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  2. What does a 190 pound, 5'7 woman look like? 147 curated photos from around the internet to give you a better idea of what a weight of around 190 pounds looks like on a woman at a height of 5'7. Tap for Other Heights. Tap for Other Weights. Showing 1 to 9 of 147 result
  3. MyBodyGallery is changing the way women see themselves one photograph at a time. Unphotoshopped real women, sharing their beauty, in all its different forms
  4. 121 to 158 lbs. 159 to 190 lbs. 191 to 249 lbs. 5' 8 125 to 163 lbs. 164 to 196 lbs. 197 to 256 lbs. 5' 9 128 to 168 lbs. 169 to 202 lbs. 203 to 263 lbs. 5' 10 132 to 173 lbs. 174 to 208 lbs. 209 to 271 lbs. 5' 11 136 to 178 lbs. 179 to 214 lbs. 215 to 279 lbs. 6' 140 to 183 lbs. 184 to 220 lbs. 221 to 287 lbs. 6' 1 144 to 188 lbs
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Use the calculator below to find out. If your actual body weight falls within 10% (above or below) the weight calculated, you are within a healthy weight range! Note: Please be advised that this calculator is not intended for those under the age of 18, under 5 ft. tall and 7 ft. tall and over. This is due to the fact that those under the age of. Photographic Height/Weight Chart - 5' 10, 230 lbs., BMI:33. 178 cm height, 104 kg weight (16 stone) Hey there, I wanted to submit my photos for your height/weight chart. I found out about it at a perfect time in my life, as I'm about to start to lose some weight, and I need some incentive to get going. At the moment I'm obese, and I've decided. How to Use the Calculator. To use the calculator, select your gender, enter age, current weight, goal weight, height and activity level. Click on calculate to find out how many calories to consume daily for maintaining weight, losing 1 pound a week or a 2 lb a week weight loss. Scroll down the page for help on determining your activity level

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121 to 158 lbs. 159 to 190 lbs. 191 to 249 lbs. 5' 8 125 to 163 lbs. 164 to 196 lbs. 197 to 256 lbs. 5' 9 128 to 168 lbs. 169 to 202 lbs. 203 to 263 lbs. 5' 10 132 to 173 lbs. 174 to 208 lbs. It indicates the ideal amount of essential fats necessary for a man or woman to maintain core functions, brain development, inflammation control. 5'6 190 lbs. Indianapolis, IN 46227. here is my figure. you can call me jane. 5' 6.5, 192 pounds. 5'6, 195 pounds. Hello. My name's Susanna K. and I'm from Glasgow in Scotland. I'm 21 and I weigh just over 190 pounds. My height is five foot six. Both of these pictures are me dressing up (on different nights) for themed events (Victoriana. BMI for a 190 pound, 5′10″ man or woman. Body Mass Index, or BMI, is used to estimate if a person is overweight or underweight. It is calculated the same way for men and women. These are the generally accepted classifications: Underweight: less than 18.5. Normal weight: 18.5-25

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Enter your height in feet and inches. If you are exactly 5 feet or 6 feet tall, put a 0 in the inches box. The results could be interpreted or calculated incorrectly if you leave the inches box empty. Enter your weight in pounds; enter your age in years (we won't tell). Select your daily activity environment. Click on the Calculate button Weight (in lbs)/ totalinches^2 * 703.06957964. BMI is calculated the same for both males and females. 190 pound man or woman. five foot five and a quarter inch at 190 pounds is a BMI of 31.38. fiveftfive and a half inch at 190 pounds is a BMI of 31.14. fivefootfive and three quarters of an inch at 190 pounds is a BMI of 30.90 A person weighs 180 pounds (81.65kg) and walks at 3 mph uphill on a 10% grade (a task that has a MET value of 8.0) for 1 hour (60 minutes). Calories Burned from walking uphill at a 10% grade (per minute) = (8.0 x 81.65 x 3.5) ÷ 200 = 11.431. Calories Burned from walking uphill at a 10% grade (for 60 minutes) = 11.431 x 60 = 68 190 lbs of SEXXXY. in Other. I just wish at times I was 5'11 so my 432 lbs of fat stretched MUCH better that it currently does. KayJay. 432 lbs of pure woman. Report as inappropriate. 1/21/2008. KayJay. San Francisco, CA; 617 friends 0 review

A male of 5'10 - 5'12 who weighs 180 - 185 lbs will probably be at 20 to 22% BF. MALE BODY FAT PERCENTAGE: 25% - 29%. Any range above this is considered obese in most men. The waist size starts to increase and the stomach shows visible rounding. There may still be little neck fat, but most men gain weight in their stomachs first BMI is calculated the same for a man or a woman. Am I overweight? BMI is a very rough measurement. Normally, a BMI over 25 is considered overweight. However, BMI only considers height and weight, not overall health. 190.9 pounds 5'10.1 27.31 5'10.2 27.24 5'10.3 27.16 5'10.4 27.08 5'10.5 27.00 5'10.6 26.93 5'10.7 26.85 5'10.8 26.78 5'10.9 26. Even a modest weight loss of 5 to 10 percent of your total body weight is likely to produce health benefits, such as improvements in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugars. 1. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, a 5 percent weight loss equals 10 pounds, bringing your weight down to 190 pounds 5' 10 height, 210 pounds weight. 178 cm height, 95 kg weight (15 stone) I am 5'10 and 210 lbs in this picture. My web url is = 30 BMI (1.78 m) 2: Body Surface Area. 2.17 m 2. See a bunch of nearby weights at 5' 10 height. back to the photographic height / weight chart | BMI - Body Mass Index | Age Chart: 1-100. Cockeyed.com Science Club.

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Women should weigh approximately 100 lbs. at 5 feet and then another 5 lbs. for each inch over this height. Men should weigh a bit more, coming in at 106 lbs. at 5 feet and then an extra 6 lbs. for each inch over this height. This means at a height of 5 feet 10 inches tall, a female should weigh around 150 lbs., whereas a male should weigh 166 lbs Pounds lost: 148. Wellness tip: Positive reinforcement is key to reaching your goals. Throughout my journey, I posted before and after weigh-loss photos on Facebook—and I got so many supportive comments from friends! (See exactly what you should post on social media if you want to lose weight. Plan on shedding about a pound or two a week. Slow and steady weight reduction is the healthiest approach. Take a minute, plug your information into the weight loss calculator and discover the maximum daily calorie amount that will help you lose 1 pound per week. Eating no more than calories per day will help you lose 1 pound per week

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Wow - this thread has been a real eye opener for me! I am 5'8, 185 lbs. and a size 10. I can fit into an 8 in pants, but they are a little too snug for me to commit to an 8 I was actually REALLY discouraged this week because I've only lost like 10 lbs via the scale, but am a completely different person when you look at my clothes. Before I was a 12 (sometimes 14) and a Large or XL in shirts The 'How Much Weight Loss' Calculator can help determine how much weight you can lose on popular diets and specific calorie plans. For example, how much weight could you lose if you followed a 1,200 calorie (women) or 1,800 calorie (men) diet plan for two weeks, a month or six weeks?Or perhaps you are wondering how long it would take to lose 30 lbs on a liquid diet, Atkins or Weight Watchers

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For example, a woman who is 5'6 and weighs 190 would have a BMI of 31, as follows: 5'6 = 66 inches 66 squared = 4,356 190 divided by 4,356 = 0.0436 0.0436 x 703 = 30.65 (rounded up to 31) A BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered within the normal, healthy range; 25 to 29.9 is considered overweight; 30 or more is considered obese; and 40 or. I now weigh about 180 at 5'7 and am a size 8/10 (all of my clothes from 15 pounds ago still fit except for one pair of jeans I am determined to get back into. They're a 7). I am usually still a size 8. However, when I look online at women of similar height and weight to me, they are usually a size 10-14. None of them are 8's Calories expended (kcal) = METs x (Weight in Kg) x (Duration in Hours) The calculator allows you to total the energy expended during a number of activities. Simply click the Add to Total link next to the exercise once the calories have be computed. This will add this exercise to a list of exercises at the top to be added to a total calorie. BMI Formula. Metric BMI = kg / m 2. Imperial BMI = (lbs * 0.45359237) / (inches * 0.0254) 2 Simplified BMI = 703 * lbs / inches Using this calculation, the ideal body weight for a woman who is 5-foot, 10-inches tall is 150 pounds, which is for a medium frame woman. Advertisement. To adjust for big bones -- a larger frame size -- add an additional 10 percent of the weight, or another 15 pounds, making the IBW for a large-framed, 5-foot, 10-inch woman about 165 pounds

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  1. A 190-pound adult is 86.5 kg. If he is sedentary, 86.5 x 30 = 2,595 calories. Moderately active: 3,028 calories. Very active: 3,460 calories. So depending on activity level, someone weighing 190 pounds needs between 2,600 and 3,500 calories to maintain his body weight. Advertisement
  2. If you're not satisfied with the number you see when you step on the scale, it's time to take action — especially if you've surpassed 170 pounds, an above-average weight for a woman. But make sure you're calculating your body mass index before you start making any major lifestyle changes; taller individuals could be perfectly healthy at 170.
  3. e your size. Remember that the size may vary by up to 1 inch of height and 10 pounds of weight, plus or
  4. Height: 5'3 Weight: 128 lbs Pant size: 5/6 I'd like to get down to a 2 or 4. It's weird because the last time I was a size 4, I was 118 pounds. Something doesn't add up, so I must have gained some muscle
  5. I am 5'10 about 190 pounds and got the size 10 as my shoe size is 10.5. Out of the box the waders seemed way too big, but after trying them on they actually fit quite well. They are a bit loose but thats a good thing for me as they will he used to wade in pretty cold water. Seem to be of good quality also
  6. The following formula is used: Weight (in lbs)/ totalinches^2 * 703.06957964. BMI is calculated the same for both males and females. 170 pound man or woman. five foot ten and a quarter inch at 170 pounds is a BMI of 24.22. fiveftten and a half inch at 170 pounds is a BMI of 24.05. fivefootten and three quarters of an inch at 170 pounds is a BMI.
  7. BMI for a 190 pound, 5′11″ man or woman. Body Mass Index, or BMI, is used to estimate if a person is overweight or underweight. It is calculated the same way for men and women. These are the generally accepted classifications: Underweight: less than 18.5. Normal weight: 18.5-25

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  1. Breast Implants + 190-209 Lbs Q&A. Breast Implants + 190-209 Lbs. Q&A. There are currently 87 Breast Implants + 190-209 Lbs questions and doctor answers on RealSelf. I'm 63 y/o female, healthy and in need of a breast implant revision. I'm 5'10 195 pounds. Is my age a barrier
  2. g for on the keto diet is approximately 70 to 75 percent of your calorie intake from fat, somewhere between 20-25 percent from protein, and then 5 to 10 percent of your daily calories will come from carbs. Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are 100 percent anti-keto foods
  3. Weight (in lbs)/ totalinches^2 * 703.06957964. BMI is calculated the same for both males and females. 190 pound man or woman. five foot eight and a quarter inch at 190 pounds is a BMI of 28.68. fivefteight and a half inch at 190 pounds is a BMI of 28.47. fivefooteight and three quarters of an inch at 190 pounds is a BMI of 28.26
  4. What is the ideal weight for a 5'10 female? Between: 128.9lbs and 174.2lbs What is the ideal weight for a 5'10 male? Between: 128.9lbs and 174.2lbs If I am 5ft 10in and weigh 185 lbs, is that a good weight for my height? Under the BMI classification, 185 lbs is classed as being Overweight
  5. ated since the time of the first drink, using the average of 0.015 per hour (for men), or 0.018 per hour (for women)

Enter the first 2 digits of your weight in pounds. Example, if you weigh 183 pounds, use 18. If you weigh less then 100 pounds enter the first digit of your weight in pounds; example, if you weigh 98 pounds, enter 9. (4) How tall are you? Under 1.55 m (5'1″) = o Points. 1.55m to 1.78m (5'1″ - 5'10) = 1 Poin The average weight for men over 20 is 197.3, and the average waist circumference is 40.3 inches. The numbers for these averages were collected between 1999 to 2000 and 2015 to 2016. For females over age 20, the average height is 63.6 inches. That comes out to about 5 feet and 3.6 inches tall

I had my consult today with my doc and we decided on 650cc silicone under the muscle. I do want my boobs very big and don't really care about them looking natural. I have a pic of me currently, and a wish pic. Also, i am a larger woman, i'm 5'8 and about 170 lbs. I just don't.. Your best ski size is calculated. Easier than falling in the lift line. Call us at (303)237-7547 to chat about ski lengths with one of our obsessed ski experts. We hook people up with their perfect skis every day. It's like calling a matchmaker without the potential heartbreak

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125 to 158 lbs. 164 to 190 lbs. 197 to 256 lbs. 262 to 354 lbs. 5ft 9″ (69″) 128 to 162 lbs. 169 to 196 lbs. 203 to 263 lbs. 270 to 365 lbs. 5ft 10″ (70″) 132 to 167 lbs. 174 to 202 lbs. Losing 5% of your body weight is a very big deal. Yes of course you'll look and feel better but more importantly, you'll be significantly healthier. It's a really good mini-goal to aim for. Starting weight, lbs. 5%, lbs. 5% goal, lbs. 118.0. 120.0 It's for women — and specifically designed with women who weigh over 200 pounds in mind. If this article hit home for you, please consider checking out our 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge for a full plan on how to take action on what you've learned today. This plan was designed to help our clients lose 10-21 pounds in just 21 days

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Rachael Farrokh is 5'7 and weighs 40 pounds. After battling anorexia for 10 years, she posted a plea for help on social media A 200 pound person will burn about 750 calories and a 150 pound person will burn about 560 calories. On a flat level surface, a 200 pound person running 5 miles will burn: 792 calories at 5mph (60 minutes), 780 calories at 6mph (50 minutes), 744 calories at 7mph (42.5 minutes), and 704 calories at 8mph (37.5 minutes) I'm 59.5, 10 stone 2 and UK size 8-10. :smile: I'm 5'10 & weighed 170 lbs this morning. I currently wear US Size 12 bottoms & medium tops - and about 160 lbs & size 10 jeans is my current goal weight / siz Right now I am in the same size pants as when I started (12)even though I've lost 15 lbs. The good news is that the pants are fitting better and a couple of pairs are even starting to fit a little loose. I currently weigh 152lbs. Edited by: HSHEINLEIN at: 5/7/2010 (08:34) LINCHRA Posts: 201. 5/7/10 8:20 A

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Calories Burned Running (For Women) (based on body weight for a 60 minute workout) Running Speed/Activity (60 Minute Workout) Calories Burned; 125 lbs (57 kg) 140 lbs (64 kg) 160 lbs (73 kg) 180 lbs (82 kg) 200 lbs (91 kg) 220 lbs (100 kg) * Calories based on an age of 35 and a height of 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm I'm 5 foot 2 1/2 inches (thought I was 5'3 until they measured me before surgery....so disappointed! haha). I started out at 257 lbs, with my size 24's being snug. Right now I'm 238.5 lbs, and most of my 24's are loose, and I can wear some 22's Fit women have 21 to 24% body fat. Male athletes have 6 to 13% body fat. Female athletes have 14 to 20% body fat. The ideal body fat percentage varies mainly according to age, sex and the physical activity of the individual. But it is a fact that some female athletes have body fat as low as 10 % and some male athletes had lower than 4 percent. I agree with Sherry. I need to lose 50 pounds but have been inactive. I use to walk 4-6 miles 4 times week 5 years ago but now I am walking on my treadmill at 2.4 mph. I usually walk 2 miles at least 4-5 days a week and I am trying to build up my endurance plus I was a smoker for too many years. My average steps per day is a little over 5k NHLBI states that it's safe to lose 1 to 2 lbs. of weight per week.[10] That's 4 to 8 lbs. a month. That's 4 to 8 lbs. a month. If you aim to lose 5% to 10% of your current weight within 6 months, it will help reduce your risk of heart disease and other chronic ailments

Rep Power: 286. Tbh the reason you look fat is because you are 210 at 5'10. At 5'10 you should be like 170 if have a nice healthy BF% (9-11%) and you should be like 180 if your holding some extra fat that needs to be stripped off. Cut about 20-30lbs off and you will look a hell of a lot better. Good luck First, get your base ski size by choosing your weight range. * For men taller than 6' who weigh less than 170 pounds, start at 170 pounds or a base ski size of 174cm. Next, factor in your ability level. A beginner is a first time skier or someone very new to skiing that will be cautious and is still learning basic control Health and Nutrition 135 U.S. Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2011 Table 205. Cumulative Percent Distribution of Population by Height and Sex 5'9 155lbs (usually) size 6 pant, medium top - (sometimes large sometimes small due to bust :-) lol) Dress size 8- 10 again for the same reasons! at 160 (I fluctuate) pants size 7/8) try never to get out of the 5lb range. Would still like to loose another 15 to 20lbs. October 2, 2014 5:36PM. 0 You are likely morbidly obese if you are: more than 100 lbs. over your ideal body weight, or. have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 40, or. have a BMI of over 35 and are experiencing severe negative health effects, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, related to being severely overweight. unable to achieve a healthy body weight for a.

190 lbs. 195 lbs. 200 lbs. 210 lbs. 220 lbs. 230 lbs. 240 lbs. 250 lbs. *Note: These numbers would represent ripped contest weight. Not off-season bulked up weight. It's painful to look at. I have never heard a woman comment that she wanted to be with someone who looks exceedingly muscular so I assume that this is done solely to impress. What is the BMI for a 5'10 and 290 lbs male? 41.61 BMI, Obese. What is the ideal weight for a 5'10 female? Between: 128.9lbs and 174.2lbs What is the ideal weight for a 5'10 male? Between: 128.9lbs and 174.2lbs If I am 5ft 10in and weigh 290 lbs, is that a good weight for my height? Under the BMI classification, 290 lbs is classed as being. 5'5 and 155 lbs. still size 12 pants. Highest weight 170 lbs. . should be in a 10 after 5 more pounds. I know I was a size 6 at 132 pounds because I see my old pants still in my closest waiting for me once I lose 23 more pounds

Rich Froning - 5'10, 190 lbs. Rich Froning is a legend in CrossFit. He became the first person to win the title of Fittest Man on Earth four times with his first place finish in the 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 CrossFit Games. He only started doing CrossFit since 2009 and has taken off as a star ever since. He usually trains 2-3 times a. I am 5'7 200 lbs and 12 days post op. Pre-op my left breast was a C and right was a B. I told my surgeon I wanted to be a DD-DDD. My ps told me he put in 700cc on my right and 600cc on my left but today I tried on a bra and I am only a D Hello, for someone at your age less means better. i would say around 150 to 165 lbs. OR 66 to 75 kg. i have attached a BMI [ body mass index ] chart for reference. As you can see this chart is based on ones height and weight. Since you said you ar.. and women, it does have some . limitations. For more information, BMI1 92 02 12 22 32 42 52 62 72 82 93 03 13 23 33 43 5. Height Weight (in pounds) 4'109 19 61 00 1051 10 1151 19 1241 29 1341 38 1431 48 1531 58 1621 67 5'101 32 1391 46 1531 60 1671 74 1811 88 1952 02 2092 16 222 2292 36 24

Women's pants are probably the trickiest item of clothing to buy online. After all, with pants, you have to consider things like rise, overall length, and waist and hip size—not to mention how they'll fit if you're wearing flats vs. heels. To help you navigate this intimidating process, we created this women's pants size chart and fit guide The number of calories required to maintain a steady weight of 160 pounds depends on whether you are male or female. A 30-year-old female with a height of 5 ft 8 inches and a somewhat active lifestyle -- defined as light to moderate physical activity two or three times per week -- would require an average of 2,000 calories daily to maintain her weight The average weight most adult men and women can bench press depends on age, fitness level, and other factors. Younger men are typically able to bench press more than older men, and men, in general. If I am 5ft 0in and weigh 190 lbs, is that a good weight for my height? Under the BMI classification, 190 lbs is classed as being Obese. This Page is Calculated for the Following Height and Weight Height: 5' 0, 5 foot 0, 5'0, 5 ft 0 in, 5 feet 0 inches. Weight: 190 Pounds, 190 lbs

I'm 5'9.25″ weigh 202 pounds and have a 31 inch waist with my chest and hips being 10 inches bigger than my waist. This calculator said I was slender and healthy. I beg to differ as my body fat is slightly overweight category (one or two percentage points and I will be within the healthy range), my BMI is almost in the obese. Calories Burned for a 70 Year Old Woman How many calories does the average 70 year old woman burn per day

Ansur Saddlery Northwest, LLC is world-wide the only saddle company that can provide a patented fully-flexible treeless saddle that maintains its shape while protecting horse and rider, in motion, over years and years of use Many sources quote that skeletal weight is about 15-20% of body weight, so these tables back in to the numbers, taking a weight range, assigning an amount to the skeleton based on a % of the body weight. In reality, if you take a bunch of 5'10 male skeletons, you are only going to see a 7-10 pound deviation in total weight (not 14-26)

Use our underwear size charts below to find the perfect fitting underwear for men, women, boys and girls! Quick Navigation. Women's Underwear Size Chart. Men's Underwear Size Chart. Girl's Underwear Size Chart. Boy's Underwear Size Chart 119 lbs. Boy's Underwear Size Chart. Size. Waist (inches) Weight (pounds) 4 (XS) 22 34 - 43 lbs. 6 - 8. (inches) Body Weight (pounds) 58 91 96 100 105 110 115 119 124 129 134 138 143 148 153 158 162 167 172 177 181 186 191 196 201 205 210 215 220 224 229 234 239 244 248 253 258 59 94 99 104 109 114 119 124 128 133 138 143 148 153 158 163 168 173 178 183 188 193 198 203 208 212 217 222 227 232 237 242 247 252 257 262 26 18.4. Is 180 Pounds A Healthy Weight for a Man? Is 180 lbs A Healthy Weight for a Woman? Is 180 lbs fat, skinny, healthy? BMI is just a rough approximation for a healthy weight. It doesn't take into account a person's frame size or body fat percentage

Height: 5'7 Weight: 190 lbs. (after 120 lb. weight loss) Procedure: Full abdominoplasty After Photos Taken: 12 months post-op Note: Weight loss patient; also underwent liposuction of back, flanks and thigh 5-8 pounds Total weight 25-35 pounds Table 2. Weight Gain While You Are Pregnant Category Your Body Mass Index (BMI) Total Weight You Should Gain While Pregnant Amount of Weight to Gain Each Week, Beginning in the 4th Month Underweight Less than 18.5 28-40 pounds 1½ pounds Normal weight 18.5-24.9 25-35 pounds 1 pound Overweight 25-29.9 15-25.

Exact sizes may vary depending on individual body structure. ASSOS apparel is cut anatomically without restricting movement in the tuck position. Bibs might therefore pull when standing upright - this is normal. Shorts. Size. Height. S. 160-167 cm. 5'2''-5'4'' Our snowboard size calculator for men's and women's boards narrows down the search and makes picking a board easy. All you need are the following details: Your height. Your weight. Your level of riding. Your kind of riding. Picking the right size snowboard size depends on a number of factors, but a good starting point is your height and weight I'm 19 years old, 6'5 and 190 lbs or so i wanna say I'm around 13% body fat, by the chart I guess I'm either a chronic or a heavy chronic smoker going through a quarter every 5 or 6 days plus a couple dabs everyday , but I'm pretty active and my metabolism is pretty fast, i dont have a set date for my drug test but I'm wondering how. 5 lbs 10 lbs 15 lbs 20 lbs 25 lbs 250 2.00% 4.00% 6.00% 8.00% 10.00% 240 2.08% 4.17% 6.25% 8.33% 10.42% 230 2.17% 4.35% 6.52% 8.70% 10.87% 220 2.27% 4.55% 6.82% 9.09% 11.36% 210 2.38% 4.76% 7.14% 9.52% 11.90% 200 2.50% 5.00% 7.50% 10.00% 12.50% 190 2.63% 5.26% 7.89% 10.53% 13.16

Women The average, moderately active woman between the ages of 26-50 needs to eat about 2,000 calories per day to maintain her weight and 1,500 calories per day to lose 1 pound (0.45 kg) of. Calorie Burn Rate Calculator. The more active you are, the more calories you burn. Running or jogging, for instance, burns more calories than bowling. Carrying your clubs when golfing burns more calories than riding in a golf cart. Your weight also affects the number of calories burned: The more you weigh, the more calories you burn What is the BMI for a 5'9 and 200 lbs male? 29.53 BMI, Overweight. What is the ideal weight for a 5'9 female? Between: 125.3lbs and 169.3lbs What is the ideal weight for a 5'9 male? Between: 125.3lbs and 169.3lbs If I am 5ft 9in and weigh 200 lbs, is that a good weight for my height? Under the BMI classification, 200 lbs is classed as being.

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