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Fuel consumption Chart - Yamaha Outboard - Mercury Outboard - Evinrude - Honda Outboard - Suzuki Outboard - Johnson - Outboards | MerCruiser - Volvo Penta Diesel Inboards | GPH MPG LPH KP OUTBOARD ENGINE FUEL CONSUMPTION FIGURES IN LITRES / TRIP Note: Above figures are best estimates, actual consumption depends on factors such as brand and condition of engine, sea conditions, cleanliness of hull, boat loading and speed. Always take extra fuel, usually calculated as 25% more than estimated consumption 5.3 L - 325 cid. 129 LPH. Yamaha XTO 425 HP. 4 stroke. 5.6 L - 339 cid. 140 LPH. -. Portable Yamaha Outboard fuel consumption chart F 4 - 5 - 6 - 8 - 9.9 - 15 - 20 hp. Factors such as propeller pitch, weigth, hull / water conditions, etc. may affect the consumption figures Angler Grand Bay - 2007. 2010 Mercury 225 2 Stroke. 1.5 @ 30 MPH. 40 MPH. Flow Meter / Fuel Mgmt. Angler Wall around - 2006. 2005 Yamaha 200 2 Stroke. 7.0 @ 25 MPH. 40 MPH

Yamaha 2 stroke outboard fuel consumption chart. Yamaha 2 stroke outboard fuel consumption chart Yamaha 2 stroke outboard fuel consumption chart. Traditional 2 stroke WOT fuel consumption (gph) is hp/7.2 4 stroke (or 2 stroke dfi) WOT fuel consumption (gph) is hp/10.8 . For example, if we have 100hp 4 stroke and 2 stroke engines. WOT gas consumption is around: 4 stroke burns: 100/10.8 = 9.3gph 2 stroke burns: 100/7.2 = 13.9gp Yamaha 2 stroke outboard fuel consumption chart 2 Stroke Outboard Fuel Mix Ratio 50:1 100:1? Finding the right mix for your outboard. 2 stroke fuel oil mix chart In this guide we step through the why it's vital to get the right 2 stroke fuel oil mix and some methods to work out which ratio to use for your outboard 2 stroke outboards,carb'd will burn approx 10% of their hp rating in fuel per hour.example,150 hp 15 gph at full throttle.now the same engine will burn 1/2 of that 15 gph figure at cruise speed.example,15 gph@full throttle,then 7.5 gph at cruise speed.

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Yamaha 2 stroke outboard fuel consumption chart Yamaha 2 stroke outboard fuel consumption chart 218 kg (480 lbs) Recommended Fuel. Octane 89. Recommended Engine Oil. Yamalube ® 4M (See owner's manual) Recommended Fuel Filtration

Fuel Consumption chart Yamaha Small Outboards | Yamaha 4 hp : 0.38 GPH - Yamaha 5 hp : 0.48 GPH - Yamaha 6 hp : 0.64 GPH - Yamaha 8 hp : 0.85 GPH - Yamaha 9.9 hp : 0.95 GPH - Yamaha 15 hp : 1.43 GPH - Yamaha 20 hp : 1.69 GPH | Outboard Fuel Consumption chart GPH Spec We've put together the chart below to help you determine what type of fuel consumption you can expect from your Tohatsu outboard. Please remember though, all figures are approximate. There are a great deal of factors that affect the amount of fuel consumption and therefore the figures listed below will not necessarily be what you will obtain OUTSTANDING FUEL ECONOMY The 4.2 liter big bore V MAX SHO four stroke outboard averages 12% better fuel economy throughout the RPM range than our venerable 3.3 liter direct-injected 250 hp V MAX Series 2 two stroke. All air entering the engine block of the V MAX SHO is routed through a single 75mm electronically-controlled throttle valve two-stroke portable the yamaha advantage p04 testimonials p06 yamaha genuine parts & accessories p36 apparel & merchandise p38 yamaha finance & insurance p40 history of yamaha p42 safety p44 p10 f350 v8-f200 v6 p12 p14 p08 p16 p18 p20 p22 p24 p26 p28 p30 p32 p34 2 3 r outboard for yamaha, true reliability means providing a product rang

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At the recent Yamaha media intro, for example, I ran a Skeeter SL 210 powered by the 225-hp F225TLR four-stroke. Best economy was 6.13 mpg at 3000 rpm and about 28 mph. At 4500 rpm, economy dropped by 30 percent, to 4.33 mpg, and it dropped by 60 percent to 3.82 mpg at 5500 rpm Comparing fuel efficiency is a good starting point. The first thing to keep in mind is that both 4-stroke and direct injection 2-stroke outboards on average are more than 35 percent better than traditional carbureted 2-strokes on fuel consumption, according to Tom Mielke, outboard marketing director for Mercury Marine

To determine an average fuel usage at gallons per hour (gph), divide horsepower by 10. Therefore, a boater with a four-stroke, 250-hp marine outboard engine running at full throttle, or about 6,100 rpm, is using 25 gph. But, an engine is most efficient at 75 to 80 percent of rated output rather than at full throttle The two stroke outboards are lightweight and compact yet deliver high power output. The engine structure is relatively simple and maintenance is exceedingly easy. Although we have lineup of four strokes, we also offer an extensive two stroke lineup to meet diverse global needs. 200-60ps. 40-25ps. 15-2ps (Note that this is fuel consumption, the inverse of fuel efficiency.) Up to about 3000 RPM there is very little difference between the two types of engine. Between about 3000-4000 RPM, it looks like the four-stroke consumes a bit less than the two-stroke, but at higher revs above 4000 RPM, the two-stroke is using less than the four-stroke Contact Yamaha, they have excellent support. When i bought it the service manager had a little Yamaha book with all kinds of figures in it. I remember him showing me because he was commenting on the fact that the 90 2 stroke and 100 4 stroke had similar consumption figures at mid throttle and the 4 stroke only gained at full throttle The result, according to BRP, is a motor that offers outstanding midrange torque and low emissions, with fuel economy that may be 100 percent better than a 4-stroke outboard's at trolling speed. (Note that a direct-injection 2-stroke still requires a mist of oil to be created in the crankcase to lubricate bearings, so there's an oil.

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  1. V6 4.2 LITER. Digital: 300 hp, 250 hp. Mechanical: 300 hp, 250 hp, 225 hp. Yamaha's award-winning V6 4.2-liter outboards have been offshore favorites for more than a decade. Initially, boaters were attracted to their power, efficiency and intelligent design. After years of proven performance, our V6 4.2-liters have become known for something.
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  3. All the newer Yamaha outboards and their components have been designed to withstand the corrosive properties of ethanol fuels, so if you can't find an ethanol-free gas pump in your area or you prefer to run the E10 gasoline, I suggest you run the manufacturer's stated octane fuel, and also subscribe to the major brand-name fuel suppliers.

1987 Montauk 17, 2004 Yamaha 90 two-stroke. I burn about 4.5 gallons on a 22 mile round trip, one person, 3,800 RPM, 13-1/2 X 15 propeller, thus 4 to 4.8 MPG ConventionalDigital Gauges. For those running F20 to XF425 outboards, Genuine Yamaha conventional digital gauges offer flexibility and streamlined rigging. They also provide the ability to monitor several vital boat systems, performance and trip stats when properly equipped. 6Y5 Multi-Function Tachometer

The clean-running, quiet and fuel-efficient mid-range four stroke models From 100-75ps models : Specifications - Outboards | Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Skip to Main Content Re: Excessive fuel consumption Yamaha 115 V4 2-stroke I had a 115 2 stroke Yamaha for a few years and they do like their gas! The rule of thumb is a WOT fuel consumption of about 10% of the rated horsepower, in your case about 11 gallons per hour. Go to: Yamaha Outboard Performance Bulletins and plug in your boat/motor combination for a chart.

OUTBOARD GAS CONSUMPTION. But nowadays, there is great difference among motors. Some brands of 2 cycle engines burn fuel by the formula: Gas consumption per hour= horsepower/12. Four cycle engines are now boasting of even better gas consumption. Many burn gas according to the formula: Gas consumption per hour= horsepower/15 general rule of thumb gives 3.6l per hour for an 8 hp 2 stroke at full throttle. get back to 70% throttle/revs and you should halve that consumption. your experience would indicate that you are using the enngine in the 70 - 90% rev / throttle range which would be normal and appropriate so everything is as it should be 28,571. Feb 8, 2011. #2. Re: 225 optimax feul consumption. Fuel consumption on any engine depends on several factors so there is no set number. Boat size, hull type, load, water conditions, are just a few of those factors. However, you can bank on somewhere between 20 and 25 gallons per hour at WOT. Probably closer to 22 g/hr

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This two-inch, backlit, analog gauge displays fuel tank levels with accuracy and easy readability. It features a modern faceplate design, and comes in either a chrome bezel with black, silver or white faceplates, or a black bezel with a black faceplate. NEW! Sport Series Analog Trim Meter. Part #: N80-83670-30-00 Re: Question: 115 / 130 V4 yamaha 2 stroke carburator adjustments from what I under stand there are pilot fuel jets and pilot air jets in the carbs. the pilot adjustment screw adjusts the amount of the mix into the motor. When you turn it out it allows more and when you turn it in it allows less That makes the Yamaha 40hp 2 stroke 2% faster on top speed. What is however impressive is that when testing the honda, the boat was 52kg's heavier. Fuel Consumption: The Yamaha 40hp 2 stroke used 7.1 ltrs of fuel to cover 8.40 nm, which equates to 1.18 nm/ltr. The Honda 40hp 4 stroke used 4.1ltrs to cover 9.04nm, which equates to 2.2 nm/ltr

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  1. The answer to this four-year-old inquiry (begun in 2002) is that a conventional two-stroke will burn about about one-tenth of its rated horsepower in gallons-per-hour at full throttle, or a 90-HP will burn about 9-gallons-per-hour, and so on. You can find more information on how to estimate fuel consumption by using the brake specific fuel.
  2. Pre-Mix Models. Fuel/oil ratio: 50:1 (50 parts fuel to 1 part oil) Oil requirement: - Certified TC-W3 2-Stroke Outboard Oil. - Quicksilver Premium 2-Cycle TC-W3 Outboard Oil. - Quicksilver Premium Plus 2-Cycle TC-W3 Outboard Oil. 2-stroke oil is normally added to the fuel tank when filling with fuel. This convenient oil measuring bottle is.
  3. Interval Maintenance. Some maintenance steps, like visual inspections, are best done every day, while others, such as oil changes, are set up at certain intervals. Yamaha provides easy-to-understand information about how, and when, to perform proper maintenance. Yamaha also offers approximately 2,000 authorized Yamaha Marine dealers from coast.
  4. Yamaha 15 FMHS 15hp 2 Stroke Outboard Engine Short Shaft. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings. ( 4 customer reviews) $1,300.00 $950.00. Yamaha 15 FMHS 15hp 2 Stroke Outboard Engine Short Shaft. Type: Hanging
  5. Yamaha 3BMHS 3hp 2 Stroke Outboard Engine Short Shaft. $600.00 $400.00. Type: Hanging. Type of control: Tiller. Boat transom height (cm): 442. Grade: with propeller. Starter Type: Manual. Weight (kg): 16. Yamaha 3BMHS 3hp 2 Stroke Outboard Engine Short Shaft quantity
  6. Four Strokes 2 cylinder / 362 cc 20 hp . The Yamaha Outboard F20 is a portable motor built on the same award winning platform as the F25. Therefore, it shares its SOHC in-line design and streamlined intake manifold. F20 delivers solid power. Not only that, but it's one of the most fuel efficient in its class
  7. I have a 130 yammy 2 stroke on 595 stabi - at 4200 rpm I'm doing about 25 knots and according to Navman fuel measurer using 35 litres/hour Around this rpm is the most efficient for fuel use Trolling at 23-2400 7-8 knots uses 17 litres per hr so you can see the huge difference in economy at different speeds

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  1. Yamaha's F200 is a 3.3 litre V6 four-stroke with a DOHC Fuel Injection system. The test unit runs a 19-inch SS prop and was installed by Nowra-based Yamaha dealer Abbys Autos & Marine. At just over 48 hours of use involving bay and offshore fishing, the motor has proven 100 per cent reliable (ie, it starts first time every time and hasn't.
  2. EMU25060 ZMU01690 Read this owner's manual carefully before operating your outboard motor. U68D17MC 06.2.9 15:41 Page 2
  3. Watch the fuel economy of the 2 stroke outboard engine - http://www.boatmotors.com/outboard/evinrude
  4. Here you can buy a Yamaha 9.9GMHS 9.9hp 2 Stroke Outboard Engine Short Shaft with a manual starter and tiller control at a low price. Fuel tank (l) 24: Max. fuel consumption (l / h) 5.1: Lubrication system: premixing: The proportion of the fuel-oil mixture: 50: 1: Alternator: 6A, 80 W: Gear shift mechanism: Fnr: Gear ratio: 2.08 (27/13.
  5. Jan 21, 2009. #3. Re: Fuel Consumption for 9.9 hp outboard. your choices will be 3, 5, or 6 gallons. If you are an infrequent user I would suggest a 3 gallon version. This will ensure you use most of the fuel with each outing, which ensures you always use fresh gas. The larger tanks obviously would allow longer run time but again, if you are an.

The Yamaha F115 Four-Stroke Outboard Engine. The Yamaha F115 is a 1832cc in-line-four with EFI, a 35 amp alternator, optional Command Link with variable trolling speed control (which allows for 50 rpm adjustments to dial in trolling speeds), and is available in 20- and 25-inch shaft lengths. It weighs 377 pounds, and received a do-over in 2014. R/V Osprey. Manufacturer: Parker Length: 23′ Beam: 8′ 6″ Draft: 1′ 3″ Propulsion: 250 HP Yamaha 4 Stroke Outboard Cruising speed: Cruising range: Fuel consumption: Maximum Load Capacity: Technology: Garmin 7610 Chart Plotter/Sonar, Garmin 18 XHD Radar Accessories: Swim Platform, Dive Ladder Electrical: Xantrex 2000W Inverte

I don't want to beat a dead horse here, but after looking at both Honda and Nissan 4 stroke outboards today I have more questions than before. First off- - are 4 strokes as strong as a similarly rated 2 stroke? ie- is a 25 hp 4 stroke actually the same hp as a 25 hp 2 stroke? - the guy showing me the motors told me the fule economy of a 4 stroke over a 2 stroke is 3x better 2 Stroke Oil Chart Da. Yamaha 15hp 2 Stroke Outboard Engine Short Shaft. Yamaha 5hp 2 Stroke Outboard Engine Short Shaft. 2cmhs Yamaha Motor New Zealand. Yamaha 60hp 2 Stroke Outboard Motors Long Shaft 60fetol. How To Service A 2 Stroke Outboard Engine Practical Boat Owner

Yamaha outboard fuel consumption chart. dirkthecuckold. Yamaha outboard fuel consumption chart. Solas then Rubex brand charts displayed. Yamaha 200hp, 2 Stroke Propellers. Searched: Yamaha: 200: 2 Stroke (15 Spline) 1984 - 2013 - Excellent fuel economy for offshore boats - See L 3 Plus Video improved dampening hub kits RBX-203 and RBX-203B (bronze) replace RBX-103. Not for V-Max outboards. Rubex HR 4: Stainless - Great stern lift.

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  1. Yes I did say 3.2 ounce of oil for 1 gallon of fuel using a 32/1 ratio when I should have said 4.0 ounces. per gallon of fuel. In this video I So what chart..
  2. 2021 Yamaha 2 stroke outboards sale,9.9 15 20 25 30 40HP 50 60 70 90 115 130 150 200 HP brand new and original Suzuki and Yamaha Two stroke outboard motors sale with free shipping worldwide,5 years warranty and factory price
  3. Yamaha's new 6YC gauge provides customized, accurate reports about the boat, vital engine systems and operating conditions, in a narrower display that saves valuable dash space. Command Link ® and Command Link Plus ® compatible. Comprehensive system information for up to two outboards. Track engine RPM, fuel levels, fuel burn, fuel economy.
  4. Name. Charlie. Boat. 23' Parker CC, Chesapeake Charlie. May 17, 2004. #1. You guys already know what I'm talking about, so I need to know what last chance I have of remedying my fuel economy woes before I decide to get the checkbook out again. The main player is a 1993 Yamaha C85R outboard. It's very clean, very low hours and seems to run great
  5. Apr 2006. Re: YAMAHA 130hp BETOL (2 Stroke) experiences please. Alchemy, I had a late model 06 engine fitted to a yalta craft 555 hc (6m LOA), was a solid engine never let me down, as for fuel consumption at 4000 rpm I was using 7.4 gallons an hour (27 liters) -32 Liters at a speed of 42.1ks

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Part # 6Y8-0E83R-91-00 Command Link® Round Two Gauge Kit This kit does not include the parts for accessories like a Yamaha NMEA 2000 gateway to be added. But the Gateway can be done by installing these part to an existing or newly created NMEA 2000.. 292 Posts. #14 • Jun 25, 2010. I think a desent 25CC with twin modern 2S 150 to 200 hp outboards it is not unreasonalble to see in the 1.5 to 2 MPG at cruise, with moderate load and good conditions. Some less some more but i think that is a good average. But as mentioned above hull and motors all make a big difference * Note on this hull the best fuel efficiency was at 5000rpm. Yamaha F70A specs. PRICE $10,400 long shaft RRP. TYPE Four-cylinder four-stroke 16-valve EFI outboard motor. RATED BHP/MHP* 69/70 at 5800. REC. RPM RANGE 5300 to 6300. DISPLACEMENT 996cc. BORE X STROKE 65 x 75mm. GEAR RATIO 2.33:1. WEIGHT 119kg (dry, long shaft); 121kg (dry, extra-long shaft). OEDA stars 3 * Brake horsepower/Metric. YAMAHA 90AETO, 90TR, B90TR OUTBOARD Service Repair Manual L: 498690 -. 1. 6H2-28197-Z9-11 SERVICE MANUAL 50G, 60F, 70B, 75C, 90A. 2. E NOTICE This manual has been prepared by the Yamaha Motor Company Ltd. primarily for use by Yamaha dealers and their trained mechanics when performing maintenance procedures and repairs to Yamaha equipment

EMU25060 ZMU01690 Read this owner's manual carefully before operating your outboard motor. 68V-9-18 Hyoshi 06.2.24 9:20 ページ 2 200-60ps Two Strokes. Main specifications of the 200 to 60 horsepower two strokes. 200A / L200A. 150A / L150A. 85A. 70B. 60F 09-20-2013, 09:43. I don't know about fuel consumption, but Ill say you're going to be moving pretty slow. My Grumman Sport Boat, with 4hp 4 stroke Yamaha, loaded with me, 11 year old, and yellow lab, moves just under 7 mph on flat water. Change that to 800 pounds and smaller motor = slow, but that's still probably faster than paddles and a lot.

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YAMAHA's newly released F70 four-stroke marks a further continuation in the evolution of light, powerful and fuel-efficient outboards. According to Yammie, the inline four cylinder F70 is an enhancement of the Japanese engine maker's popular F60. It shares the same displacement (996cc) and is only marginally heavier (10kg) than the F60 1994 225 yamaha l225txrs outboard motor 2-stroke, just fired it up from being winterized for years. sounds good All four engines use significantly less fuel than a traditional two-stroke 200hp outboard. • An important point to note is that the above performance and fuel data has been compiled using different propellers on each test engine: a 17-inch high cup on the E-TEC, a 19-incher on the Yammie, a 21-incher on the Suzuki and a 19-incher on the Opti

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2021 Yamaha Marine Midrange 70 hp. The Yamaha 70 hp, 60 hp and 50 hp Midrange four strokes are the go-to outboards for family, fishing and fun. Light and powerful, they sport 1-liter displacement, single-overhead-camshaft designs and electronic fuel injection. They deliver quick starts, high performance and incredible efficiency for aluminum. Yamaha Outboards Recognized as Best Buy. Three Yamaha four-stroke outboards, the Yamaha V MAX SHO® VF200, the Yamaha V MAX SHO® VF225 and the Yamaha V MAX SHO® VF250 have been awarded a Consumers Digest Best Buy rating. The V MAX SHO® family New Vessel To Help In Charting WA Coastlin All 2008 and later outboard models have been designed with fuel system components that are tolerant to fresh fuel containing ethanol up to 10% (E10). Outboard fuel systems can still be affected by: water, dissolved gum, varnish, corrosion particles, and dissolved resins that E10 fuel has cleaned from the distribution system and your boat's.

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  1. When the engine runs at 4000rpm, it will require 30.5 liters per hour. Compared to Yamaha, Suzuki comes out very impressive at fuel consumption. If you run a Suzuki engine that is similar to the configuration of Yamaha, it will only consume 18.9 liters per hour while running at 3000rpm
  2. I am curious how much consumption goes up as the RPMs go up. The boat has a 28 gallon fuel tank, and (space available) I am going to take an additional 20 gallons of fuel. I want to make sure I have enough fuel to make the round trip, plus fishing for 3 days. My only point of reference is my old boat - a 16' Lund with a 60 HP 4-stroke Mercury
  3. Yamaha F130 outboard review. New outboard engines of major brands tend to make grand entrances, so the new Yamaha F130A four-stroke outboard checked into the Sheraton Gold Coast, Queensland, to pose for the boating media of Australia and New Zealand. The A stands for 'advantage'
  4. All these four-stroke outboard engines share a common platform, a 2.1-litre four-cylinder block with just the single overhead camshaft. The SeaPro outboard engine spins the slowest, with an operating range of 5000-5500rpm and without the option of electronic fuel injection to give it the longevity needed for commercial operations, while the Pro.
  5. Series Fuel Induction HP Trim & Tilt Shaft Controls Year; B = Inshore Series C = C Series E = Enduro Series F = Four Stroke L = Counter Rotation P = Pro Series S = Saltwater Series T = High Thrust V = VMAX Series: F = Four Stroke X = OX66 Advanced Fuel Injection Z = High Pressure Direct Injection: 2.5 4 6 8 9.9 15 20 25 40 50 60 70 75 90 115 15

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Fuel consumption was much higher here at 75 l/ph, but still far more economical than the two-stroke outboards of yesteryear. From a standing start I think a traditional two-stroke might still have the edge on the F200, but in the mid range, through to wide open throttle the F200 was very strong, no doubt due to the extra torque provided by. Outstanding Fuel Economy and Clean Emissions. Yamaha offers a full model lineup in four stroke engines from 425ps to 2.5ps that deliver superb fuel economy and cleaner emissions. Outboards of 20ps and higher are equipped with high-performance fuel injection to take that performance to even higher levels. In many models, our advanced technology. Yamaha's revolutionary F200 I4 inline four-cylinder, four-stroke outboard should prove to be equally as popular in both new boat and repower applications. It follows the recent trend of many next-gen four-strokes to shed some pounds and get lighter on the transom. This in turn allows the boat to go faster and typically burn less fuel in the process Select Yamaha Outboard Motors Models Below. A multi-national Japanese conglomerate founded in 1955, Yamaha Motor Company produces a plethora of vehicles including cruiser motorcycles, street motorcycles, ATVs, off-road motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, side x side UTVs, personal water crafts, speed boats, and outboard motors. . . . more The 1.7-liter V4 used significantly less fuel than Mercury's Optimax 2.5-liter V6 outboard at mid-range speed. Their fuel consumption was evenly matched at full throttle. In this test, the 4-stroke Yamaha and Honda outboards maintained the advantage in fuel efficiency, burning 22% less fuel at full throttle

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Sale. Yamaha 9.9hp 4 Stroke Portable Outboard. Engines from. $3,560.00 $3,330.00. Number of Cylinders: 2. Shaft length: 15 inch (short) or 20 inch (long) Steering: Available in tiller and forward steer versions. Weight: 40 - 41 kgs depending on model. Starting: Available in manual and electric start For 2-Stroke outboards that require a 50:1 premix of oil/gas we've put together the following chart to simplify the calculations. Use ONLY 2-stroke outboard motor oil with an NMMA (National Marine Manufacturer's Assoc.) certified rating of TCW3. Never use automobile motor oil in your 2-stroke outboard Yamaha Outboard VF200 V MAX SHO (Super High Output) 4-stroke is ahead even of 2-stroke competitors. Above all is its unbelievable power-to-weight ratio. On the other hand, the combination of variable camshaft timing, an electronic throttle valve and multipoint fuel injection system to achieve excellent fuel economy and quiet performance

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