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  1. I know this has been so long ago, but my 6 year old also has accidents both pee & poop especially around stressful times. I feel bad because she struggles with chronic constipation & we give her MiraLAX everyday. We are working on her diet, but it's not great. We are lucky if she will eat a hotdog, Mac & cheese or anything at all
  2. Encopresis is the medical term for pooping accidents in a person's underwear beyond the age of toilet training. These stooling accidents often make parents frustrated because they think their child is being too lazy to use the toilet or is having the pooping accidents because they are misbehaving
  3. Bowel Control Problems in Six-Year-Old. Learn the best way to handle bowel control problems in school-age children. Q. My son is six years old and has a problem controlling his bowel movements. He soils his pants at least once, maybe three times a day. Many children truly do not realize that they have had an accident and do not smell it

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Encopresis. That's the fancy name for poop accidents. Most of the time, it is caused by constipation. It makes no logical sense to hear your child is having poop accidents because they are constipated 6 year old suddenly having accidents... everyday. (bullying, toys, parent, clothes) this only made her not tell us she had an accident and by the time i found out her butt was bleeding because she had poop on there for who knows how long.. we tell her every half an hour to goto the bathroom and always get the same response I dont have too. Most encopresis cases are due to constipation. Stool (poop) is hard, dry, and difficult to pass when a person is constipated. Many kids hold their BMs to avoid the pain they feel when they go to the bathroom, which sets the stage for having a poop accident 6 year old suddenly having accidents... everyday. (punish, baby, parents, wife) User Name: Remember Me: Password Or the class now goes as a group to the bathroom and she is embarrassed because it takes her much longer to poop, than the girls just urinating, and the entire class is waiting for her to finish. 10 year old Shih Tzu having. Stool soiling (encopresis) happens in children who are toilet trained. It's when they accidentally leak feces (poop) into their underwear. Constipation is one of many causes of stool soiling. Other causes include irritable bowel syndrome or when a child is fearful of the bathroom

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My daughter, when she was six, started having accidents, although they were mostly only bowel accidents. My daughter was VERY difficult to potty train (didn't train until she was 4), and is also a strong-willed child Encopresis is when a child over the age of 4 has a bowel movement and soils their pants. They can't control this. It may have physical and psychological causes. Eating foods high in fiber. Emotional causes of bathroom-related problems are among the most challenging to address, since young children are rarely able to express their confusion, anxiety, or fear in words. Such behaviors as defecating in a corner of the bedroom, having daily accidents at school after many months of complete dryness, or pleading to return to diapers are. Would you apply these same suggestions for poop accidents? I have an 8-year-old son who frequently has small poop accidents (a little bit comes out and he holds the rest) but today had a full-blown poop accident while at a friend's house. He says the poop just takes him by surprise. Thanks

When older children (past age six) soil their pants by choice and not by accident, they are old enough to learn how to be responsible for cleaning their soiled pants. This increases the motivation to learn proper bowel habits. In a non-punitive tone show and tell him how to clean his pants—once. After that, it's up to him Age 6 is a common age for wetting accidents and they usually grow out of it Having an accident with bowel movements is not only embarrassing and inconvenient but it is also an indication that there is an underlying medical problem. Most children are toilet trained by the age of 4 years and bowel accidents are rare later in childhood, except when it occurs with diarrheal illnesses like gastroenteritis Over the age of 4 and successfully potty-trained, but still having daytime accidents. Voiding dysfunction is not typically diagnosed until a child is older than 4 and continues to experience daytime accidents for at least 6 months after toilet training ends. As a first step, a urologist will exam your child to see if there are any medical or.

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Potty training accidents happen as your child first learns to use the toilet — it is a learning process, after all. Regression, however, is when a child who has been seemingly potty trained suddenly has accidents and/or wants to go back to wearing diapers. The good news: In most cases of regression, your child should pick right up where she. 3-year-old daughter keeps pooping in her underwear. 4 year old seems to be leaking poop 3-4 times a day. 4.5 year old pooping in his pants. 5 year old boy pooping in underwear! 5-year-old pooping in her pants. 5-year-old frequently pooping in his pant. Daughter, 7, pooping in pants and on the ground. 7-year-old's food allergy = poop accidents

6 Year Old Having Accidents in His Pants. My son has started to 1st grade this year. I had to go and pick him up from school today because he pooped in his pants. This is the second time this year. He has also had accidents at home.I am not sure why he is doing this. He does not tell his teacher and I am sure it is because he is embarrassed Toddler having potty accidents all of a sudden. He's been toilet trained since he was 2 and wearing underwear and making it through naps and night times without pee accidents. My question is, just in the last 3 or 4 days, he's been wetting the bed at night. when he pees in his bed, i just bring him in my bed so his bed can dry (once i take all.

Subject: Re:6 year old girl having poop accidents. Anonymous. It is very possible the girl has a condition called encopresis. This is a tough condition but it is solvable. It may have been brought on by constipation but once it is started simple constipation remedies may not be sufficient as the colon has stretched Like bedwetting, daytime pee and poop accidents are not normal in toilet-trained children and are caused by holding stool. Sure, during the potty-training process kids will have accidents. But children who never quite graduate to fully toilet trained are not late bloomers; they're constipated. MYTH # Suddenly starts wetting the bed or having daytime accidents after being consistently dry for at least six months, particularly if there are no recent changes or stressors. Snores loudly or has pauses or gasps in breathing most nights. Complains of a burning sensation or pain when urinating. Has to pee more often Food intolerance. Allergies. Bacteria. Viruses. Parasites like roundworms, hookworms, or Giardia. Bowel cancer. Inflammatory bowel disease. Pain or arthritis. If your dog is already trained to go outside and he or she has suddenly started pooping indoors, it is best to consult with a vet first to rule out any of the above causes

6 year old suddenly having accidents everyday

6 year old poop accidents. We're at our wits end. We have a 6 year old boy who has multiple poop accidents in a day. He's very bright, eats fruits and veggies daily (not just his only intake but it's a daily part of his diet), and has been potty trained since he was 3. The poop accidents started 4-6 months ago, where they were infrequent. Encopresis in Children. Children with encopresis, also called soiling, have bowel movements or leak a small amount of stool in their underclothes or on themselves. Soiling is very common, occurring in at least two out of 100 children. Last Updated 02/2021. Reviewed By Jen Willoughby, RNIII 20/02/2012 at 11:42 am. My nearly 6yr old keeps pooping in her pants. I have 2 older children and none of them did this. It started about two weeks ago, I could smell something foul when I went near her and since then about twice a day she has poop in her pants. I'm shocked that it doesn't seem to bother her Encopresis is when a child who is toilet trained passes stool (bowel movements) into his or her underwear. To have encopresis, the child must be at least four years old, the age by which most children can control bowel movements. Encopresis is also called fecal incontinence. In most children, encopresis is related to chronic constipation

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my four year old is suddenly having accidents in his pants. My six-year old son is still in training pants for bedtime. My six-year old son is still in training pants for bedtime due to nighttime accidents. I know this can be part physiological, and the read more The same thing goes for dogs of an older age; accidents will occur if they don't get frequent bathroom breaks. Besides age, there are a few common reasons why accidents may occur such as, hormone incontinence, side effects from a medication, urinary tract infections, changes in the dog's environment, and feelings of stress or excitement Dealing with a potty trained toddler having accidents on purpose can be difficult. You thought you were past cleaning up the mess, and you wonder whether your child is even motivated to pee in the potty. Rest assured, potty training accidents are common and expected—yes, even after he seemed to have mastered it already My 6 year old and 5 year old step kids have both stopped wiping their butts after pooping. It's been a while now, and my husband and I both remind them constantly, especially when their underwear have poop on them. Well now my 6 year old has..

6 year old suddenly having accidents everyday

  1. However, before suspecting that the cause is psychological, we need to rule out all possibilities of pathology. If your dog is suddenly pooping a lot or urinating excessively, we recommend consulting a veterinarian to make sure that the cause is not a physical one. Some common causes of a dog suddenly pooping a lot include: Food Allergies in dogs
  2. My 6 year old daughter is having accidents almost everyday. We thought it was a medical problem, but the doctor says no. We tried counseling due to her being adopted, but that is not working. I thought it might be an attention getter, due to her having a younger sibling. We have tried everything
  3. Endangered Species. If you have an adult dog that is suddenly going to the bathroom inside, there are several possible explanations, including stress, anxiety, weakening muscles (for older dogs.
  4. Constipation refers to the passage of hard stools (poop, poo). If your child hasn't passed a bowel motion (stool, poop, poo) for 4 days or more, we also call this constipation. In babies, constipation is when there are hard stools (poop,poo) and it is not a problem that they go infrequently (often up to a week). In toddlers this is a problem

At three or four years old, some of those techniques can work, but at 5, 6, 7 and 8 years old, it is beyond normal toilet training tactics. Don't let a parent push their success with their two year old to make you feel like they have any idea about your 8 year old. This a an entirely different issue - it's not potty training anymore 6. If your dog can no longer control urination. Urinary incontinence can be frustrating for you and your dog, but remember that it's a common problem for aging dogs. Your dog may not even be aware that they have eliminated on themselves. Urine may simply escape against their will. Urinary incontinence, however, is also a symptom of kidney. Cleaning up accidents outside the tray with white vinegar, which is an odour neutraliser, will help make sure only the tray smells like the place to go. One final tip: pick a tray that is large enough for your rabbit to turn easily and has space for a handful of hay to one side - rabbits love to munch and poop and having hay in the tray.

my dog is 100% house-trained and we never have any problems with this unless ofcourse he has tummy upset, but he been pooping (on the rare occasion peeing too) over night in exactly the same place in the kitchen. (atleast its not on carpet like it has been before with the runs that was hell to clean up) his poop looks normal and altho this may. Having the child void every 2 hours while sitting and relaxing for several minutes helps many children learn to void normally. By listening to the urine stream, both the parents and child may be able to detect good and poor flows. Increasing the amount of water they drink helps keep the urinary tract flushed out and may decrease constipation If they don't have complete bowel movements, poop can collect in the rectum, causing it to overstretch. If your child's rectum becomes overstretched, they may lose the urge to poop and have accidents without even knowing it. This short video explains why constipated kids will have poop accidents and smears in their underpants. Bed-Wettin

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When you notice a sudden change in your pet's elimination habits, the first step is to visit your veterinarian. Problems such as urinary tract infections, kidney disease, bladder stones, and. Such a bothering issue that 4 year old wetting pants can be quite familiar to many moms. Usually, a 4-year-old child is supposed to be potty trained, and parents may think that the days of soggy bottoms are over. Think again! Up to four percent of children who have been potty trained and are at least 4-year-old experiencing daytime wetting pants 3.5 year old is having regular accidents since baby was born; 3.5 's regular accidents after 6 months of being potty trained; Perfectly trained 4-year-old suddenly having accidents; 4-year-old backsliding - jealous of the baby? Four-year-old began having accidents soon after our second child; 4.5 yo regressing to peeing in pant

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  1. Toilet training has become a battle. Your child won't use the toilet for the same reason he refuses to take a bath or go to bed: He's experimenting with limits and autonomy. Your job is to keep your child's limit-testing from turning into a power struggle, because he will win -- it's his body, after all
  2. Pooping at night could be caused by an infection or medication, or could be a sign of aging. Dr.'s Debra Horwitz and Gary Landsberg, veterinarians with the VCA Animal Hospitals recommend monitoring both your dog's eating and pooping habits to figure out if the accidents have a medical cause . Here are some things to pay attention to
  3. If your dog is incontinent and there is no treatment to stop it, you can make some adjustments to improve your dog's quality of life and preserve your sanity. Increase the frequency of walks and potty breaks. Take your dog out immediately after eating, drinking, and waking up. It's similar to how you treat a puppy
  4. Aside from the nighttime accidents, if there is any other worrying signs or symptoms that your dog is exhibiting then please get him checked with the vet. Your dog might perhaps have an infection that's making it more difficult to control his poop and pee. Anxiety and Stress. Nighttime accidents could also be caused by anxiety and stress
  5. 1,292 Posts. #2 · Mar 1, 2013. My only experience with that was in MN and our senior dog didn't want to go outside in the negative degree weather - we're guessing her joints hurt too much or some suchness. Pooping in the house doesn't sound like attention-getting behavior though. It sounds like a medical or age-related issue
  6. al ultrasound, further GI testing and surgical biopsies, if indicated
  7. Still Pooping Pants at 8 Years Old. March 8, 2008 Tags: health, passive power, power struggles, school aged (7-12) Do you have an older child who still holds? It's a common problem with children in the younger grades. They check out medically as being okay, yet when they need to move their bowels, they still won't go use the toilet

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My 12-year old dog just started having accidents in the house, on a corner of a rug which lies on a wood floor. The clean-up has been frustrating (the first time, I discovered it late, so the smell became overpowering and the floor suffered some damage), but I've ordered a puppy pad and I'm hopeful that she'll use it Below I have outlined some of the reasons why your adult dog has changed it's usual behavior and has begun peeing (and sometimes pooping) inside the house instead of going outside. Usually the problem of sudden onset peeing in the house falls into two categories. 1. A medical reason. 2. A Change in behavior brought on by outside influences Pooping in the House in Dogs. Most common conditions Separation Anxiety / Parasites / Bowel Disease. Rated as moderate conditon. 61 Veterinary Answers. Most common conditions Separation Anxiety / Parasites / Bowel Disease. Insurance options *Wag! may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Items are sold by. A common reason for a dog to suddenly begin urinating small amounts more often and having urinary accidents in the house is urinary tract infection, or UTI. The urinary tract consists of the urethra, the bladder, the ureters, and the kidneys. Most UTIs in dogs are bladder infections (lower UTIs) M.O.P. is an enema-based regimen that stops bedwetting and accidents far better than medication, alarms, or Miralax. And it's recommended by experts at Mayo Clinic. Pre-M.O.P. combines suppositories and laxatives and can save families from the financial and emotional costs of treating enuresis and encopresis

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  1. I have a friend whose dog's back condition led him to pee and poop in his crate well through his first year of life. This is especially important to check on if your dog previously was fine in the crate, but is now suddenly having accidents. If your adult dog, potty-trained dog, or crate-trained dog starts peeing in the crate out of the blue.
  2. g home with wet underwear. Here is what they say: Our son D'Andre has been using the toilet since he was three and has never had a problem. We didn't even notice when or if he.
  3. Start by identifying the cause of the problem. Some of the most common reasons doggos poop or pee inside after walking include medical issues, substrate preferences, and poor potty-training at the outset. Go easy on your dog. House-trained dogs commonly have accidents due to stress, a change in environment, or illness
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Most dogs have bowel movement 15-30 minutes after they eat, but if they eat foods that are too heavy to digest, their bowel movements will be sluggish and thus poop late at night. 2. Take Your Dog on a Walk. Movement encourages bowel movements and pooping A child who has encopresis may experience a range of emotions, including embarrassment, frustration, shame and anger. If your child is teased by friends or criticized or punished by adults, he or she may feel depressed or have low self-esteem. Prevention. Below are some strategies that can help prevent encopresis and its complications

The fact that he is holding in #2 may have caused him to become constipated to some degree (even if it looks like he poops regularly). This happened to my son when he was 6-7. He start having accidents during the day. An x-ray showed some back-up, so the ped prescribed a laxative, followed up by a daily protocol of Miralax until it resolved. People who have long-standing diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or back trauma from injury or surgery may be at risk of fecal incontinence, as these conditions can damage nerves that help control defecation. Dementia. Fecal incontinence is often present in late-stage Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Physical disability

He is 10 and still pooping his pants feel like I have tried everything and he keeps pooping his pants! He can sit on the toilet for an hour do nothing and then poop his pants 5 minutes later. If he is involved in something like playing outside or on the computer he will poop his pants rather than stop what he is doing. I have lost hope Read my story and If you agree with it, please a letter (SPECIAL SCHOOL FOR ADHD) to: President George W. Bush. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Washington, US 20500. Phone: (202) 456-1414. Fax: (202) 456-2461. I have a child diagnosed with ADHD, his taking Ritalin and he is in ESE (Exceptional Student Education) 3. There's often gas, bloating, or loose stool. We may not want to hear it, but too much sugar in the diet can cause gas, bloating, or loose stool. Sources of sugar can be obvious like soda or candy, or less so, as with fruit juice, sweetened yogurts, or sometimes excessive amounts of fresh fruit The Shocking Danger of Constipation in Kids. A British investigation into the death of a child from constipation has parents around the globe concerned about their kids' bowel movements. By Steve. 8 year old girl suddenly having accidents.... She has NEVER had any accidents or potty problems.... ever. Three days ago, she was up playing in the playroom when her sister came running down and told me the 8 year old had pooped in her pants

Dealing with behavioural problems in a 6-year-old child is not an easy task. Being a caring parent plus a strict disciplinarian is a dual role that is quite difficult for most to adhere to. Remembering to keep loving and caring for your child even when he is being difficult, can help soften the blow of the punishments, and keep your bond strong. And punishing for accidents makes it more likely your child will try to avoid punishment by hiding or trying to not poop or pee at all, leading to constipation and even more accidents. 3. Offer.

How to Spot Child Abuse: About three weeks ago, my almost 6-year-old son started coming home from school/after-care with wet underwear and pants. This happened three times. This happened three times Jan 23rd '12. In the last week, my 4 year old has had 4 poop accidents. One of them was very obvious him not wanting to stop playing and take a moment to use the bathroom. The others I have not been right there with him when it happened. I know most will say it's the baby--but the baby is not even here yet lol I've been having problems with my 6 year old Great Dane pooping in his sleep or not pooping on his walks and then he - Answered by a verified Dog Specialist. She has had 5 or 6 accidents, wetting her kennel twice and elsewhere when she should not have had to urinate. She had never had accidents before

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The key is to be patient, encouraging and persistent. These tips will help: Make sure your child stays on a timed potty schedule.. Encourage your child to pee at least every two to three hours during the day, even if her or she doesn't feel the urge to go. Try purchasing a beeping or vibrating potty watch to help keep your child. When children suddenly start peeing all the time, we need to consider the many potential causes. There are many reasons kids have frequent urination. Sometimes it's as simple as they like to flush the toilet or splash in the sink. This is common in newly potty trained kids. But peeing all the time can also signify a medical problem that needs. These last 6 months it has been steadily getting worse and worse. Same as many posters above, smelling terrible, hiding soiled pants, accidents at school etc etc. He says that he cannot feel that he is doing it.. He completely fills his pants, but it isn't diahrrea.. It is just a pasty texture (sorry tmi) Jennifer Kavur's son was just about potty trained.Sebastian had been wearing underwear for months, only sporting pull-on diapers when sleeping or for long car rides.. But after spending a lot more time than usual in the car—first for a road trip and then for numerous trips to pick up supplies for home renovations—the four-year-old got in the habit of wearing diapers Learn natural remedies for constipation in children that work, without the help of over the counter drugs that can create years of dependence. Perfect for kids and toddlers with chronic constipation. Constipation has been an issue in my house for the last 3.5 years. It is a huge thorn in my side and [

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And don't be afraid to slip a training diaper over underwear for long car drives or outings. Your child will still know when he has an accident, but you won't have to change his clothes. 6. Look out for number two. The daycare way: When kids take their time learning to poop on the toilet, daycare providers don't sweat it. It often happens. Maybe someone hear has come up against this and has some advice. I am going to tear my hair out soon with mom. About a 2 months ago, my almost 90 year old mother started having random diarrhea. She usually tended towards constipation, (would eat 8-10 prunes a day, take stool softeners, laxatives) so this is new. She had just been put on Fosamax, so she blamed that. Dr took her off fosamax, to. Dog is Having Accidents in the House, But Why? Dog Training: How to Use Rewards. Dog Training: Why to Use Rewards. Dog Walking Tools. Fear and Fear-related Aggression in Dogs. Fear of Noises in Dogs and Cats. Feces Eating in Dogs and Cats. Fireworks Fear in Pets. Food Finicky Dogs

Anxiety: Dogs with anxiety problems—namely separation anxiety—may poop inside the house when they are feeling stressed. When under duress, many dogs are unable to control their urge to urinate or defecate, leading even the best house-trained pup to have accidents indoors. Consider the timing of when your dog poops inside the house 10,780 Posts. #5 · Apr 23, 2014. Take him to the vet and make sure that he doesn't have a medical reason for the accidents. All changes in potty habits should be checked out by a vet. Once he's cleared medically then go back to housetraining 101 We were completely diaper- and accident-free for about 6 weeks or so. Everyone warned us about the potty-training regression that would occur after the new baby came along. And sure enough, we have had more accidents in the last 4 weeks than we had in the previous 6 months of potty training. We seem to have stabilized on the pee - he just. 6. Offer help cleaning up. Ask him to tell you when he has had an accident and you'll help him to clean it up. Thank him when he does. This should minimize the messes that come from him trying to clean up himself. Regressions with potty training are normal, and more to the point, they often have meaning Constipation is the #1 Cause of Bedwetting. He's just a deep sleeper, Her bladder hasn't caught up to her brain, and He overproduces urine — those are just a few of the unfounded reasons typically tossed out to explain bedwetting. In fact, almost all cases are caused by constipation. This graphic explains what happens

The first time you catch your Shih Tzu eating poop, you gag, scream and think it is some weird fluke accident. The second time you catch them, you gag, scream and wonder what is going on. The third time you catch them, you gag, scream and think you probably have a mentally challenged Shih Tzu Skippy suddenly started having accidents in the house. The picture of perfection, the 5 year old Bichon was urinating on the floor! Sally, his concerned owner, talked to her neighbor, who has a female Labrador who was doing the same thing a few months ago. She was diagnosed with a bladder infection and was treated with antibiotics 6 month old puppy still having accidents I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong because Sadie is EXTREMELY smart. So, I have a bell that hangs from the front door, and she knows to ring the bell when she needs to go to the bathroom

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I hope your Cocoa gets to live to a nice ripe age, sounds like you keep good care of him! My dogs are also getting old, don't look forward to seeing it happen, but nothing can stop time. It's sad when old dogs start having accidents around the house. Phette Towns on October 31, 2012: Thank you for the information Potty training your dog can be frustrating, and if you've made it through the learning curve only to have him regress later on, it can feel like a losing battle. Housetraining regression is fairly common among dogs of all types, however, and can usually be corrected with a little time and patience It is normal for puppies to have accidents. In fact, puppy potty training accidents are unavoidable in the early days of training. The chances are that several soiling accidents will happen inside your home before your new puppy gets a handle on controlling his bodily functions Puppy suddenly started having accidents. Post by maedaze » Thu Sep 04, 2014 4:53 pm I will also add that I have found poop or pee in the house and it's usually after I get done taking shower - or if I have been busy and not paying too much attention to him for too long. And I think the problem was that he wouldn't get my attention to let.

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If your dog is drinking more than usual—some dogs even drink so much and so quickly, that they will regurgitate it right back up—it could be a sign of a medical issue. It can be a long diagnostic process to figure out why a dog is drinking and urinating larger volumes, and sometimes it is difficult to ultimately find an answer, says. I have a two year old yellow lab. He was sleeping through the night up until he was about 8 months old. Then suddenly he started needing to go out to poop in the middle of the night. He wakes us, immediately poops and goes right back to bed. I don't want to ignore him, he clearly had to go out. He doesn't have accidents in the house I have a 2 year old long hair. She has used the litter box since she was about 5 weeks old. She has grown up with my older female tuxedo cat. I made the mistake of getting one of the self scooping boxes and now the younger will not use it to poop. I've switched back to the normal box, and sold the self scooping box Considering this, why has my 6 month old puppy started peeing in the house? Your pup may have a UTI or other medical issue causing him to pee excessively. Some puppies will forget some of their potty training once they've had an accident indoors.You can combat this by taking him outside more often than normal, and also by thoroughly cleaning up the areas he's peed in Remember, stress is often the root of litterbox issues! 6. Clean the boxes more. Many cats simply won't use a dirty box. Even if your cat has always been a trooper about getting his paws dirty, he might be getting picky in old age. Try to scoop the box daily or even twice daily. 7. Try a Feliway diffuser

Don't overuse your crate. - we are advised to not crate our puppies for more than 3 hours during the day. Overusing your crate can result in your puppy having a pee pee accident in the crate. Keep your crate clean - Make sure you thoroughly clean all pee and poop accidents. We recommend Rocco & Roxie for removing stain and urine odors A normally friendly, even mannered dog with a good temperament that suddenly turns aggressive out of character will have an underlying problem at the root of the change. It could be psychological or environmental, but you should first have your Lab examined by a vet to rule out any underlying medical problems which can often be the cause 4 year old peeing his pants multiple times a day. lsufan. May 2012. in Parenting. DS2 has been potty trained since he turned 3, so it's been a year and a half. He would occasionally have accidents afterwards, but for the most part it wasn't really an issue. Since around Christmas, he has had pee accidents almost every day, multiple times a day If your dog has started peeing in your bed, it's likely due to stress or a health issue, especially if the behavior has just started suddenly. Other possible causes include household changes, the desire to mark territory and a lack of bathroom breaks. A trip to the vet may be in order