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Change icons for files or folders on Mac You can choose a custom icon for any file or folder using your own pictures, icons downloaded from the web, or the icon from another file or folder. Use your own picture or a picture from the web On your Mac, copy the picture you want to use to the Clipboard Mac file Icons - Download 2595 Free Mac file icons @ IconArchive. Search more than 600,000 icons for Web & Desktop here Mac icons to download | PNG, ICO and ICNS icons for mac. Save 15% on iStock using the promo code. FINDICONS15 apply promocode. View More. Related Searches from iStock: mac desktop, imac, mac computer, computer, mac screen, big mac, mac book, mac mockup, apple mac, mac monitor, mac keyboard. View More

Free 5000+ macOS app icons in the style of macOS Monterey, Big Sur. Fully open source and community led. How to install custom icons on macOS Monterey, Big Sur Mac folder Icons - Download 5036 Free Mac folder icons @ IconArchive. Search more than 600,000 icons for Web & Desktop here Get free Mac os icons in iOS, Material, Windows and other design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects. These free images are pixel perfect to fit your design and available in both PNG and vector. Download icons in all formats or edit them for your designs. Also, be sure to check out new icons and popular icons

How to change the icon of files and folders To change the icon of a folder, open Finder and select the folder you would like to change the icon of. Then press COMMAND + I or use File -> Get Info to bring up the Info Sheet. In the upper-left corner of the Info Sheet, you will see a smaller version of the folder icon Tired of your standard mac icons? Do you want to personalize your files or folders? Image2icon provides the fastest way to customize your icons, easily and free. It's easy as pie: drop an image to Image2icon, then drag your file or folder and drop it again to apply it When it comes to icons of any sort, PNG, with its transparent background, is the most popular format out there. You can find any PNG icon online (as long as it's square and high-resolution) and make it an icon for any app, file, or folder on your Mac. After you download the PNG icon, double-click the image to open it in the Preview app As part of this association, OS X will adopt icons within the handling program to use with these files. If this association is broken in the launch services, then the system may not know what files your programs are capable of opening, which in turn may have OS X resort to a generic icon for these files Lastly, if you don't want to see a preview of the file (especially images and PDFs) as the icon, you can uncheck the Show Icon Preview option. Advertisement Once you've customized all the options, go back to your Mac desktop to see it transformed

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  1. You'll find the directory contains tons of .icns files, these are the raw icon files for various system icons, including the default folder icons used for Applications, Documents, Desktop, Downloads, Developer, Generic (the default for a new folder), Group, Library, Music, Movies, Pictures, Public, and quite literally every other default icon, like mounted external drives, network volumes and computers, iPhones, Macs, and just about everything else
  2. Search mac os x icons - 2926 mac os x icons found. OS Mac OS X. Mac osx Box. Mac osx disc. 3D Box. 3D DivX. 3D Studio Max. 3D Studio Max. 3D Studio Max. 3D Studio Max. 3D Studio Max. 3ds Max. Cute File Extension By: Shabih Quantity: 38 Icons. DelliOS System By: Wendell Fernandes Quantity: 103 Icons. DelliXmas By: Wendell Fernandes.
  3. In macOS 11, app icons share a common set of visual attributes, including the rounded-rectangle shape, front-facing perspective, level position, and uniform drop shadow. Rooted in the macOS 11 design language, these attributes showcase the lifelike rendering style people expect in macOS while presenting a harmonious user experience

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To change the file icon on all you files icons with the same extension: open Get Info panel file 1, that you want to change. open Get Info panel file 2, that you want to change to. drag and drop icon from panel file 1 to panel file 2. click Change All... with Finder open Show View Options or command + J. drag Icon size as you wish The Microsoft OneDrive icons in desktop notification areas, menu bars, Windows File Explorer and macOS Finder tell you the sync state of the file or folder. If you don't see any desktop notification or menu bar icons, OneDrive may be hidden, not installed or not running If the question mark persists, follow these steps: Press and hold the power button on your Mac for up to 10 seconds, until your Mac turns off. Turn on your Mac and immediately press and hold Command (⌘) and R to start up from macOS Recovery. While in macOS Recovery, use Disk Utility to repair your startup disk. If Disk Utility found no errors. Choose the Customize tab, on the Folder icons section click on Change Icon. Pick an icon from this collection located in windows folder. How to change folder icon on Mac. Right-click on a folder and select Get Info Drag and drop an icon from the mac folder (.icns) on the icon preview located on Top left of the Get info dialogue. Collectio For some file types, macOS displays the attachment inline with text, but in the case of high-resolution images, this can sometimes impact email readability. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to display attachments in the Mail app on your Mac as icons

Just add the icons you want to the collection and download them in the format you need. More info. Register for free. Create up to 3 collections. Add 256 icons per collection. Save and customize your icons. Add some icons to start using this collection or drop here your own SVG file Let's say you frequently drag icons around on your desktop and often find that they are all jumbled together, icons overlapping one another. To better organize the icons on your desktop, follow one of the two options below: 1. Click on the View menu in Finder and select Clean up to make all icons align properly. 2. If you want your desktop icons to be auto-arranged, you can d 1. The Icon^M file is a hidden macOS system file that manages a custom image for the containing folder. However, users may find these files created for other reasons. For example, the macOS version of Google Drive would create an Icon file in every folder in order to track sync status. You may safely delete these files Free Folder icons! Download 55 vector icons and icon kits.Available in PNG, ICO or ICNS icons for Mac for free us

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Restore icons default on mac. In Mac OS X you restore your files/folders original icon easily. First of all select your folder/file in Finder, then right click on it and select Get Info . In the info panel, click on folder/file preview in the top left corner. Now, when the preview is highlighted, hit backspace ( ← ) on your keyboard. If your. (You can select Icon view directly from the toolbar using the Icon view button outlined in red.) Icon view is the default Finder view, and is characterized by the use of icons to represent the items contained within a folder, usually files and other folders although other item types could be present, such as various types of links If you attach a sound file, or a movie, or an Excel spreadsheet, or a text file, it shows up as an icon. Mac Mail message with Sound, Movie, Excel, and Text documents attached But if you attach a single-page image, or a single-page PDF, you will see the attachment in place in the body of the Mail message (that is, it won't be an icon. You can use the following two methods to have icon overlay over the folders/files. You can use -setIcon:forFile:options: method on NSWorkspace if you want to change the icon of a file or folder in Mac OS X. However after you apply icon overlay using this method, overlay exits even though you moved that file/folder outside Old School Icon Pack contains 82 high quality (256x256 pixels) icons; PNG and ICO formats. This package includes: Extra Icons, File Icons, Folder Icons, Hardware Icons, Software Icons etc. Free for personal use only. The Simpsons Icons. 11 Simpsons icons for Mac OS X and Windows. Designed by Anton Gerasimenko and Egor Zhgun from Russia

One of the first things I change when I install OS X is the icon used for ZIP files. The default icon is bland to say to the least. My preferred icon is the. It might sound surprising, but a lot of Mac users undergo issues like this related to their Mac folder icons, dock, and desktop. For instance, the chances are that some folders can get disappeared from the desktop on Mac unexpectedly, or your Mac toolbar can get hidden as well The file icon is always provided by the application handling opening a file by default. This way, e.g. Preview provides PDF icons by default, and PNG icons, but if you change all PNG files to open using Pixelmator instead, these files get a Pixelmator-style icon afterwards. What you need to do is add your file type definition to the application. Sometimes Mac OS X seems to automatically generate preview thumbnail icons for images, but other times there's no preview associated with a given file so you get the generic icon instead. Fortunately, it's really easy to update a generic JPEG icon to be a preview image instead using the splendid GraphicConverter program that's probably.

May 15, 2018 1:48 PM in response to IsaakR. In response to IsaakR. First verify from Finder>View>Show View Option> Show icon Preview. If that is check, toggle it off and on. If no success. Open to the Preferences folder of your home directory, or from Finder>Go>Go to Folder, copy & paste: ~/Library/Preferences/ com.apple.finder.plist macOS Transformation Pack 4.0 will transform your Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP user interface to macOS, including Login Screen, Themes, Wallpapers, Cursors, Fonts, Sounds, Icons, Dock, Finderbar, Dashboard, Spaces, Launchpad and more. Seamless installation and uninstallation giving users safe transformatio

9. Paste your new icon over the stock icon using either the Command + V shortcut or by selecting Edit -> Paste. 10. If prompted, enter your admin username and password. As you can see, it is very easy to customize any folder, file or hard drive icon on your Mac. You can also choose to hide the Device's icon if you like There's no doubt that the default icons used throughout Mac OS X are indeed very eye pleasing. However looking at the same icons for months or years on end can get repetitive and old. In this article we'll go over a few ways to spice up the look of the folder, file, application and dock icons. Change Icons Method #1 - Get Inf Mac OS X Hints By Rob Griffiths Jun 30, 2009 3:54 am PDT. Have you ever had a problem with incorrect icons in OS X—instead of seeing the proper zipper icon for zip files, for example, you. The most common way to swap icons in OS X has generally been the copy/paste method we describe on our Drive Icons page.As long as the item you're copying has the icon pasted on a folder or file (like our drive icon packs do) you should have no trouble copying and pasting to a new folder or drive

Download 3242 free Mac os x folder Icons in iOS, Windows, Material, and other design styles. Get free Mac os x folder icons in iOS, Material, Windows and other design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects. These free images are pixel perfect to fit your design and available in both PNG and vector macOS icon files can be viewed with the Apple Preview program included with macOS. ICNS files support icon images of 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128, 256x256, and 512x512 pixels, as well as 1024x1024 pixels as of Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. NOTE: ICNS files are similar to .ICO files used to store icons in Windows

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This is a non-comprehensive review for some of the most-commonly used icons in Windows 10 and MacOS X. As an old Windows user who has been using this system for over ten years, I recent l y decided to purchase my very first Mac. While there are many differences in their designs between these two systems, which confuse and surprise me no less than the culture shock I experienced when seeing. Anytime you create an alias in Mac OS X the resulting alias of a file, app, or folder, will include the arrow icon in the corner. This makes it easy to identify any item as an alias, but you can hide the alias arrow badge from icons if you don't want to see them Double click on desktop to show the icons: Double click on desktop will show hidden files and icons again. Shortcut: You click the Record Shortcut button, then you assign it a certain shortcut key. For example, I will assign [Control] [D]. When I press this shortcut, HiddenMe will hide/show all files and icons on the Mac desktop (Macbook) How to Change the Finder Dock Icon on Mac. Here is a summary of what we will do. First, we will select a picture, then disable System Integrity Protection; after that, replace the icon with our image and finally refresh the dock. Let us begin. Step #1. Select the picture you want to use. It should be a PNG file If you want to revert a file or folder to its default icon, open its Get Info panel again, click the icon in the panel to select it, and choose Edit - Cut or use the keyboard shortcut Command-X. Folder Icon X is an Mac OS X-native application providing a simple way to create a customized folder and document icons by placing another icon on a standard plain icon

While using the Terminal to hide desktop icons on a Mac isn't a difficult task, if you need to hide/unhide desktop icons in macOS on a very regular basis, using the Terminal might not be the most efficient method for you. In such a case, you can use a third party app that will let you hide desktop icons or unhide them with just a click Where to find custom Mac app icons. A new macOS Icon Pack website has emerged on the web with nearly 3,000 different icons from which to choose. There are icons for a wide variety of third-party. Before changing any icons for key apps, it's worth playing around with icons for disposable files and folders to figure out how the icon-swapping process works. Icons in Mac OS X use the .icns format Hi, I installed Office 2016 for Mac a few days ago. I installed OneDrive client as part of the Office installation. I don't see a OneDrive icon in Finder's sidebar (just a normal folder icon), and I don't see any overlay icons in OneDrive's folder From your Mac go to the picture or icon located on the web. Click on the icon and open it in Preview App. Go to the Edit option and click Select All. Now select Edit and click Copy ( Steps 2 to 4 are to copy the icon or picture to your clipboard) Now go to the file or folder whose icon you need to change. Select the file and go to Get Info

I am running Mac OS 10.13.1 High Sierra and using Photoshop CS3 v 10.0.1. Before I upgraded to High Sierra, all was well. Now, if I bring a jpeg into Photoshop, make changes, and then save the file, the resulting file icon is the generic jpeg one. This is true if the file is on my desktop or in a Finder window (list view or icon view) Windows 10 has lots of applications, folders, files, and shortcuts, and many of them have their unique icons. If Windows had an ICO file for each icon it uses, that would make for a considerable number of icon files. To resolve this problem, instead of using ICO files to store icons, Windows uses DLL files

Every so often I find that my preview thumbnails through my Mac finder disappear. They don't disappear entirely, they just stop displaying the preview of the file and show only the generic jpeg icon. It's a fairly bothersome problem, especially when so much of my work is visual. Fortunately, there's an easy fix for this, however the fix. Click the folder's current icon. It's in the upper-left area of the window. Click the Edit menu and select Paste. Now you'll see the image you copied earlier replace the previous icon. If you want to restore a folder's original icon, just come back to this screen, select the current icon, and then select Edit > Cut A file with the ICNS file extension is a macOS Icon Resource file (often referred to as the Apple Icon Image format) that macOS applications use to customize how their icons appear in Finder and in the OS X dock. They're equivalent in most ways to the ICO files used in Windows

Icons on the Mac represent everything starting from a file, folder, applications etc. and you might wish to change them at some point. You can go for changing the icon to make it look your way. Here in this article, we have covered how to change icons on a Mac Mac icon - World\'s best selection of high quality Free Mac icons Download mac icon free icons and PNG images. 29+ Mac Icon images for your graphic design, presentations, web design and other projects Choose Edit -> Copy in Preview's menu bar, or use the keyboard shortcut Command-C. Next, right-click (or Ctrl-click) the file or folder whose icon you want to change and select Get Info from the.

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Download 104 mac os x. Available in PNG and SVG formats. Ready to be used in web design, mobile apps and presentations. Explore Icon sets Staff picks Newest icon sets Popular icon sets Categories Styles. Custom icons. Designers Top selling Most followers Newest designers Most icons Following Files include documents, images, applications, and so on. Folders are simply a collection of files. Each file or folder is represented by an icon with its name below or to the right of the icon. You can select the text in the file's name to change it, and you can copy, move, and delete files on your computer File, folder, and program icons on a Mac can be generic, and that makes them difficult to sort through. But if you're willing to do a little bit of work, you can create custom icons that will. A custom folder icon is stored in an invisible file called Icon? with a resource fork containing an icns resource. Actually, the last character of the file ? is a wild card character in the Terminal.app. The actual character is a carriage return (used in classic Mac OS in text files). Show invisible files using Command-Shift-Period in the. It shows all files on your Mac, defaulting from newest to oldest. The setting for it is slightly hidden. In the Finder, choose Finder > Preferences, and then click Sidebar. That's where you'll.

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  1. Get started. Let's get started browsing through your files. First, click the Macintosh HD icon on your desktop. A new window will appear. This is called a Finder window. The Finder window allows you to explore the contents of your hard drive
  2. Free icons for your project, find the perfect icon you need in our amazing icons collection, available in SVG, PNG, ICO or ICNS for free
  3. same as `file-icons` but with the classic blue mac folder icon. Installation. Launch VS Code Quick Open (Ctrl+P), paste the following command, and press enter. Copy. Copied to clipboard. More Info. Overview Version History Q & A Rating & Review. File Icons Mac . same as file-icons/vscode but with the classic blue mac folder icon. preview
  4. Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard - Icon files by Apple. Publication date 2009-08-28 Topics macOS, Mac OS X, icons, icns, iconset Language English. Collection of OSX icons from the CoreTypes bundle. These icons are in the .icns format, which can be handled by the iconutil tool
  5. FileMarker.NET Pro can change a files's color to normal, dark and light states. 33 color variations for professional file management. The program allows to color-mark a file, or add a label to it, or use a combination of a color and a label. FileMarker.NET Pro changes file icons from within a popup menu of the files. To mark a file, you don't.

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  1. Hi, Downoaded a pack of icons and been trying to replace certain folder icons with the new ones. I command click and choose 'getInfo' on the icon file I want, but when I select the icon in the getInfo window, copy is greyed out in the edit menu. I am the only user on my macbook pro and..
  2. Add .supports-a-file-icon-customization file to the root of your theme (this is how we check if the theme supports customization of the file-specific icons). How It Works. In simple terms, A File Icon does the following: Copies all the necessary files right after install or upgrade to zzz A File Icon zzz directory; Searches all installed theme
  3. 36709. File Types. Download in svg, png and 5 more formats. Icon Mafia Follow. Logo Usage Agreement - Free. Select License. Logo Usage Agreement Pro. This Logo is protected by copyright, trademark, and other laws by respected owners
  4. What is OS X Yosemite - Official Icons Pack for Mac. The OS X Yosemite - Official Icons Pack includes the latest icons from OS X 10.10, ready to use on earlier versions of OS X. Instructions on changing system app icons are included
  5. So much has changed. So much is the same. Image: Cult of Mac. As you can see, Big Sur's app icons are much more simplistic. However, some still feature nice little touches that prove Apple hasn.
  6. Your Mac, your icons. Image2icon is the easiest way to create your own mac icons and customize your folders and files. It's easy as pie: drop an image to Image2icon, then drop a file or folder apply the icon. Unleash your creativity! Choose between 20+ retina ready templates and apply them with just one click
  7. Delete icons from a Mac desktop using Stacks. Apple introduced a new Stacks feature in macOS Mojave that lets users keep the desktop neat and clean. So, how does this feature work? Well, it basically organizes all the files into file types and then places them on the right edge of the screen

60 Folder Icon sets. 1. Windows 7 Folder Icons. 2. Folder Icons Pack. 3. Folder Icon Pack by ~akkasone. This Folder Icon Pack includes regular folder icon, favourite folder icon, download folder icon, music folder icon, picture folder icon and video folder icon. All are available in png (256px) and ico (128px) file format Additionally, you can choose if elements like image icons show as mini-previews of files or as generic icons. There are easy ways to check hidden files on the # Mac. Read the post to learn how.

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Best UX/UI'd file manager on the market. Like Apple, it does not standardize file size. Mixes up KBs, MBs GBs in the same column which makes it very difficult to review file sizes. In addition to the default Mac gray UI, Forklift 3 offers an alternate Dark Mode featuring light text elements against dark backgrounds Any hidden files that have been made visible will have greyed out names and icons. How to find other hidden files on Mac? It isn't always easy to know where you've put every file on your Mac. After a couple of years of constant use, a Mac can start to resemble a cluttered old-school file cabinet. Files in places that once make sense, but are. Navigate to top toolbar and select File > Get Info. Select the custom icon at the top of the window. Select Edit > Cut. Your file or folder will be reverted back to the default icon on Mac. Read More Visual Studio for Mac; Visual Studio; Double-click the Info.plist file in the Solution Explorer to open it for editing.. Scroll down to the iPhone Icons section.. Click the Migrate to Asset Catalog button:. From the Solution Explorer, double-click the Assets.xcassets file to open it for editing:. Select AppIcon from the list of assets to display the Icon Editor:. All of these system icons are saved in the default Mac OS X icon format (.icns). Most image programs don't support this format, so you'll probably want to open these icons with Preview (which should be set as the default app to open .icns files) and go to File->Export in the menu bar of Preview

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There are two locations where these symbols appear—in the Dropbox folder on your computer and in the taskbar (Windows) or menu bar (Mac). The symbols are different in each location. This article covers both. If you're looking for an icon that isn't listed here, check this article on file and folder icons, symbols, and colors How to change the default Mac app for specific file types. Right-click on a file that uses the file type you'd like to change the default for. For example, one with a .jpg extension (a photo). Click on Get Info in the pop-up. Click Open With if the section isn't already expanded. Source: iMore. Click the drop down menu Once the AppIcon.appiconset file has been built, it will need to assign it to the Xamarin.Mac project in Visual Studio for Mac. Do the following: Double-click the Info.plist in the Solution Pad to open the Project Options. In the Mac OS X Application Target section and click the App Icons to select the AppIcon.appiconset file: Save the changes Delete Desktop Icons and Shortcuts on Mac OS X Yosemite. Edited by Grimm, Rushell, Eng. 4 Parts: Steps. Video: Delete Desktop Icons and Shortcuts on Mac OS X Yosemite. Questions and Answers. Comments. You're watching VisiHow. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to delete icons from the desktop of your Mac running OS X Yosemite How to change desktop icon size in Mac. Are you ready to learn how to change desktop icons size in Mac? Here we go: Right-click desktop. 1. First and foremost, close all your files and right-click anywhere on the blank screen and choose show view options

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Enable file icons for 3rd party themes. To get file icons in any theme other than Default or Adaptive, take the following steps: After installing FileIcons through Package Control, go to the Sublime Text Packages directory (e.g. via the command Browse Packages). Create a FileIcons/theme directory structure in your Packages. Jul 16, 2021 - Who doesn't love a classic, neutral tone aesthetic? Give a new, refreshing look to your desktop with these Botanical Neutral desktop folder icons! INCLUDED FILES 2 ZIP files: 10 PNG files of Mac Folder Icons + 10 PNG Icon files of Mac + 2 Wallpapers ( 1024 x 768 px and 1920 x 1080 px each ) + Easy step by step PDF ins

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How to Change your Mac/PC Folder Icons. Hey, Pixels! In this week's tutorial, I'll be showing you how to change your basic blue folder icons on your Mac and PC, into creative, fun folders for you to organize your files. Customizing your folder icons is super easy on both Mac and PC's For apps downloaded from the Mac App Store: Click the Launchpad icon in the Dock, hold down an app's icon until all the icons begin to jiggle, then click the app's delete button. If an icon doesn't have a delete button, it can't be uninstalled in Launchpad The following three methods will help you unhide files on Mac and we have even added a method that could help you recover lost files on Mac. Method 1: Unhide files on Mac using Keyboard Shortcuts The keyboard shortcut that we used to hide hidden files in Mac is the same combo that is used to show the hidden files

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After downloading, extract the zip file and you will get a single app named Show / Hide Desktop icons. Drag this file to Dock to access it whenever you want to toggle the desktop icons visibility. All you have to do is, click the app in Dock to show or hide the desktop icons on your Mac. It acts as a simple switch To change this, right click on the folder, and change it from Stack to Folder. It should be noted that not all dock icons can be changed in this manner. The icons that ship with the Mac OS, such as iTunes, Mail, etc., are set so that you can't simply copy and paste it away. You will need a program such as CandyBar to do that Hard Drive Icon Mac. The hard disk icons in MAC OS are similar to the ones in Windows, of half-abstract style and show drive case shape. The differences are that Mac hard drive icons use more colors and are bigger in the right area. Moreover, MAC disk icons are closer to the real hard disk look than Windows hard drive icons Alternatively, you can just drag the icon to a different position in your Dock, which will automatically save it as a favorite shortcut. How to add files and folders to the Dock on your Mac. Files and folders can also be saved to your Dock, but they can only be stored on the far right of the Dock, after your app shortcuts File extension icns is most notably associated and ued for Apple icon graphic format, which is the native icon format in Mac OS X. . The typical icns files contain several different sizes of the same icon in a single file. ICSN format supports icons of various sizes, such as 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 128×128, 256×256 and 512×512 pixels, with both 1- and 8-bit alpha channels and multiple image.

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Step 1: Connect your iPhone to Mac with a USB cable. Step 2: Run iTunes program on your Mac. iTunes will detect your iPhone device automatically. Step 3: Click on the phone icon located on the upper left side of the iTunes window to check your files on your iPhone. Step 4: Select the files you want to transfer to Mac The first thing you'll need to do is enable file sharing on your Mac. Here's how to do it. Enable File Sharing on Mac OS X. First go to the System Preferences menu option by clicking on the Apple icon at the top left and then clicking on System Preferences 1. Here File and Folder links can be placed. 2. Minimized windows will also be placed. 3. Files and folders can be dragged and placed into this section from the Finder. This will create an icon that can be used to quickly open the file or folder. To remove the icon just drag it off of the Dock Change the file icon. If you need to create a .ico icon file, you could use one of the following: Inedo's Icon Maker; Icoconvert.com; Inedo's Icon Maker can be downloaded from the GitHub releases as a .zip file. Unzip the file to get IconMaker.exe. Run it, and drag your image file in to the window. It accepts up to 256x256 pixel images

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