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Second, your Normal.dot or Normal.dotm template may be infected with a macro virus. To resolve this problem, you would need to install or update your virus protection software on your computer. Third, you could have an add-in that is causing this problem Steps to fix MS Word: Step 1: Choose the file by clicking on a 'Select File' or either a folder that contains word files.Or even find the file clicking on the 'Find File' option Fix Normal.dotm If you are on Windows 10 or 8.1 Right Click on Windows icon at the bottom left corner of your taskbar. Select Run from the Administrator tools. You can also access Run windows by clicking on Windows Icon + R button at the same time Since the most likely cause of the error is corrupt Normal.dotm, deleting the corrupted file resolves the issue. Microsoft Office 2016 looks for this specific file every time you open the Microsoft Office. If the Microsoft Office can't find the Normal.dotm file then it creates a new one automatically

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Click on Start > Search > All Files & Folders and type normal.dot into the Name or Partial Name: field. (Typing normal.dot will also find normal.dot m in Word 2007 and Word 2010). Next click on Advanced Options and be sure that Search System Folders and Search Subfolders are checked, along with Search Hidden Files & Folders Open the Normal template (Normal.dotm). Make any changes that you want to the fonts, margins, spacing, and other settings. You can use the same commands and features that you use to change a document — but remember that any changes that you make to Normal.dotm will be applied to documents that you create in the future Fix: The File NormalEmail.dotm Cannot Be Opened - Microsoft Outlook While trying to open Microsoft Outlook, you may receive an error related to Microsoft Word that delays the opening of Outlook. The file NormalEmail.dotm cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents. No error detail available Steps to fix Corrupt normal.dotm file using Remo Repair tool: Step 1: Download Remo Repair Word software and install the same onto your Windows computer to repair corrupt normal.dotm file. Open the installed application and follow the main screen procedures. Browse and select the corrupt Word file, which is to be repaired and then click on Repair button

Click on start->run. · Type %appdata% and click ok. · Go to Microsoft->templates folder and delete Normal.dotm. · Restart word. Should reset the normal template. I had tried this and the problem is, it just recreates it Right-click on the Normal.dotm file. The file might show only the first part of the name, Normal. Choose the Rename command from the shortcut menu. Edit the name to Normal-old.dotm or Normal-old Hello Experts :) I have a user with windows 8.1 with problem in word 2013 The problem started in Office 2010 with the Normal.Dotm , We upgraded the Office to Office 2013 but same problem When starting Microsoft Word with a laptop at (non networked) remote location with ProfileUnity and folder redirection, users receive this error message: The file Normal.dotm (normal.dot) cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents How to Fix Microsoft Word Has Detected a Problem with the Existing Normal Dot in Windows 10 Hindi-UrduIn Windows 10 How to Fix Microsoft Word Has Detected a.

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Solution: It is probably an add-in problem Start outlook in safe mode go to Start->run-> type: outlook.exe /safe if it opens and closes correctly you I have installed office 2010 on a new users computer and every time I close the program it keeps asking me to save the NormalEmail.dotm to a network location I try saving it. Location : C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates.Click on Start--- in the search box type Run --- iin the run window type ----- %Appdata%\M.. Once the file is renamed, launch the MS Word application and you will notice a new normal.dot/normal.dotm file is automatically created. The new file will typically have the same settings as the prior normal.dot/normal.dotm file, but it is best to check and ensure the MS Word settings are configured to the recommended settings Outlook has detected a problem with the existing NormalEmail.dotm. Would you like to create a new NormalEmail.dotm? The NormalEmail.dotm is the default template file for email editing. that is related to the screen which comes up when you click on New Mail Message Right clicked on normal.dotm. I did the changes I needed. Saved. I right clicked normalemail.dotm. Did the same. Here what is important to know and follow: Normalemail.dotm is based in fact on normal.dotm; Therefore, I opened a word docx and clicked style - Style opened. I clicked the drop down menu opposite to (Normal) I clicked Modif

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Find the Normal.dotm file, and drag it to the desktop. Start Word. Do you see the error? No. Quit Word, and drag Normal.dotm from your desktop to the Trash. Congratulations, this solved the problem. Yes. Quit Word, and restore the file to its original location. Go to the next method. Method 2 - Create a new user accoun How to fix Word cannot open the existing file Normal.dotm on Windows 10/7/8 ?***CẢM ƠN CÁC BẠN ĐÃ ĐĂNG KÝ VÀ THEO DÕI KÊNH***THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUBSCRIBER. Solution #2: Update Microsoft Office. Sometimes, downloading and installing the latest update for Microsoft Office can resolve your normal.dotm problem. To update Microsoft Office, follow these steps: Open Microsoft Office. Navigate to Help. Click Check for Updates. Follow the on-screen instructions Problem : What is the most effective strategy for me to resolve this issue: Outlook has detected a problem with the existing normalemail.dotm? asked Jun 20 Sifat55 76.7k points outloo User Content.localized So it was some sort of conflict between upgrading from 2011 to 2016.I simply deleted the Normal.dotm that I had defined under /User..

Welcome to KB Computer Repairs How To Channel, In this video I have explained how to fix the error Microsoft Word Normal.dotm File.The text to write in Run a.. Locate Normal.dotm file and delete it.; If you notice any other file named Normal in the same directory, delete it. After doing that, Word should start without any problems. Few users reported that they deleted the Normal.dotm file from the following location - Open Word, create a test document and save it to create the new Normal.dotm file. Also check in the Word preferences to see if the 'Prompt to save Normal template is checkmarked. To do this: - Open Word - Click on Word in the Menubar - Select Preferences - Select Save - If the 'Prompt to save Normal template' is checkmarked, uncheck it and.

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Fix: Word cannot open the existing global template 'Normal

  1. g the global template file so.
  2. The computer is infected with a macro virus that changes the global template (Normal.dotm). Workaround. To work around this issue, use one or more of the following workarounds. Workaround 1: Turn off the Prompt before saving Normal template optio
  3. If you use the 'correct' extension, that is, you specify Normal.dot or Abnormal.dot (Word 2003) or Normal.dotm or Abnormal.dotm (Word 2007 and Word 2010), Word will behave just as if you had specified the name without the .dot or .dotm (except in one specific instance - when Word 2007 or Word 2010 is being run for the first time.
  4. g\Microsoft\Templates folder) and then opening Word while logged.

In short, if the Normal.dotm is on a network drive, the problem happens. If the Normal.dotm is local, the problem does NOT happen. Marked as answer by William Zhou CHN Monday, October 24, 2011 3:27 AM; Wednesday, October 19, 2011 2:58 PM. Note If the existing Normal.dotm files were created in Word 2007, adding this registry key and value will cause Word 2010 to keep the existing Normal.dotm file. However, the resulting template will remain in compatibility mode until the Convert option is used to update the Normal.dotm file. There are two methods to add the key The problem is that, in the Word 2010 that's on my new computer, when I save my autotext entry in Normal.dotm, I get the same results as when I save it in my GL.dotx template--namely, once I've closed the Word session, when I restart it and am working in the Normal template, I get the same message: The specified text is not a valid.

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Hi there I have a laptop which when using microsoft word 2010 in offline mode it comes up with The file normal.dotm cannot be opened because there is a problem with it's contents then I press ok and it says word cannot open the existing file normal.dotm. That's where you press ok and the whole thing freezes application hang event id 1002 I have a common problem - a recent Microsoft Office update has stricken all my customised features in AutoCorrect and AutoText from Normal.dotm. But why should I worry? I have a version of Normal.dotm with all the features I want on a USB stick. And when I stick that in my laptop, it generates Word documents with all my customised features. Normal.dotm. The Normal.dotm template is the basis for any new blank documents you create. If you start with a new document and make changes you will not be able to save it as your Normal.dotm template. Normal.dotm is a special type of Global Template created and used by Word and should be in the User Templates folder

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I located the right directory at C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\NormalEmail.dotm. I rightclick the template NormalEmail.dotm and select open, so I see the correct wordfile. (File is empty) Reason for right click/open are so it doesn't open the template as a new document, but open the edit-function of the template What I did—and what I'll show you here—is that I created a script. The script doesn't just copy the Normal.dotm file to another folder. During the copy process, it names the backup file by adding a date and time stamp. For example, the script creates a file that has a name like this: Normal(2021-04-26 17_49).dot 1. The Normal.dot file is corrupt 2. The Normal.dot file is opened by some (other) user or process and not closed properly hence rendered read-only. 3. The computer is sharing one Normal.dot template among multiple users (a Very Bad Idea). See MS KB article You cannot share theNormal.dot file among multiple users in Word. 4 Global Template (Normal.dotm) To prevent formatting changes, AutoText entries, and macros that are stored in the global template from affecting the behavior of Word and documents that are opened, rename your global template (Normal.dotm). Renaming the template lets you quickly determine whether the global template is causing the issue Normal.dot (endearingly referred to as Normal Dot Dot) is the default or global template that Word uses to create a blank document. Normal.dot is always in use when Word is open, even if you are using another template. Normal.dot files commonly become corrupt. They also store macro viruses, though email viruses are much more popular than Word.

But I suspect it will make problems with Normal.dotm. Whenever you have more than one WinWord.exe process running you get a series of annoying dialogs when you try to close one of the running WinWord processes: It starts with This file is in use of another user: Normal.dotm then you get a File Save As dialog which you can cancel but then. The global template, NORMAL.DOTM is already open as an add-in program. This message always appears whenever I open Word 2007. What is happening and how can I stop it happening? The following also happens if Outlook 2007 is open... Clicking OK brings up a File In Use dialogue box stating; NormalEmail.dotm is locked for editing by 'username' Ok, that did solve the problem. By adding the folders containing my template files to the Trusted Locations, I was able to activate the macros in Normal.dotm. But a bigger question still lingers: so these trusted source settings are not part of the Normal.dotm Office 2007 / Outlook - problem with NormalEmail.dotm. A colleague's recently bought a new home PC (XP operating system) with Office 2007 installed on it. He has been using Outlook successfully for a number of weeks but is now having problems with it. Outlook has detected a problem with the existing NormalEmail.dotm Okay, seems I've found the solution. I deleted the wrong Normal.dotm--the one from my own user account--and not the global one. There was one hiding in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\STARTUP, and once I deleted that and reloaded Word, Word recreated the template from scratch and the unwanted macros were gone

Look for Normal.dotm file in the folder. Either delete the file or rename it to some other name. 3. That's it. Open Word and it'll automatically create a new Normal.dotm file in Templates folder which will solve the issue. METHOD 3: Using Registry Editor. If above mentioned 2 methods don't work for you, here is a Registry tweak to fix the. การเปลี่ยนแม่แบบ Normal (Normal.dotm ) Word for Microsoft 365, Word 2019, Word 2016, Word 2013, Word 2010 เวอร์ชันอื่น The normal.dotm problem wasn't a problem with normal.dotm but that randomly when I would open a file Word would tell me it could not find normal.dotm, and I would have to replace it with a copy. I have already fixed a problem with normal.dotm which was preventing me from opening word. Show More. Show Less. Ask Your Own Mac Question. Share this conversation. Answered in 17 minutes by: 6/9/2013

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As for backup copies of Normal.dotm and NormalEmail.dotm, there's nothing wrong with naming the copies Backup of Normal.dotm and Backup of NormalEmail.dotm. You might want to include the current date in the file name (Backup of Normal 1-3-2016.dotm, Backup of NormalEmail 1-3-2016.dotm) so that you know when the file was created Find the Normal.dotm file in the User Templates folder, and drag it to the desktop. Create a new user account. If the problem is caused by a corrupted user account, you can try to create a new user account to fix the issue. In System Preferences, click Accounts Word now starts up with Normal.dotm (Recovered)... every. single. time. 4) The return of the undeletable horizontal line. Word has had this bug since, I dunno, Office '97 or so, where a horizontal line appears in your document and can't be deleted. You can drag it a little up and down, but you can't select it to cut or delete it If the above two direct solutions don't work and the problem still exists when you open the Word document, you can continue troubleshooting with EaseUS disk data recovery to retrieve damaged or corrupted DOCX files of MS Office 2019/ 2016/ 2013/ 2010/ 2007. Apart from Word documents, this tool also can help you recover deleted or lost Excel. A New document uses only the normal.dotm template. That's your test. And, to reiterate, I don't think window position is part of the normal.dotm template settings. And, I would want to see chscag's screenshots. He claims to see the window movement stick over a relaunch of Word. I do not. And, you also do not

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When you click the Default button, all settings in the Paragraph dialog box are saved to the Normal.dotm template, which is the default template in Word 2007. Those changes become the default setting for all new documents based on that template until you change them again 315. Nov 30, 2002. #7. problem has reacured have unistalled office run the rem office tool from ms. Still get the global template normal.dot is already open as an add in programme. no macros under macro's deletes all normal.dots of the hard drive. Still have this irritating problem. regards Alan G. M I agree with your comments - normal.dot is in effect the scratch pad for users' docs. However, the boss wants everyone to use a default normal.dot and he wants it copied to each machine so all users open with the same normal.dot. I know where to it goes per username but need to know where to place it so all users default to the same normal.dot An effective solution is to delete the Nomal.dot or Normal.dotm template file. You don't need to worry about deleting this file as Word will recreate a fresh Normal.dot file when you open the application. However, it is a bit tricky task, since Normal.dot or Normal.dotm file is a hidden file When users open Word (on any of the 4 new systems), they are greeted with a warning message Word cannot save this file because it is already open elsewhere. (Normal.dotm) This happens when a new document is started AND when Word is closed

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(4) In the folder that opens, rename the existing Normal.dotm to be Normal.dotm.bak. Then move the new Normal.dotm into that folder. (5) Start up Word and try it out The right is the Normal.dotm template. • In the left panel, select the style(s) that is/are corrupt in your document. • Click Copy to move these styles to the Normal.dotm style pane. • Click 'Yes' or 'Yes to all' to replace style(s) in the Normal.dotm file. • Click Close when done, the Organizer window closes Normal.dot is template file that can be changed by scripts that are run in all Office programs, it is not ordinarilly a problem. I get some messages from it as I use some scripts for some of my. If you have changed your default font, boarders, page size, and you can't remember how to undo those changes or if you just have a weird Word 2007 2010 2013 problem, you can easily reset your settings back to default by deleting a few files. Before you begin, close Word. Delete NORMAL.DOTM and BUILDINGBLOCKS.DOT this problem come from WinWord 2010 couldn't save tamplate file *.dotm properly. so you just check below directly, C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates then, if existing some dotm file(i guess it name is NormalEmail.dotm) copy it and rename to Normal.dotm. I could fix my problem with this way

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All sorts of MS Word and/or Wordfast Classic troubles may be caused by corruption of the the MS Word global template. Its file name is normal.dotm in Word 2007 and newer or normal.dot in Word 2003 and older.. Location in Windows. It is usually located in Microsoft's Templates folder: . The typical path in Windows 7 and Windows Vista A cumulative Windows 10 patch has had some Word 2016 users cringing in despair. The patch, titled Cumulative Update KB3124200, is causing the Word 2016 template file Normal.dotm to be renamed

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Normal.dot file (called as normal.dotm in Word 2007 and 2010 version) is the default template for Microsoft Word file, these file stores all the main / default settings such as font change, font size, preferred text, content of the file, default bullet style, formatting, etc Word 2010 is using normal.dotm - I need to use normal.dot (seems .dotm may be causing problems for other users). How do I delete normal.dotm and specify normal.dot as default? As a side bar, the old file Properites dialog box was really useful but seems to be gone in 2010 - how do I find those file properties in order to make changes Note that sometimes Word is not clear on where a macro is located. In such cases you may need to include the Module Name of the macro, or even the full path to the dotm containing the macro. That isn't likely to be a problem with Normal.dotm, however..

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Try triggering your workflow again, and now you should be able to open your documents created by your workflows. If this still didn't work, try saving your .docx file (not as a template) to your desktop, then uploading it originally during step three instead of clicking Edit Template I want to save a copy of normal.dot (Although this may be normal.dotm in Word 2007). I can not find this file. Can anyone help please? I have Win 7 Pro 64 bit and Word 2007. It was quite easy to find in Office for XP

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The problem is, because in some cases, rendering is not completed and save, before document closes. Switches that I use are integrated in Word, so it doesn't need Normal.dotm or any other add-ins, to call them from The problem is the following: my template has a bunch of shortcuts defined and when it is placed on the Word Startup folder it binds nicely with the Normal.dotm and I can use the shortcuts no problem. Here is the tricky part; we use Winscribe for a dictation application who launches Word programmatically and creates a document based on. It sounds like you're using Word 2007 and Normal.dotm has become corrupted. This is where a number of user customizations are stored. If you haven't done any or much customizing (styles, assigning keystrokes, macros), the fix is easy--the usual solution is to delete Normal.dotm, and Word will automatically create a new one If renaming Normal.dotm file stops the problem, then the issue is with Normal.dotm If the above solution does not solve the problem, try the following instead: 1. Go to Word, File > Options and disable all add-ons. 2. Start up Trados and use the MS Word Spell checker or MS Word Grammar Checker. Hopefully one of those solution will help