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Experienced Professionals Wanting to Help You. Contact Us For Your Concrete Needs! Whether it's 1 or 1,000 Holes, Get Professional Coring For Your Projects. Call Now #EverythingAboutConcrete #TheConcreteUnderground #MikeDayConcreteIn this video I'm resurfacing a very badly damaged concrete sidewalk.The concrete is spalled.. Broken Concrete Walkways. Hello, I would like advice on installing walkways using broken concrete. We live in the high desert of southern California. We will be seeding a Kentucky Bluegrass lawn and need to put in walkways in the traffic areas. We would like grass to grow between the pieces of concrete as seen in this photo

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Making Walkways or Patios Large chunks of old concrete work as a substitute for pavers or stones in a patio or walkway. Broken concrete is typically irregularly shaped, so it looks a little like.. Broken Concrete Walkways One of the oldest and most battle-tested methods for using broken concrete is to build your very own walkway. Depending upon the overall landscape of your home, flagstone fragments are the most commonly used material for entry ways in the front yard, or encompassing backyard pools and flowerbeds Reuse and repurpose plentiful broken concrete headed to the landfill by making an easy, inexpensive broken concrete patio! When used this way, broken concrete is referred to as urbanite and it's a great way to make a useful and nice looking addition to your landscape on the cheap Jun 1, 2021 - Explore Teresa Hawkes's board Broken Concrete Patio on Pinterest. See more ideas about garden walkway, garden paths, garden pathway

Resurfacing concrete for a sidewalk, patio, or driveway is all done the same way. The steps it takes to resurface your concrete are: Remove any loose, flaking, and broken concrete Clean and patch the deep areas over 1/2 dee Some kinds of damage to concrete can signal a sidewalk's demise, while others are merely eyesores. Cracks wider than ½ inch indicate a major problem with the stability of the sidewalk slab and fall.. Broken concrete blocks set in concrete can make a cobblestone-like garden path that adds character to any space. Tuck plants between the pieces to add to the charm. Materials for the project are.. Keeping your concrete sidewalk or walkway intact and level preserves the look of your home or business and prevents falls and injuries. If you're considering repairing a cracked, sunken or uneven sidewalk, this guide explains why leveling the concrete offers a far easier, and cost-effective solution than tearing it out and replacing it

The lines run across the walkway at intervals and limit cracking of the concrete with ground movement. Typically, the homeowner or property owner is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk in.. I would like advice on installing walkways using broken concrete. We live in the high desert of southern California. We will be seeding a Kentucky Bluegrass lawn and need to put in walkways in the traffic areas. We would like grass to grow between the pieces of concrete as seen in this photo. {{gwi:51260} Pry from there, and once the opening becomes wide enough, swap the tool to the larger flat end, continuing to pry until the concrete has broken free. This is definitely somewhat of a strenuous project, but clearing your concrete walkway to make for a more green yard or simply to complete a new project is entirely possible if you follow these steps

Look for a weak point in the concrete, such as the control joints or a crack in the walkway, and try to pry up the concrete pad using the pickax as leverage. If there are no weak points, hit the pad with a sledgehammer until a crack forms. With the concrete pad loose, smash it with the sledgehammer until it breaks into manageable pieces Urbanite is a term that refers to broken pieces of unwanted concrete leftover from a demolition project (learn more about concrete demolition ). Urbanite can be locally sourced at construction sites or found on Craigslist, and is usually free if you are willing to haul it away. Bloggers interested in sustainable building materials have reported. Learn how to repair concrete to fix all types of concrete problems, from crack to broken corners to full section replacement.Shop all products used in this v.. Outline your patio, walkway or driveway with construction stakes and nylon string line. Excavate for the base of your broken concrete paving project with a spade and grub hoe, also known as a trenching hoe. You'll need to dig deep enough to allow for 4 to 6 inches of gravel, 1 inch of coarse bedding sand and finally the urbanite Once you have all the damaged concrete out of the way and cleaned up, install the side forms on the sidewalk that will give you the thickness you've decided to go with. Try to do this work on cool,..

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  1. Fill the Crack with Patching Mix (also know as Vinyl Concrete) Patching mix is made from vinyl, Portland cement and sand. It covers cracks up to 1⁄2 inch wide. Dampen the area around the crack, and then trowel on the mix
  2. The grooves in concrete are called control joints because they control cracking. Concrete shrinks as it dries, so cracks have to happen somewhere. Control joints create straight breaks rather than an ugly spiderweb pattern. They also limit cracks that form later
  3. We cut out the broken concrete walkway and replaced it with this nice paver walkway and stoop grouted with slate Grey polymeric sand! We put in this beautiful stone wall and filled it with 9 tons of Colorado River rock on top of weed mat! The empty area next to the walkway is intentional as the customer will be filling it with top soil and annuals
  4. A concrete walkway provides a functional surface for a yard, but if it's cracked, damaged or clashes with the aesthetic of a landscape, you may want to cover it. A concrete walkway provides a strong foundation if you want to lay a stone or paver walkway over the concrete. Laying stones over a concrete surface raises the level of your walkway

Broken Concrete Pavers. I was watching This Old House about a month ago, and they were remodeling a house in the Los Angeles area. Article by Ocia Waid. 21. Concrete Patios Concrete Stepping Stones Concrete Walkway Cement Patio Flagstone Patio Slate Pavers Paver Pathway Stone Patios Driveway Paving Broken pieces of concrete can create a pretty shattered walkway, especially when you surround them with plants

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  1. Textured and concrete-colored products are available to blend smoothly with the existing concrete. Consider calling a professional to repair jagged cracks over an inch wide, especially if they are higher on one side than the other due to heaving or sinking. A section or sections of the driveway may need to be broken up, removed and re-poured
  2. or unlevel cracks are the issue, the site can often be troweled with a repair mixture and allowed to dry. A second coat of repair cement may be required to make the concrete sidewalks level enough to be.
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  4. Repair Concrete Walkways and Steps. Step 1: Remove the Loose Concrete. Remove any damaged or crumbling concrete. Use a small sledgehammer and chisel to undercut the edges of the damaged area as shown here. Step 2: Clean the Concrete. Clean the area in and around the damage with a wire brush and broom

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Concrete Walkway Cost. A concrete walkway costs $1,800 on average. Homeowners can expect to pay between $6 to $12 per square foot, or $1,200 to $2,400 for a 200 square foot walkway. The final price depends on its shape, thickness, design, finish and amount of prep work needed Broken-up pieces of sidewalk or used concrete paving stones can be used to build new paths, walkways or raised planters around your home and yard. The process is extremely cost effective and helps re-purpose product that may otherwise have ended up in a landfill. Give us a call at 310.829.4010, x 721 to learn more about options

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My father used broken pieces of concrete sidewalk to build a retaining wall, flat side out and concrete in between the pieces. He used pieces to make stepping-stones, 2 stairs with concrete, a patio with concrete, and a 2' tall stacked wall around the patio. There were different type of succulents between the pieces, vines on the steepest. Patching Holes in a Concrete Sidewalk. If the hole is small and shallow (less than 1/4) all you will need to do is clean it thoroughly and wet the edges, then add and level cement patching material. Be sure to cover the repair and keep it moist while it cures just like your crack repairs. If your sidewalk has a large deep hole (say 1/2 or.

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Big Bear Concrete Leveling offers a faster and more cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire sidewalk. Using polyurethane foam, we can lift broken and sunken concrete back into place while also fixing the base of your problem, the soil beneath Broken Arrow Concrete Sidewalk Repair. Need concrete sidewalk repair? If you are looking for a sidewalk specialist you can count on Buck Concrete to quickly help you get the work done that you need. No matter the size of the job, our contractors are ready to help you with all your needs How To: Fix Cracks in Concrete They are not only a tripping hazard, but cracks in your concrete patio, driveway, or walkway can really compromise the curb appeal of your home Our walkway was pretty solid with the exception of two cracks about 1/2″ high, which we knew we could fix with proper prep. We grabbed a few $1 concrete pavers from Lowe's and placed them in a diamond pattern to see if we liked the way they looked. We LOVED the impact the pattern had on our curb appeal and decided to give it a shot When you're finished clearing the broken concrete, all you need to do is call to have your dumpster picked up. From there, you can hire a crew to pour new concrete or start planning your next outdoor project like a new stone walkway or brick patio

Prices and download plans . Sign in Sign up for FREE Prices and download plan Q: The mortar joints surrounding the stones in my walkway are crumbling. Can they be patched? —Nellie Kurtzman, Mount Vernon, NY. Martin D'Arcy, owner, DNF Construction, replies: A stone walkway with cracked mortar is an eyesore and can become a tripping hazard if water gets underneath and loosens the stones. The best way to repair these joints is with a sand-topping mortar mix, which is. Residential Concrete. If you're driveway, stairs, walkway or any other area of your home requires concrete repairs then you have come to the right place to receive them, Broken Arrow Computer Services. We are a team of experienced professionals with years of experience. Rather than hiring just anyone to assist with your service needs, why not. sidewalk concrete irregular chunks terracing or fill (Moscow) Up to 20 tons of broken concrete roof tile available. 100% clean broken concrete for erosion repair. Small delivery fee. Pics coming. Call 520 two:4<5/44*4'five Perfect for rip rap fill. Minimum trailer load is 4tons

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918-955-2325 - Goodman Concrete, Inc. - 3% OFF discount for seniors. Fully licensed, bonded and insured. New concrete sidewalks. Concrete walkways Instead of using natural stone pavers on the walkway leading up the house, they used pieces of broken concrete made to look like flagstone. After researching this I found that it can be very inexpensive, almost a third of the price of real stone. AND it's good for the environment because you're recycling! I especially like it with the grass.

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Step 2: Gather Tools and Protective Gear. This is the uneven sidewalk that needed repair. It's important to be safe in doing this repair as a lot of fine concrete dust will be released into the air. Use a mask and eye protection as well as dust collection if available or at least work so the dust blows away from you. Ask Question You can certainly use the ''nicest looking'' pieces of a broken concrete pad to fashion a new walkway, but you will likely have extra -- or you might just want to get rid of it all. In either case, a responsible way to get rid of it would be to deliver it (or have someone haul it for you) to the Syar concrete recycling facility at the West. 12 n QUIKRETE® GUIDE TO CONCRETE Walkways, Patios & Steps n 13 How to Build a Concrete Sidewalk 1n Select a rough layout, including any turns. Stake out the location and connect the stakes with mason's strings. Set the slope, if needed. Remove sod between and 6 beyond the lines, then excavate the site with a spade t Once the concrete has dried, border pavers will be glued down using mortar or a construction adhesive. Then, a one-inch thick layer of sand is added across the entire area where the pavers will be laid down. This helps drain water away from the pavers and off the concrete slab. The next step involves adding pavers on top of the sand Repair broken edges and corners on concrete steps, curbs, slabs and walls without the use of forms with QUIKRETE Quick-Setting Cement, along with QUIKRETE Acrylic Fortifier. Project Instructions Shopping List. Project Instructions. When working with cement-based products, always wear eye protection and waterproof gloves

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Broken concrete, unlevel sidewalks, walkways, driveways, lead to someone walking on your property and tripping or falling. Personal injury incidents are a safety risk on any type of property. The need for safe walking areas is imperative on commercial property as well as residential property 22. How to Make a Concrete Walkway. Level the garden ground and then layer a gravel bed, next hold a walkway form and place it on a targeted place, and then filled with liquid concrete to make this walkway. You can try different positions of the walkway form to make a natural-looking concrete walkway. Details here homemade. 23 Free broken up chunks of concrete for filling what you need filled. The pile is bigger than it looks in the pic and we`ve got a couple piles. If you bring out a truck, I`ve got equipment to load it up for you. I can even throw some dirt in there if you need that too. Get back to me on here or calltext me at if you wanna come get some. Thanks! Driveways * Patios * Slabs As a Building, Concrete and Construction Company we are the finest quality structural builder for the Owasso, Broken Arrow, and Tulsa Metro Area. We have been offering contracting services, renovations, and concrete construction in Oklahoma for more than 35 years. Reynolds Construction & Remodeling Company offers top craftmanship at competative pricing Restoring an Old Crumbling Flagstone Walkway. Flagstone walkways, steps, and patios need occasional maintenance and repair to renew the cracking mortar caused by repeated freezing and thawing. Once the mortar is cracked, moisture can seep in, and if not properly maintained, continued cracking will occur. If caught in time, repairing hairline.

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Permeable paving for walkways, driveways, and other outdoor hard surfaces: Broken concrete that is carefully laid creates a stable, porous traffic surface that rainwater can filter through. This technique reduces the amount of runoff water that must be managed by storm sewer systems and helps to replenish groundwater Step 1. Prepare the cement walkway for the flagstone. Remove broken pieces of slab, brush off debris and use a level to ensure that the cement sections are flat and even. While it's recommended that you lay a 4-to-6-inch base layer of pea gravel or sand beneath your flagstone path, do-it-yourselfers laying flagstone over cement generally skip. Bill|chips Of Concrete Sidewalk Broken Off By Snowblower; Bryan|back Patio On House Has A Crack Through It. We Put A Coating On It A Few Years Back And Now The Crack Has Came Back And Ripped Up The Coating Through The Middle Of Patio. Got Water Issue Fixed That Was Causing The Crack Now Want To Find The Best Option To Patch It Up And Paint Again

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Concrete Broken Arrow is your local concrete company. In today's day and age, it is actually quite impossible to take time out for anything. This is because majority of the homeowners are either busy with their own life and work or looking after their kids. They barely have time to engage in any kind of leisure activities Broken Concrete Breaking up and relaying concrete is an ecologically sound way to refurbish existing concrete. Broken-up pieces of sidewalk or used concrete paving stones can be used to build new paths, walkways or raised planters around your home and yard Broken concrete steps on sidewalk in summer street. Old broken concrete steps on the sidewalk in the summer street of city in Russia. Old broken concrete sewer outlet into channel. The old broken concrete sewer outlet into channel. Broken concrete slabs along the beach and dry trees on the Azov Sea, Ukraine. Old broken concrete slabs along the. Concrete sidewalk contractors that use precision concrete cutting is the premier choice for sidewalk repair. This is because it is much more affordable and efficient than raising concrete sidewalk slabs or renting the necessary equipment yourself. Precision concrete cutting also creates a much more aesthetically pleasing solution that is also. RESIDENTIAL. R&M Concrete is Tulsa and Oklahoma's leading concrete company.When it comes to your residential concrete project, we want your experience to be a problem free one, one that you will want to tell your friends and neighbors about. We are insured for your peace of mind, and strive for exceptional service and communication, as well as to be within budget and on time

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Professional Commercial concrete services Whether it is new construction, remodeling, or renovation project for commercial buildings you can trust us to deliver quality that meets your needs within your budget. Broken Arrow Concrete Pros is a professional concrete contractor that can handle all forms of commercial concrete projects Walkway Restoration offers affordable and permanent solutions to problems such as raised concrete, broken curbs, holes, cracks and pitted concrete with an 80% savings over conventional methods. At the heart of our service is an excellent reputation for repairing and restoring concrete to a permanently safe and lasting condition At Sidewalk Repair NYC, we can repair everything to replacing an entirely broken concrete sidewalk driveway. And to accomplish that, we employ the best quality building materials. 3. Dismissal Inspection. After the repairing job, our team contacts the DOT for an appropriate Sidewalk Violation Dismissal inspection How to resurface cracked and broken concrete walkway? I have a poured concrete walkway leading up to my house with what appears to be a pea gravel aggregate. The aggregate is exposed somewhat to create a higher traction walking surface. Recently (<1 year ago) we had a geologic event, and lots of concrete around the foundation is in rough shape. Browse 859 cracked sidewalk stock photos and images available, or search for broken sidewalk or uneven sidewalk to find more great stock photos and pictures. crack in grey concrete surface - cracked sidewalk stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. grass growing through cracks in a concrete footpath - cracked sidewalk stock pictures.

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Favorite walkway ideas for your landscape are paths you can build in a weekend without breaking the bank or your back. To create an aesthetically pleasing walkway use recycled concrete on any part of your yard. Mulch and crushed concrete are the cheapest pathway materials you can buy for walkways, and they make construction simple Kirby's Custom Concrete offers both residential and commercial concrete services. If your business's sidewalk or walkway is worn, cracked, and falling apart, it may cause concern to your guests. Eliminate trips and falls on broken concrete with a brand new, unique sidewalk to impress your guests Broken Path Website Launch. N ovember 2nd 2007. I am very pleased with the results. I hope you will find this website useful in helping you decide if this type of material is right for your project. Also, if you do decide on doing a project using other materials, the information contained on this website should be of great value to you