a diagonal of 6.00 mm and a resolution of 1.22 MPx.. The sensor has a high QE that reaches almost 80% at 540 Nm. The ASI 120MM Mini uses a USB 2.0 type C port and it is also equipped with a ST4 port as guiding alternative ZWO Camera, 2.1mm fisheye lens, 1.25 nosepiece, gold plated USB cable, guide cable and software. I have owned both the GSTAR EX the GSTAR EX2 a Malincam Extreme and an Orion StarShoot Deep Space Video Camera II

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Mini Guide Scope ZWO. ZWO. Vendor ZWO Regular price $ 99.00 Sale price $ 99.00 Sale. Unit price / per . EFW (7 x 36mm or 8 x 1.25/31mm) Sale price $ 299.00 Sale. Unit price / per . ASI 178MC 14 Bit ADC CMOS Color Camera. ASI 178MC 14 Bit ADC CMOS Color Camera ZWO. Sale. ZWO. Vendor ZWO Regular price $ 349.00 Sale price $ 299.00 Sale. Unit. DRIVERS AND MANUAL FREE TO DOWNLOAD. DRIVERS AND MANUAL FREE TO DOWNLOAD. Skip to main content. Shop by category. Shop by category. Enter your search keyword Details about ZWO ASI120MC-S ASTRO CAM CAMERA ASTROPHOTOGRAP HY GUIDE See original listing. ZWO ASI120MC-S ASTRO CAM CAMERA ASTROPHOTOGRAP HY GUIDE: Condition: Used. Ended: Jun 10. Condizione: Nuovo. ZWO ASI1600MM Pro USB 3.0 cooled monochrome CMOS camera for deey imaging. Features: sensor 4/3″ CMOS, resolution 16 Mpx 4656x3520, pixel size 3.8µm, exposure range 32µs-2000s, delta T 40-45, interface USB3.0/USB2.0, bit rate 12bit output (12bit ADC). Maggiori dettagli. 1 284,36 € Stellarvue 11802 Kemper Road Auburn, CA 95603 USA (530) 823-7796 Open 9 - 5 Pacific Time Mon - Fri Closed holidays Clear Skies

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ZWO 5-Position Manual Filter Wheel. The ZWO 1.25 Manual Filter Wheel is a great addition to the ZWO ASI120MM Monochrome Astronomy Camera. This 5-position filter wheel lets you easily organize the filters you plan on using for the nights imaging session. Handles up to five 1.25 filters The ZWO ASI 290MM Mini is a professional guiding camera with small pixels for more precise guiding with short focal length scopes.. The ZWO ASI 290MM Mini contains the Sony IMX290 monochrome sensor which has a diagonal of 6.46mm and a resolution of 2.11 MPx.. The sensor has a high QE that reaches over 80% at 600 Nm. The ASI 290MM Mini uses a USB 2.0 type C port and it is also equipped with a. ASICAP is a capture application on android devices for ZWO ASI USB3.0 cameras. Please make sure you have an ASI 3.0 camera and your android devices supports OTG. ASICAP can help you control the camera to do Video recording and picture saving. So you needn't carry heavy computer when shooting in the wild

ZWO ASI290MM MINI. This camera is the smaller brother of the popular ASI290MM. It comes in a smaller, lighter body with a 1.25 form factor, with USB2.0 connection instead of USB3.0, but other than that it would be a very good alternative for those who don't necessarily need the highest framerate that comes with SUB3.0 cameras and want to save a little bit of cash for some other astronomy gadget Description ZWO ASI174 Monochrome Astronomy Camera. ZWO's ASI174MM Monochrome is a CMOS Imaging Camera that surpasses even their ASI120MM-S when it comes to cutting-edge functionality like a high-speed USB 3.0 port, an ST4 guide port, a standard 2 interface with M42x0.75 internal threads, a 1/4 tripod thread mount on the back, and an AR window I used an old ZWO camera, a 178 monochrome model, and it worked fine. I did not do the IP focusing, but I cooled the camera and captured light, flat, and dark images, both unbinned and 2x2. I also used the autoguide port on the camera with PHD2 to guide the mount. I used the ASI Camera (1) version 6.5 ASCOM driver with IPCC 6.0