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Adirondack Spruce vs. Sitka Spruce By Brent Cole | March 7, 2016 Adirondack Spruce vs. Sitka Spruce- Revisited: When a person buys or acquires a guitar, they're getting a finely crafted instrument that was made from various materials, including wood. Oftentimes, guitars are made using wood from spruce trees Today we compare Adirondack Spruce vs Sitka Spruce tops on 2 identical Martin HD-28 models. Which do you think sounds best the traditional (sitka) or the up.. Adirondack vs Sitka Spruce. A nearly extinct tonewood is making a glorious comeback: adirondack spruce. But what's different about it compared to sitka? And is adirondack better? News & More. Adirondack owes its name to the mountains it comes from, situated in the middle of the New York Wilderness in the Northern United States Sitka is warmer for strumming, Engelman is stiffer, Punchier for fingerpicking, Adirondack is a combination of the 2. Then you get into grain lines per inch as a factor of sound. That said. Others will have other defintions and from thier playing style they will be right also. Origin of top wood can be the big lie Adirondack vs Sitka spruce tops. Thread starter riffmeister; Start date Jun 18, 2005; riffmeister Member. Messages 16,615. Jun 18, 2005 #1 I've had two Collings D1's in my possession for the last couple of weeks. About the guitars

2018-12-15T00:35. The way I see it for new guitars red spruce is best for a heritage instrument — a guitar played primarily for personal use, intended to be kept for decades, generations. And sitka is best for a player (pro or otherwise) looking for great tone immediately from a new guitar Some will be drawn to compare Ukrainian Carpathian spruce to Adirondack spruce. Lutz Spruce is Sitka spruce naturally hybridized with Engelmann -- I find that it sounds a lot like Sitka but has a bit brighter tone. It is much stiffer as well. Color can range from creamy white to striped with the salmon-color bands common in some Sitka Adirondack vs Sitka Spruce; 24 / Jun / 2021. Maarten Dispa - 24 / Jan / 2018. We're Hiring! 22 / Jun / 2021. Maarten Dispa - 24 / Jan / 2018. Gibson SJ150 Noel Gallagher Signature Model; 10 / Jun / 2021. Maarten Dispa - 24 / Jan / 2018. TFOA is a NAMM Top 100 Music Retailer! 12 / May / 2021. Maarten Dispa - 24 / Jan / 201

Re: Sitka vs Adirondack spruce top? Originally Posted by astroboy. I've seen mandolin models supposedly upgraded from a Sitka spruce top to an Adirondack spruce top, for about $200 in a ~$1100 retail price mandolin. I won't comment on the tonal comparisons of the two woods (I've done so at length on these pages), but I will have a go at the. Big, old trees offer a high yield to the sawyer, and supply and demand being what it is, high yield means low price. Sitka is a lot cheaper than European spruce, which is cheaper again than Adirondack spruce. Both European spruce and Adirondack spruce are usually smaller trees, more scarce and more highly regarded by makers. So the yield is. In today's Martin Guitar video, Maury compares Sitka Spruce vs Adirondack Spruce. Here we have a standard series Martin OM-28 with Sitka Spruce top & braces,.. The Adirondack that I heard in person could be driven really hard where if you tried to do that on a Sitka or Engelmann they both wouldn't be up to the challenge. The lone Engelmann spruce guitar I had responded really well to finger picking which makes sense as it's the softest of the 3 Sitka, which grows in coastal rainforests in the Pacific Northwest, is used most often, though such manufacturers as Taylor Guitars have introduced Lutz spruce, a hybrid of Sitka and white spruce that reportedly has some of same tonal characteristics of Adirondack spruce

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ADIRONDACK versus SITKA SPRUCE. By Andrew Ellis | Submitted On May 04, 2005. Both of these timbers make great soundboards on flat top acoustic guitars. They have had popularity at different times in history heres the story so far. Adirondack or Red Spruce was very popular piror to WWII. It is found on a lot vintage acoustic guitars Sitka Spruce is best known for its balanced tone, whilst Engelman is typically a lighter, more supple tonewood resulting in less projection. Adirondack Spruce produces a wider dynamic range than Sitka and is considered more responsive. Appearance. Spruce is light in color often described as blonde, or amber and features a tight grain pattern Looooove this article, could you please make a similar one with Adirondack spruce vs sitka? Reply. Ian Palmer says. September 12, 2019 at 1:27 am. Hi there, Found the article very useful. The simple explanation was really full and objective. It's helped me to have an idea of the most suitable woods to look at sitka surprise! Post: #. Post. dansprucefir. Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:10 pm. Hey all, I wanted the forum know how impressed I am with my new OM1T (purchsed from the kind folks at TME). I have owned seven Collings acoustics (D's and OM's) and currently have a D1AT and an OM1A in addition to the OM1T

By contrast, picea rubens is a pygmy about half the diameter and half the height of the Sitka spruce. There's a lot more Sitka spruce than red spruce on the planet, and a lot more lumber in a Sitka. Technically, I suppose Adirondack red spruce would be red spruce from the Adirondack region, and the rest of it would just be called red spruce 06-12-2006 10:56 PM. Sitka vs Adirondack. Im creating this thread just to see what people say and think, I have never played a Adirondack guitar and have always been told its a great top and is in the midst of sitka and Englemann. I have played numerous englemann tops and just never liked it to me, but every guitar is different, englemann was. 1. Sitka spruce (picea sitchensis) 2. Engelman spruce (picea engelmanii) 3. Red spruce, aka. Adirondack spruce (picea rubens) 4. White Spruce (picea glauca) is seldom used (relatively small tree) You won´t find our European spruce growing in USA or Canada and vice versa - it´s simply a different species from the same family The tonal differences are really too close to differenciate. The difference in price is the only thing that really stands out! (about $700.00) When it comes to tonal differences, back and side woods really stand out (rosewood vs. mahogany). Spruce, whether it be sitka or adi, is going to produce a very similar tone

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adirondack vs sitka spruce General Acoustic Guitar Discussion The Acoustic Guitar Forum Adirondack spruce tends to have more fans, and a bit of ooh-la-la, because it generally costs a bit more. Is there a price difference? Usually. Adirondack is often more expensive. Price discrepancies across different varieties of woods are determined by. Re: Sitka vs Adirondack spruce top? In answer to Michael Lewis's well put point,i for one, would go for a Mandolin made from woods other than Maple for the back & sides. When i look at some of the Elkhorn Mandolins made by Robb Brophy,from Cocobolo / Mango & Koa,i see some of the most beautiful woods i've EVER seen.Of course the real decider.

Adirondack spruce vs. Sitka spruce: Adirondack spruce has four-sided, curved, and yellowish-green needles while Sitka spruce has flattened, bluish-green needles; the cones in Sitka spruce are much larger than those in Adirondack spruce. Engelmann spruce vs. Sitka spruce: The Sitka spruce trees are larger and taller than Engelmann spruce, and. Called both Appalachian and Adirondack spruce, it has a creamy white color. Similar to Sitka, Adirondack responds well to either a light or firm touch. It has more overall resonance than Sitka. Interesting grain color variations make this another visually desirable top. Adirondack has been unavailable since the mid-1940's Sitka spruce started to be used as a substitute to the more popular Adirondack Spruce during the late 21st century after Adirondack spruce became increasingly rare from over use. Adirondack. Adirondack Spruce. spruce is commonly seen on pre-war guitars and is still used today on many high dollar Acoustic's

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  1. Moonspruce is simply a name for spruce that was harvested and handled according to a century-old tradition from the Alp-regions in Europe. Carpenters and luthiers had recognized that wood that was cut under certain conditions, differs from wood that is not cut using the old traditional way of handling. Special moon calendars for the right.
  2. We are now doing a limited run of Adirondack Spruce Kerfing! Adirondack Spruce Kerfed Lining - 18 Length, Limited Run! News, Photos & Projects; International Shipping; Terms and Condition
  3. This process is typically done with high-quality pieces of wood such as Adirondack Spruce or Sitka. The pieces of wood are placed into an oven or kiln and then heated to around 250 degrees. After 20 hours, the temperature is lowered which removes the moisture from the wood. The final step is to re-heat the wood to about 400 degrees
  4. Adirondack spruce has a springy quality. Acoustically, it produces a robust output and more dynamic range than Sitka, which allows it to be driven aggressively for greater volume without distortion. The midrange tones also tend to have a richer, sweeter quality
  5. Cosmetically, Adirondack soundboards tend to have wider grain spacing than Sitka or Englemann, and their color occasionally has striping that goes from creamy to light tan. Creamy white in color, it is called both Appalachian and Adirondack spruce. Similar to Sitka, it responds well to either a light or firm touch, but has higher resonance
  6. Q: Back in the day, it seemed that all new guitars came with Sitka spruce tops. Now players can choose between a great variety of tonewoods, such as Adirondack, Italian, German, and Carpathian spruces. Regardless of the top, however, guitars built by the same luthier often sound more alike than different

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I have tried two Eastman OM with TC Adirondack spruce, and four Eastman OM with non-treated Adirondack spruce. In each case I prefer the sound of the raw spruce. The TC spruce sounds very metallic - they have a tone almost like a dobro. A friend of mine had a choice between an E20OM-TC and E10OM and he much preferred the 10 Spruce tops. I think one is Sitka spruce and the other is Adirondack. Am I correct about this? Any other differences. Email PM Find Reply Quote #2. 07-27-2020, 05:51 AM. Change Avatar. TomC EGF Member 57 - 597. Posts: 597 Threads: 57 Joined: May 2018. That pretty much sums it up. The guitars have the exact same physical dimensions.. 4925 County Road 351. Fulton, MO, 65251. 573.642.890

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Santa Cruz Custom OM Acoustic Guitar, Quilted Sapele & Ancient Sitka Spruce - £13,950. Ancient Sitka Spruce top (3,000 years old) Adirondack bracing with hot hide glue. Custom fade on back/sides with overlay to match. Scale Length 25.375. Santa Cruz OM Custom Acoustic Guitar, 2020 NAMM Special, in Brazilian Rosewood and Ancient Sitka Spruce. My last comparison video looked at Sitka and Adirondack Spruce and we looked at two identical callings and took a listen to what are some of the general tonal differences between the two. Today, I have two 1934 dreadnaughts by the San Cruz Guitar Company uh and they uh they both also feature different tops Sitka sounds great for heavy strumming, light fingerpicking and everything in between. As demand on our world's forests and environment grow, it is critical we build guitars using sustainable sourcing. At Breedlove we never use tonewood from clear-cut trees in any of our USA-made instruments Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis) Sitka Spruce is the most popular wood for guitar tops today. A native of the Pacific coast from Alaska to northern California, Sitka Spruce is a strong, straight-grained, even textured softwood. Sitka Spruce is sometimes called Silver Spruce

Solid Adirondack Spruce Top. Mahogany Back & Sides. 1-3/4 Nut Width. V Neck Profile. Kluson Tuning Machines with Black Buttons. The LO-18 features solid Adirondack spruce top construction in a traditional L-00 shape. Combining the responsive bass and quick blues-y decay the small body is known for, with the resonance and volume of Adirondack. Sitka spruce is a large tree, with strong and stiff wood, but it tends to have a relatively high density. White spruce (and Engelmann spruce) tend to have smaller trunks, and are lower in both density and stiffness than Sitka. The best Lutz spruce trees have the size and stiffness of Sitka, and the lower density of White/Engelmann spruce Part of our Tonewood Reserve Series, the Recording King RD-318 evokes classic dreadnought style, sound and volume thanks to hand-selected tonewoods and vintage styling.. The foundation of the 318's tone comes from select solid Adirondack spruce tops.Adirondack delivers a stiff, loud, lightweight top with powerful fundamental tone and excellent projection

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The D-28A 1941 on the other hand is constructed with a period correct Adirondack Spruce top (a.k.a. Red spruce or casually as Adi). In comparison to Sitka, Adi is a stiffer wood. This stiffness provides a brighter tone with an accentuated high end website maker The Traditional or T Series guitars reflect Bill Collings' return to his guitar making roots and offer a new tonal variation on the distinctive Collings sound.This Collings D1 T features a torrefied (baked, cooked) Sitka Spruce top and bracing with Honduran Mahogany back and sides with a full body vintage toner This Martin 000-18 was a recent purchase from Sweetwater. My favorite acoustic guitars were normally Rosewood back and sides with a Sitka or Adirondack spruce top. I love the 800 series Taylor guitars and Chris my sales engineer has lined me up with several of these models L-00, Vintage Sunburst (LO-18-VS ) Combining the responsive bass and quick blues-y decay the L-00 small body is known for with the resonance and volume of a Solid Adirondack Spruce top is a match made in guitar heaven. We've built this ultralight L-00 as an homage to 90 year old instruments, and the final result is a vintage enthusiast's dream.

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  1. Bourgeois Guitars is widely recognized as a top boutique acoustic guitar company. The brainchild of master luthier Dana Bourgeois, we are proud to be one of the top Bourgeois Guitar dealers.The factory is located only about two hours away from our store so we often drive to the factory to select the best tone-wood and explore new innovations
  2. Redwood Guitar Tops. We are always delighted to carry Redwood tops as these majestic trees, growing 200-400 feet high and for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years, are easily encountered near us in Northern California. Redwood is tricky. The usual factors are not reliable indicators of stiffness and tone
  3. Adirondack spruce is harder than Sitka spruce. Adirondack spruce has excellent projection, power and resonance. Generally more expensive than sitka. Sitka Spruce is softer - slightly more expressive, still powerful. However, that said, it really d..
  4. German spruce is popular for classical and Engelmann is regarded as an upgrade to Sitka, for its lightness and richness. Adirondack spruce This is often found on premium models as a top wood (it's rather expensive) but Taylor Guitars founder Bob Taylor claims that if it's used on bracing alone with a Sitka spruce top you'll still get 80.
  5. European Spruce (Picea Abies): Sitka Spruce (Picea Sitchensis): Adirondack (red) Spruce (Picea Rubens): Englemann spruce (Picea EngelmannII) (Germany or Italy) Also called Alpine, German, silver, white or Italian Spruce. Very white in colour, it is perhaps the best all woods for classical instruments

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Acoustic Guitar Specialist Karl Neurauter demonstrates how different tonewoods and body shapes frame your voice, using a Gibson J-45 Vintage Red Spruce/Mahogany, Collings 002H Traditional 12-Fret Sitka Spruce/Indian Rosewood, Santa Cruz Custom Dreadnought Adirondack Spruce/Cocobolo, Taylor K14ce Builder's Edition Sitka Spruce/Koa, and. Other spruce varieties can be found in guitar tops; but, because of their expense and difficulty to find in the size needed for dulcimers, these are not common: bear claw Sitka spruce, red spruce, sometimes called Adirondack spruce, white spruce, sometimes called Engelmann spruce How 7 Different Woods Affect Your Acoustic Sound. From Brazilian rosewood to Sitka spruce, get the lowdown on popular tonewoods. By Jeff Owens. You see it all the time when shopping for an acoustic guitar: Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides, rosewood bridge, this wood, that wood, another wood. All very impressive, but what does it mean Sitka Red Adirondack German European Moon Silver Lutz Blue.. and I won't even discuss pines (Huon, King Billy,.) Many of the marketing labels used by European sources actually refer to picea abies. So German, European, Carpathian and any number of others are the same species The vintage appointments offered in the Modern Deluxe Series include a Sitka spruce Vintage Tone System (VTS) top, VTS Adirondack spruce braces, a dovetail neck joint, and natural protein glue construction. All of these features together produce the rich, fully aged Martin tone that has inspired generations

Sitka spruce top (1956) vs. Adirondack spruce (2002) Brazilian rosewood fretboard and bridge (1956) vs. ebony (2002) Straight bracing (1956) vs. scalloped bracing (2002) Forward shifted bracing, i.e., the X-braces cross closer to the soundhole, on the 2002 D-18GE (which is a return to the pattern used prior to the late-30s Thermally aged (torrefied) Red Spruce tops. Botanical Name: Picea rubens Adirondack or Red spruce is one of the most difficult woods to obtain in decent quality. Considered by many to be the holy grail in top wood. Red Spruce has a very high velocity of sound, and has the highest stiffness across and along the grain of all the top woods

In addition, it may be the truth that adirondack spruce opens up slower and less readily when compared to other woods and even other spruces. However, when I posted a blind audio test of 5 different acoustic guitar audio files a while back, most folks chose the adirondack topped acoustic sound over all the other acoustics. In all fairness, an. Many folks will prefer adirondack tops (BR-180A) vs sitka spruce tops (BR-180), but I might suggest that this is merely because the adi top is louder, but wait, the sitka top produces a sweeter voice, which I prefer because I also mainly sing. The adi top is probably a little better for bluegrass players, lead guitar, rifs etc Englemann Spruce - No Extra Charge. Sitka Spruce - No Extra Charge. Western Red Cedar - No Extra Charge. Redwood - $400 - $500 extra. Torrefied Sitka Spruce - $400 - $500 extra. European Spruce - $400 - $500 extra. Adirondack Spruce - $400 - $500 extra. Carpathian Spruce - $400 extra. Lutz Spruce - $400 extra

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Spruce harvested in Any part of Europe will be picia abies. This business about moon sprucew is a theory that if a tree is felled at night, during a full moon then the sap might be in an advantageous condition. |A good spruce top, of whatever su.. Eastman E10-OOSS Aged Adirondack Spruce Top Acoustic Guitar. We Also Recommend. 1980 Guild D35-SB Dreadnought. $ 1,150.00 Breedlove Masterclass Dreadnought Koa. $ 4,499.00 Breedlove Oregon Concertina CE Myrtlewood. $ 2,299.00 Breedlove Oregon Dreadnought Myrtlewood. The top is solid Adirondack spruce, with solid mahogany back and sides and hand-carved scalloped spruce X-bracing to support and match the top. The neck is solid mahogany, while the bridge and fretboard are ebony. These, along with the hand-fitted dovetail neck joint combine with the body to yield a full-bodied tone with some growl for good.

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  1. Sitka Spruce. Sitka is the most common wood used for the archtop and flattop guitar. It is also my personal favorite for an archtop guitar top. Sitka produces a bright clear tone that has a very balanced sound. The trebles are quite punchy while the low end retains its clarity. I have also found it to be very versatile
  2. Sitka Spruce has the best strength to weight ratio of all the spruces. This means you can build a lighter guitar while still keeping the structural integrity in check. It can be loud, soft, warm, bright. Sitka Spruce is the jack of all trades when it comes to top woods. It does everything well
  3. Use spruce for strength to weight superiority. Adirondack spruce is another highly considered species, similar to Sitka. Both are used for guitar tops, something I'm familiar with. If you are making up a squarish section, the term quarter-sawn is irrelevant
  4. Adirondack is even more dynamic than Sitka spruce, with a higher ceiling for volume. The payoff is the ability to drive an Adirondack top hard and hear it get louder and louder without losing clarity; it's hard to overplay it. It has lots of headroom to strum the bouzouki/mandolin aggressively without distorting. It also has a high Overtone.
  5. Left Handed Martin 000-28VS Guitar. Martin 000-28VSL Specs. CONSTRUCTION: Mahogany Blocks/Dovetail Neck Joint. BODY SIZE: 000-12 Fret. TOP: Solid Sitka Spruce. ROSETTE: Style 28. TOP BRACING PATTERN: Standard ''X'' Scalloped. TOP BRACES: Solid Sitka Spruce 5/16'' Braces, Solid Sitka Spruce 1/4'' Tone Bars
  6. MODEL: Martin Custom Shop 000 Size 18 Style w/ Adirondack Spruce Top; CONSTRUCTION: Dovetail Neck Joint; BODY SIZE: 000-14 Fret; TOP MATERIAL: Adirondack Spruce; TOP DETAIL: N/A; ROSETTE: Old Style 18 Multi-Stripe; BRACING PATTERN: X Brace; BRACE SHAPE: Scalloped; BRACE MATERIAL: Sitka Spruce; BRACE SIZE: 1/4 BACK MATERIAL: Genuine Mahogany.


Flamed Honduran Mahogany / Bear Claw Sitka Spruce 4.0 XP MGF / BCS $10,700 1 Available. Flamed Black Acacia / Bear Claw Sitka Spruce 4.5 AF / BCS $10,700 1 Available. African Mahognay / Adirondack Red Spruce 4.5 XP AMG / SR Starting at $10,500 2 Available. Highly Figured Bubinga / Adirondack Red Spruce 4.5 XP BHF / SR $10,90 Both models feature Red spruce (Adirondack) tops, (Lutz spruce and European spruce are also available), chosen for tap tone and stiffness, advanced X brace placement, hand graduated top thickness, pre-war hand carved scalloped braces, nitro-cellulose lacquer finishes and time tested design features such as dovetail neck joints 2002 Martin HD 28VS Sitka Spruce and Indian Rosewood Under the leadership of C.F. Martin IV, Martin and Co. has always built each of their guitars with extreme quality and beauty. All Martin guitars have always used top notch woods that are expertly inspected and selected by the wood experts at Martin. Nothing else so The BR-140 tone just got even better! With A Premium Solid Adirondack Spruce Top Looking back in history to unlock the secrets of what features truly make a great guitar, Saga Musical Instruments and Blueridge guitars have decided to raise the bar for production guitars by offering Adirondack spruce as an option to its already popular line of Blueridge guitars

Carpathian Spruce Tops Botanical Name: picea abies The quality of the sound produced from these tops is incredible. The Carpathian spruce is fast becoming a favorite wood to use for Luthiers and instrument makers alike. This wood is often compared to Adirondack Spruce, Red Spruce, and German Spruce; but it still possesses the best tonal quality Part of our Tonewood Reserve Series, the Recording King RD-328 evokes classic dreadnought style, sound & volume thanks to hand-selected tonewoods and vintage styling.. The foundation of the 328's tone comes from select solid Adirondack spruce tops.Adirondack delivers a stiff, loud, lightweight top with powerful fundamental tone and excellent projection MSRP- $469.00. Our SD28 is a traditional. Premium quality dreadnought with a great tonal personality and generates a full, dynamic and open tone with lots of highs and bass. Made with a solid Sitka spruce top and rosewood back and sides

website maker A first-ever from Santa Cruz - an H13 body with 3000 Year Old recovered Ancient Alaskan Sitka Spruce with Abalone 42 style top border paired with African Blackwood back and sides.Complete with Snakewood century block fretboard inlay with Abalone dots, Snakewood pyramid bridge, overlay and bindings. A stunning masterpiece of musical art Rhaus Music. 60 likes · 1 talking about this. With 50 years of experience our certificated technicians repair, refurbish and sell a variety of quality string instruments in our eBay store B-Stock, Recording King ROS-9-FE5-TS, acoustic steel guitar, Dirty 30´s series, OOO body shape, solid spruce top, whitewood on back and sides, x-bracing, Nato neck, Revebond fretboard & bridge, thin c-shape neck, dovetail neck joint, 20 frets, scale length 645 mm, nut width 43 mm, Fishman ISY-201 EQ, finish tobacco sunburst satin., B-Stock with full warranty, may have slight traces of us Solid Sitka spruce top with hand-carved parabolic braces in a authentic pre-war forward X-pattern Solid East Indian rosewood back and sides with abalone pearl on all borders and soundhole rosette Premium ebony fingerboard and bridge Abalone position markers on fingerboard Delicate marquetry center strip on back Slim mahogany neck has adjustable. The Loar Lo-18-vs Adirondack Spruce Top L-00 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage Sunburst: $450 Combining the responsive bass and quick blues-y decay the L-00 small body is known for with the resonance and volume of a Solid Adirondack Spruce top is a match made in guitar heaven

Our price: € 3.600,00 € 3.240,00. Description. The Martin CEO-7 is a lovely 'Golden Era' descendant with a comfortable v-shape short-scale neck, yet with ample volume and projection. She offers versatility, a classical design and a deep and resonant bottom end in a mouthwatering sunburst dress. The Martin CEO-7 is a tribute to a time. Dreadnought. Preston Thompson Dreadnought models are all crafted to produce the tone and volume that the dreadnought guitar was originally designed to achieve. These are powerful instruments that, when needed, stand up to the volume of a mandolin, fiddle and banjo. They have the bass response that provides an almost full orchestral backing to. Adirondack Spruce. The sky's the limit in terms of adirondack or red spruce's volume ceilings, leaving room for dynamic expression at any level. Sitka Spruce. Looking to dig in and fully express yourself while retaining complete clarity of sound? Sitka spruce is right up your alley. Used to create high quality, even-grained soundboards, it. Collings D2HMRAV Adirondack Spruce/Madagascar Rosewood Acoustic guitar. $9,233.96. $80.00 shipping. Collings Baby 2H Adirondack Spruce Top Natural East Indian Rosewood OHSC (548) (Torrefied Sitka Spruce) $7,549.00. $228.00 shipping. SPONSORED. Collings C-10 (Figured Koawood) $8,806.00. $228.00 shipping. Collings Baby 2H E, Engelmann Spruce.

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The Loar Adirondack Top L-00 Acoustic Guitar. $529.99. sku: LO18VS. A guitar with a responsive bass and bluesy decay. The Loar LO-18 features a solid Adirondack spruce top, mahogany back & sides and a stylish sunburst finish. It's light weight and comfortable 00 body size make it a charmer right out of the case Balanced tone, highly responsive, and comprised of a sitka spruce top and mahogany sides, the OM1 is great for a variety of playing styles, from fingerstyle soloists to flatpickers. Compare prices on new and used Collings OM1 Orchestra Model Acoustic Guitars on Reverb With these there are many different configurations of Sitka, Adirondack, and Englemann Spruce tops, as well as Mahogany, Rosewood, and Maple back and sides. Between all of these quality handmade instruments we are confident that there is an Eastman guitar out there for any discerning musician. We also carry Eastman mandolins The VS version is a modified version of the popular Martin D-18 dreadnaught. Body construction is gloss mahogany back and sides with a choice Sitka spruce top. The 12 fret body design moves the bridge into a more central location on the top, giving you substantially more bass than on a similarly sized 14 fret body joint guitar